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Examu Cup 2015 Aquapazza brackets

It's that time again where I, as one of the last three remaining people in the entire USA who cares about Aquapazza, (shoutouts to Lark and Ernest, the two others) go over the Examu Cup 2015 Aquapazza brackets.  Due to DFC and Nitro+ blasters, this year feels sort of light compared to last year. There's a lot of lesser-known players, and quite a few glaring omissions in the 24 teams lined up for AP this year. No mercy for the clowns using aliases, everyone gets twitter linked if I can figure out who they are. I'll try my best to give breakdowns, but these are my own opinions, so if your name is nobi and you are the only match I get wrong first round brackets cause I overestimate kaiser don't laugh at me ok. Also, assists are switchable, but when I list them at all I will usually list the assist the player is most comfortable with.

1. 6/20(土) 東京 中野TRF qualified at Nakano TRF in Tokyo
Team: 軸中心 Jikuchu Shin (the name of a sadlife tapestry store) 
Player: 藤真拓哉(環) AKA 萌えの伝道師/Moeden/Moe Missionary Tamaki/Ulthury
Player: 珈琲貴族(トウカ) AKA 暁/Akatsuki Touka/Rina
2. 5/30(土) 神奈川 タイトーステーション横浜西口五番街 qualified at Taito Station Yokohama 5 in Kanagawa
Team: チャリで来た!The Bicycle has come! (some silly meme from a print club with 4 boys posing)
Player: 殿下@茅ヶ崎トウカ(トウカ) denka Touka/Yuma
Player: みゅう(このみ) myuu Konomi/Yuma
Analysis: Right off the bat we have some annoying team of aliases that I could only figure out by comparing photographs and using Google. Sorry Akatsuki, Denka wins.

3. 5/2(土) 大阪 KSB2015 qualified at KSB2015 in Osaka
Team: 移動要塞と観覧車 Space Battleship and Ferris Wheel
Player: gamera(ささら) gamera Sasara/Ma-ryan/Llyr
Player: 真田(アロウン) sanada Arawn/Ma-Ryan/Ulthury ...wait, sanada ARAWN? not Tamaki? What is going on?
4. 5/31(日) 愛知 ポート24一社店 qualified at Port 24 in Aichi
Team: まどぶた Madoka pig
Player: ごぼう(カルラ) gobou Karulau/Ma-ryan
Player: 322(環) AKA ミニッツ/mini2 Tamaki/Ulthury
Analysis: A tough one, normally I would easily say gamera's team if sanada was using Tamaki. I'll still say gamera's team but I'm a lot less sure than I normally would be.

5. 7/4(土) 東京 ゲームプラザセントラル八王子店 qualified at Game Plaza Central 8 in Tokyo
Team: q’s@電撃MTG部 q's at Dengeki MTG Division
Player: ジン(千鶴)jin Chizuru/Yu
Player: もりのクマサン(ハクオロ) morikuma Hakuowlo/Ma-ryan
6. 7/5(日) 大阪 KO-HATSU(コーハツ) qualified at KO-HATSU in Osaka
Player: しゃり(このみ) shari Konomi/Yuma/Ma-ryan
Player: こうや(千鶴) kouya Chizuru/Ma-ryan
Analysis: Man, I want kouya to win. He's amazing, he loves the game, for the longest time I said he was equal or just slightly under OZ, but every time I see him in tournament or something he chokes and loses in silly ways. That and morikuma's our boy, so jin/morikuma team, but I wouldn't mind being wrong either way.

7. LCQ1
8. 6/27(土) 富山 アピナ富山南店
Team: 一人組(北陸勢)
Player: 花京院(カルラ) Karulau
Analysis: Solo entry?

9. 6/14(日) 群馬 ザ・サードプラネット高崎店
Team: こみぱ2はよ It's Comic Party 2
Player: カイザー(アロウン) kaiser Arawn/Camyu
Player: CBA(マルチ) CBA Multi/Mizuki
10. 5/24(日) 神奈川 アミューズメントパークジアス上大岡店
Team: q’s@電撃FC部 q's at Dengeki Fighting Climax Division
Player: のび(環) nobi Tamaki/Llyr
Player: OZ(千鶴) OZ Chizuru/Llyr
Analysis: Hahaha not making the same mistake again, although honestly I'd be biased to any team OZ is on anyway. That being said, it is sad to see butter quit Aquapazza to fully focus on trying to beat GO1 in Shana mirrors. :V

11. 6/7(日) 東京 セガワールドアルカス
Team: やけつくいき
Player: ひのエルフ(モルガン) hino elf Morgan/Rina
Player: GJM(ハクオロ) GJM Hakuowlo/Ma-ryan (Oboro? Who's that?)
12. 6/27(土) 福島 スーパービンゴ郡山店
Team: たままる改二
Player: 相田ナコ(環) nako Tamaki/Yuma
Player: 毒アンテナ(マルチ) poison antenna Multi/Yu
Analysis: I will believe in hino elf because he is older than me.

13. 6/20(土) 広島 アミパラ キャッスル店
Team: カープ男子
Player: やな(環) yana Tamaki/Ulthury
Player: ちゃんなご(このみ) nago Konomi/Ma-ryan
14. 5/23(土) 愛知 アーバンスクエア大須店
Team: ゲームスカイアクアパッツァ勢 Game Sky Aquapazza Force
Player: なお(千鶴) nao Chizuru
Player: ナツメ(環) natsume Tamaki
Analysis: nao/natsume team

15. LCQ 2
16. 6/13(土) 福岡 G-stage七隈
Team: 七隈勢です。
Player: まるおさん(モルガン) maruo Morgan
Player: 568(カルラ) 568 Karulau
Analysis: These two literally got a bye last year too, I smell conspiracy!

17. 6/28(日) 大阪 アミューズメントパークエルロフト
Team: 美少女格闘ゲーム bishoujo fighting game
Player: あごうん(アロウン) agoun Arawn/Mizuki
Player: みずちゃま(ハクオロ) mizuchama Hakuowlo
18. 6/6(土) 高知 トイズ帯屋町店
Team: 凹レーション
Player: とみー(マルチ) tomy Multi
Player: ch(トウカ) cho Touka
Analysis: mizuchama's team

19. 5/24(日) 岡山 ファンタジスタ
Team: イーズラフ部 E's Laf division
Player: 湖のイーズラフ仮面(愛佳) uragami Manaka
Player: 火山のイーズラフ仮面(千鶴) yuuji Chizuru
20. 7/5(日) PS3版オンライン予選 qualified online
Player: 鷺ノ宮(環) saginomiya Tamaki
Player: ダイゴ兵(カルラ) daigo hei Karulau
Analysis: Oh this is really unfortunate for our Manaka God lol. Team netplay wins.

21. 6/7(日) 大阪 アテナ日本橋
Team: ひとり
Player: おっぱい(このみ) oppai Konomi/Ma-ryan
Player: BYU(環) BYU Tamaki
22. 6/21(日) 東京 東京レジャーランド秋葉原店
Team: 大佐邸
Player: 来栖川 和人(千鶴) Kurusuga Kazuto Chizuru
Player: イズミ(モルガン) izumi Morgan/Rathty
Analysis: I'm sorry I actually don't know much about any of these players, and I am choosing team BYU just because I've seen his name before.

23. 6/28(日) 鹿児島 アミューズメント・リバティー
Team: 鹿児島リバティ
Player: 地方パンピーP(オボロ)AKA PEKE Oboro
Player: リバティー社員やくも(このみ) yakumo Konomi
24. 6/13(土) 埼玉 ビデオゲームミュージアムロボット深谷店
Team: 真・弾幕結界
Player: くにお(リアンノン) kunio Riannon
Player: おいも(愛佳) oimo Manaka
Analysis: Super Riannon Time all the way

22 Teams (2 last chance), 1 single player team
8 Tamaki
6 Chizuru
5 Konomi
4 Karulau
3 Touka
3 Morgan
3 Hakuowlo
3 Arawn
3 Multi 
2 Manaka
1 Riannon
1 Oboro
1 Sasara

So despite losing 16 spots and some shuffling and departing of old names, the character distribution is still more or less the same as last year. I guess the biggest change is the Touka culling, which honestly I am not surprised about in the slightest. That being said, I guess it's time to address some notable gaps. First off, butter Konomi...the ever present era of OZ and butter has ended because of Shana mirrors. I'm not bitter, really. Second, because of butter's disappearance, nobi has joined OZ, and key has no teammate. I hope it's just that and that he'll make LCQ with someone. Third, GO1 and KOG, always a staple to play every single freaking game in existence, are missing (because they are going to EVO I can't believe I forgot since I'm going too :V). Finally, takakun and nao (katakana nao, not hiragana nao) both seem to have moved on to Nitro+, or maybe they couldn't qualify...but nao was an extremely strong Touka, one of the best...

Edit: So actually looking at some of the qualifiers (a lot of them have helpful brackets), I see Key and Butter entered a qualifier! And they 568's team! Who then lost to hinoelf and GJM lol. The tourney winner comments actually have hinoelf thanking 568 and maruo for their hard work. But that means we'll probably see Key and Butter in LCQ at least, which I'm thankful for.

Double Edit: Lark suggested I do a full bracket since Japan seems to "enjoy" my "rigorous scientific analyses"...but honestly without knowing the LCQ it's sort of hard. Like if key/butter show up in a bracket that just ruins half if not all the predictions for that I'm going to EVO so it's not like I will be keeping that up to date either.

EVO Edit: My flight is in a couple hours and I am very tired but this is my full bracket prediction. There's a lot more guesswork put into these than round 1, maybe I can do a thorough analysis at EVO, just right now, too tired. Also, a huge disclaimer is if butter/Key team is one of the two LCQ. If they are in bracket 1, I would have them win every match and win the bracket but still get third overall. If they are in bracket 2, I would have them win until they get to nobi/OZ.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

That time again where I make brackets/information for games no one plays, this will be for D-1 Ultimate Climax Blade, which is the second National Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Tournament.
Qualifiers were held over a two month period, special qualifier spots will be explained.

1/31 Game Party Japan 2015 Qualifiers:
1st Place: とも (tomo) Akira
2nd Place: ししど (shishido) Kirito
2/1 Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi:
AK Shana
2/7 Namba Hills:
〇 Kuroyukihime
2/7 Sega World Narita:
OZ Rentarou
2/8 Sega World Shizuoka:
SAT Kirito
2/8 Hyper Messe:
矢吹可奈 (Yabuki Kana aka Idolmaster! Million Live character) Tomoka
2/8 Nagoya Leisureland Sasashima:
サクラバ (Sakuraba) Rentarou
2/11 Game Corner Tobu:
jin Asuna
2/14 a-cho:
安原絵麻 (Yasuhara Ema aka Shirobako character) Mikoto
2/14 Sega World Kurashiki:
hana Rentarou
2/14 Sega Akihabara Building 1:
rei Shana
2/15 Sega Namba Avion:
GO1 Shana
2/15 Sega Hiwada:
niga Kirino
2/21 Sannomiya Sanx:
batta Shana
2/21 High-tech Sega Niihama:
湊未来 (Mirai Minyato) Kirino
2/22 Amipara Technoland:
adder Taiga
2/22 The 3rd Planet OZ Hamamatsu:
gosyo Mikoto
2/28 GAME SILK HAT Kawasaki Dice:
mel Asuna
2/28 High-tech Sega Toyota:
kyamei Akira
2/28 Sega Ikebukuro GiGO:
星空さんちの凛ちゃん (Hoshizora sanchi no Rin chan aka Love Live character) Tomoka
3/7 Pink Panther Tsukuba:
KOA Asuna
3/8 Sega Kagurazaka:
加藤恵 (Katou Megumi aka Saekano character) Kirino
3/14 Club Sega Nagoya Fushimi:
SEL Kuroyukihime
3/21 Dinos Park Sapporo:
うあったー (uatta-) Taiga
3/28 G-COM Wajiro:
隆 Miyuki
4/11 Sega Fukui:
4/11 PS3 Netplay Qualifier:
4/26 Cosplay Qualifier:
4/26 Last Chance Qualifier:
Hydra GP Ranbat Qualifier:
Last year's Champion seed:
はま~ (hama~) Tomoka

4 Shana
3 Kirino, Rentarou, Asuna, Tomoka
2 Akira, Kuroyukihime, Kirito, Mikoto, Taiga
1 Miyuki
0 Selvaria, Yukina, Shizuo

So, a more evenly distributed representation this time around, though there still are five spaces left.  That being said, it's worth noting that two of the Shanas were noted character specialists of other characters before switching, batta/butter for Kirino and GO1 for Kirito.  I get the distinct impression from butter's timeline that he switched to Shana because he did not like Kirino vs Rentarou.  I'm surprised at the two Taigas who qualified, also there are a lot of annoying anime waifu aliases as usual.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WGP 2014 Abington, MA - Oct 19, 1:00 PM, Battleground Games and Hobbies

Disclaimer: I waited on this post for super long and I have forgotten a lot of the exact details.
Off to Boston, for FOUR slots vs New York's 2!
Last year, we had trouble getting eight people to even get the four slots (stole a Magic player off the street, gave him a vanilla deck)
This year, twenty four people showed up, including quite a few people from New York qualifier.
In fact I saw two of the people I played in NY, Jonny Li and Leonardo.
Chance of cannibalization was high, since we were bringing EIGHT of us. (Littledagger wasn't playing, and Setrajonas had a trial deck, but Moku, K, AngelofSol, Sumazndude, Comic-z, and I were out for blood)
I was really hoping to dodge all of those guys plus the guys I played from NY.
Game 1: vs Da Capo G Himeno/bodyguard, Ryan G, 1st
Antman continues to enforce his Da Crapo meta on his local scene by donating 9001 Da Crapo decks to all locals without actual decks. However, this deck he donated was actually not all vanillas, but a Himeno/bodyguard deck.  Himeno does this annoying thing where she gets summoned by an event at level 2, summons more clowns from their clock when she climax combos and heals to field and gets around Hibiki/Verniy, and in general gets very annoying.  I remember he did just that at level 2.  I remember I tried to kill Kotori bodyguard off and even though I knew he had a counter I miscalculated (since I wanted to kill Himeno later as well) as counter power stays on the char (especially useful on a bodyguard who stays buffed).  At level 3 he put down the RRR version of the stock replacer but didn't have enough to replace my 8+ non climax stock so thank god for that. If I remember correctly even though his field was pretty big from level 2 onwards I didn't really care as I had a ton of stock, was really compressed, had Junyou, and was just doing damage. I think Kotori was actually still alive at the end of the game when I won.

Game 2: vs Kantai Collection G/Y Shima/Akagi/Musashi, Leonardo F, 1st
Same guy from Flushing, same deck!  I have however opened a slot to put clockcore 1/1 Yahagi in my own deck, and I run a single level counter Zuihou now.  This game if I remember was pretty funny. Leonardo sort of slow plays level 0 and level 1 which I'm not really sure why since those are the easiest parts of the game to play for the G/Y Shimakaze variant in my opinion. Either way, we end up Shimakazeing each other for a while, I remember the damage race is much much closer this time, however two key events happen, which is he clockcores a climax from Yahagi, and his refresh climax is a climax as well. In the end Musashi very nearly ends me and leaves me at 3/6 but I luck out super hard.

Game 3: vs Da Capo Newspaper, Carl G aka Antman, 1st
The man the myth the legend, and also the organizer of last year's Boston quals that called time on Comic-Z and me 10 minutes early!  Since he didn't qualify at Flushing #1, he's forced to play in his own tournament and have an assistant run it instead. He's playing newspaper this time of his bazillion Da Capo decks, and running 3 soul draw 1 climaxes which I honestly had never seen until this match.  This match was wacky.  After the normal storm of Riccas at level one, there wasn't much else coming down.  More or less by level 2 I stopped clocking since I had so much stock and card advantage...however Carl decided to just not take damage for the entire rest of the game using that 2 stock shuffler.  He whiffed his brainstorms multiple times, and then would triple cancel, and this lasted for some comical amount of turns, while I slowly took damage from level 0s ramming into my field.  In the end, I had to try to Akagi force in something like 5 damage and of course it cancelled.  Angelofsol kept saying I had misplayed by playing Akagi and dumping all my stuck (of which there was 12? 13? by then but a couple climaxes in there) but honestly he was just refusing to take any damage anyway, I was probably not killing him that turn but it's not like I had much chance living through that turn as well.

3 rounds was enough to determine top 4 and unfortunately I lose to AngelofSol by .0111  points or w/e according to Swiss rankings. Comic-z, sumazndude and Moku all fail to qualify as well but AngelofSol and K get in at 4th and 1st respectively. Johnny Li also was 2-1 and apparently misplayed very badly against K, he was running Little Busters this time and played his mill 3 counter and put a trigger on their deck counter in the wrong order that would have saved him.  Carl wants a top 3 Da Capo finish (Angel was running DC) so top 4 proceeds to determine final placing.  In the end K forfeits to Angelofsol and so the 1 2 3 Da Crapo result for Boston quals is achieved.  This was really our best chance to qualify and we failed so it is back to Flushing again the next week for another qualifier.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

WGP 2014 Regionals Flushing, NY - Oct 12, 1:00 PM, Duel Zone Collectibles

It's been almost a year lol since I did a card report, I actually skipped 2013 Nationals tourney report, so I'll do a tl;dr catchup to the best of my ability.
tl;dr Phantom x2, Fatex2, first game 3 climax hand, squeak out at 3/6, second game destroy, third game destroy, fourth game lose, 3-1 lose the 4/16 lottery cut for top 8, gg "double elimination."

Anyway, none of us had played recently, some in like half a year, so we (Comic-z aka Ed, sumazndude aka ken, zaelar, angelofsol) played a lot of games in the last week to remember how to play.  Everyone rusty as hell, misplays everywhere, not looking good!  I was playing Rewrite until last Wednesday since I finally got my Kantai Collection cards, made a deck in a day, and then went 8-0 vs Comic and Ken with it with pure mindlessness, so I switched.  It's a really different style than what I'm used to playing (gates, 1k 1souls, heals, huge changes, etc.) but it's extremely brainless.  Basically it's Green Yellow anti everything Hibiki Hatsukaze Shimakaze Akagi chain, I use Junyou, and not only that, I use FOUR Junyou.  It also has an interesting level 0 make-a-runner gimmick with Kasumi where you ram other cards forward or put shit like Hatsukaze up front then have her reverse something so Hatsukaze comes back and you save card advantage, this helps since we're not running Inazuma.  Testing this deck against my Rewrite was a fucking headache and showed me that I'm not nearly ready enough to play Rewrite at tourney, should have started training earlier but whatever.

Game 1:  vs Kantai Collection B/G, Mario C, 2nd
Went 2nd, he was playing blue, his choice of 3 was Inazuma, which is a good choice if you're not playing yellow Kantai Collection.  I don't remember too much except my climax spread wasn't that good, and when I had two cards left in library that I knew weren't climaxes I didn't Compass until after I had flipped them over so he rightly said I couldn't counter at that point when I was about to refresh.  Anyway he did 8 damage or so in a single turn at level 2 cause of a two soul and somehow out soulrushed me, I didn't think his deck was better constructed though.  He was getting climax fucked early too but I could not take advantage and the 8 swing was really severe and ended the game before I could really do anything.  Other noteworthy thing was he ran Suzuya change.

Game 2: vs Love Live Y, Johnny L, 2nd
Playing Love Live, I recognized most of the cards since my fraudulent proxy Love Live deck days besides the level 3s.  Turn one he played 3.5k Umi that deck checks.  On my turn I played Hibiki and Kasumi, 2k 1ed Kasumi to reverse Umi and do my level 0 card advantage runner gimmick.  He started insisting the resting of the other character was a cost and that I could not rest the Hibiki again so I could not take advantage of Kasumi's effect.  I objected very strongly, took out the English translation to show the Japanese wording, and called a judge.  Obviously this card would not be played at all in Japan if you could not retreat an already rested character in the front row, the entire point is to make runners of other cards and keep card advantage.
【自】 このカードのバトル相手が【リバース】した時、あなたは他の自分のキャラを1枚選び、【レスト】し、後列のキャラのいない枠に動かす。
Hell, how does that even look like a cost, that's a fucking effect that happens cause I reversed one of his characters.  Therefore you do it to the best of your ability, if she's already rested, who cares, you can't rest her, then you move her to the back.  If she was reversed, you'd rest her, move her back too (that's the cooler way to use the card.)  The reason I got sort of ticked is because he said I should know my own cards, except the ENTIRE PURPOSE I WAS PLAYING THE CARD FOR was being challenged.  Anyway this ruling took 10 minutes lol, because the two judges over Skype doing the ruling actually disagreed with each other, but my ruling prevailed at the time.  Rest of the game was formulaic, he got out 2 of the level 1 Eri, I didn't really care because this deck doesn't, so I just kept swinging with 0 costers and 1k 1 souls and he couldn't cancel.  Anyway the most noteworthy thing about this game was the colossal misplay I did at level 3.  Level 3 0 vs Level 3 4, I have two Akagis and I think level 2 sub, no climax though, and he had 2 climaxes in the midst of 5 cards.  Instead of hitting for 2 3 times since he would take refresh damage, I played Junyou lol, and swung for 3, cancelled on 3rd, swung for 3 again, cancelled, swung and trigger so swung for 4, and he cancelled post refresh (so he was at 3/5).  Then he almost killed me cause he played the level 2 Nozomis I ran in my proxy deck but I triple cancel lol.  So yeah I fucked up but I still won..he should have been dead two turns ago.  Honestly really bad play on my part, his deck and play were pretty good, but I feel like his deck would generally have a hard time against such a mindless deck like mines.

Game 3: vs Kantai Collection G/Y Shima/Akagi/Musashi, Leonardo F, 2nd
Going second again, my coin is really failing me.  Shipgirl mirrors yay!  This guy's deck was actually really close to mine, yellow green Akagi anti-everything Shimakaze sequence.  However, he ran Musashi, which I honestly think is the weakest of the choose 3, especially if you're running yellow.  Junyou for life.  Also ran Yahagi, which is a really good card, but my deck is really mindless at the moment so I don't even give myself the decision whether to clockcore or not.  Anyway we slow play each other, he hits level 1 first, Shimakazes, I hit level 1 after, Shimakazes, etc. He's bringing back Akagis but I'm bringing back Junyous.  At level 2 Junyou really kicks in, he eats a lot of damage to level 3, like almost a full level ahead.  Doesn't matter that he can play 2 Akagis and Musashi and shoot my stuff to clock now, I have Akagi and my own climax in hand and the life difference is really large, I never need to clock again.  Final turn is me just having to do 3 damage so I overplay Junyou and just climax combo.  Here I misplay again because I had two Hatsukazes so my Akagi was actually 12.5K, equal to his Akagi, so she would have been shot to clock, since he insisted his was higher and I didn't do the math in time.  Didn't matter but I really need to clean up my play.

Game 4: vs Nisekoi B/R, Tianyu W, 2nd
This game was...interesting.  Interesting like last year's game vs Shining Force EXA interesting.  Nonexistent level 1 game, nonexistent level 2, honestly I just had nothing to play, he did so much brainstorming and pendant moving and w/e and I couldn't draw anything at all, but the biggest kicker was 9 or so damage hit to 3/6 so I couldn't even clock.  In the end I was at 3/6 with zero cards in hand, 1 stock, and only two Junyous on field, and I drew a Shimakaze climax and I said go.  He damaged himself to level 3 (since he was at like 2/5) and played Marika.  The end.  Honestly I felt I didn't even lose to the deck, I just didn't get to play period.  Of all the people I really wanted a rematch with this deck and this set, because I have zero experience with it and honestly I still have zero experience with it because I didn't have cards to play.  There were no double attacks because 99% of the game I had no field in front.  Sort of a really bad ender.  I think this game also fucked over ken, who at the time was 3-1, and who had beaten 2nd place directly, because I think it raised the points of my opponent, so it raised the points of 2nd place as well (since he had beaten him) in the swiss rankings.  2nd place btw was as troll who ran Guilty Clowns and spoiled a lot of good players' days, but ken said he steamrolled him.
2-2 rip

So yeah rough for coming back to tourney Weiss, plus 2 spots for a 30 person tourney.  Ken as usual does pretty well in these environments though.  Myself, not happy with the way I played game 1 and game 2, the second could have very easily let him win.  Game 4 was just whatever, that's Weiss.  Hopefully way less misplays next qualifier, which is next week in Boston.

Postscript: Right, the final standings were Ken at 3rd at 3-1, missing out cause of Swiss points to Guilty Clowns even though he beat him straight up, I'm at 2-2, zaelar is at 2-2, AngelofSol at 2-2, and comic at 0-4 lol.  Apparently comic got Weissed really hard, but shoutouts in particular to the Haruhi Aliens player who USED THE EVENT COUNTER ON COMIC'S STOCK SOUL CLIMAX aka it's not a continuous effect since it's not a +2 soul or +1K 1 soul aka YOU FUCKED UP.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Summer National Tournament
A bit late lol it already finished (wasn't paying too much attention, but character breakdown from the qualifiers)
1. SAT Kirito (Melty, UNI, UNIEL)
2. kasumi LOVE Asuna (KOF, Arcana, UNI, P4U)
3. GO1 Kirito (Melty, Aquapazza, P4U, UNIEL)
4. jin Asuna (Melty, BBCS, Aquapazza, UNI, UNIEL)
5. imo Shizuo (GG)
6. Shieru Kuroyukihime (Aquapazza)
7. batta- Kirino (KOF, Aquapazza)
8. naoto Kirito
9. maruyan Kuroyukihime (Melty)
10. gosyo Mikoto (KOF, SF4 he was on kyabetsu team lol)
11. Yuu Shana (Melty)
12. dora Asuna (Melty, not that dora)
13. hama~ Tomoka (GG, P4U)
14. shishido Asuna
15. shou Tomoka
16. OZ Rentarou (KOF, Aquapazza, char switch!)
17. iwao Kirino (Arcana, Aquapazza)
18. Nikaido Chizuru Shana (only alias no one knows who it is, named after some mobamas char)
19. yukiteru Mikoto
20. mitsuya Kirino
21. KOA Asuna
22. rei Asuna (Melty, Aquapazza)
23. Rio. Asuna
24. B. J Shana
25. mel Asuna
26. niga Kirino (GG, Melty)
27. bob Kuroyukihime (Melty)
28. masao Kirino
29. tomo Shana (Arcana, Aquapazza, P4U)
30. eve Asuna (UNIEL)
Last chance 1: asami Shana
Last chance 2: nietono Shana

7 Asuna
7 Shana
4 Kirito
4 Kirino
3 Mikoto
3 Kuroyukihime
2 Tomoka
1 Shizuo
1 Rentarou
0 Taiga
0 Miyuki
0 Yukina

Winner: hama~ Tomoka
2nd: batta- Kirino
Top 4: bob Kuroyukihime, rei Shana
Top 8: imo Shizuo!, eve Asuna, tomo Shana, niga Kirino

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Examu Cup 2014 Aquapazza full results

Full results according to the slideshow of rounds from what I saw, I think I was wrong on only one pick first round.  I might miss some cause they weren't shown.
Winners in bold.

1.  あかがみ|暁(トウカ)/アルティメット愛佳(愛佳)
akagami: akatsuki(touka)/ultimate manaka aka uragami (manaka)
2.  弾幕結界ブラックレーベル|くにお(リアンノン)/みゅう(このみ)
darnmaku kekkai black label: kunio aka KA aka SUPER RIANNON TIME(Riannon)/myuu(Konomi)

3. 輝きの向こう側へ|cho(トウカ)/BYU(環)
kagayaki no mukougawa: cho(Touka)/BYU(Tamaki)
4.  KIRA☆Power|アイカツ!おじさん(環)/ジン(千鶴)
KIRA☆Power: aikatsu!ojisan(Tamaki)/Jin(Chizuru)

5.  ふうせんええ加減にせえよ|ミニッツ(環)/とみー(マルチ)
fuusen eekagenniseeyo: minittsu(Tamaki)/tomy(Multi)
6.  QZ党@西日暮里本部|OZラックス(千鶴)/大宮の風の剣聖バター(このみ)
QZ Party@Nishi-nippori HQ: OZ(Chizuru)/batta(Konomi)

7.  ハンバーグ食べに来ました|ナツメ(環)/みずちゃま(ハクオロ)
hamburger time has come: natsume(Tamaki)/Mizuchama(Hakuowlo)
8.  アイチコワイ|オオゾネ(ハクオロ)/タマ姉の薄っぺらい本(環)
aichi kowai: oozone(Hakuowlo)/tama-nee thin book(Tamaki)

9.  1/2|戦闘員ヒョータ(モルガン)/アスク(トウカ)
1/2: sentouin hyouta(Morgan)/Asuku(Touka)
10.  HALF & HALF|真田@藤沢環(環)/殿下@茅ヶ崎トウカ(トウカ)
HALF & HALF: Sanada(Tamaki)/Tenka(Touka)

11.  ジャイアンとスネ夫|GJM(オボロ)/萌えの伝道師(環)
Gian and Sueno: GJM(Oboro)/Moe missionary(Tamaki)
12.  平均年齢28才|日野(34)(モルガン)/ガメラ(22)(ささら)
Average age 28: hino(34)(Morgan)/Gamera(22)(Sasara)

13.  念願の切符を手に入れたぞ!!|まるおさん(モルガン)/568(カルラ)
the ticket of my dreams is in my hands!!: maruo-san(Morgan)/568(Karulau)
14.  当日予選抜け2|
Last chance qualifier 2

15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)
16.  たままる!\(^q^)/|ナコ姉(環)/毒アンテナ(マルチ)
tamamaru! \(^q^)/: nakonee(Tamaki)/Poison antenna(Multi)

17.  風船これくしょん|後藤GTO(アロウン)/ごぼう(カルラ)
fuusen collection: GTO aka fuusen(Arawn)/gobou(Karulau)
18.  みかくにんぐッ!|セイルル(マルチ)/しゃり(このみ)
unconfirmed!: seiruru(Multi)/shari(Konomi)

19.  燃えジャス勢|Mr.ブシドー(ハクオロ)/両儀式(千鶴)
moe JAS zei: Mr. Bushido(Hakuowlo)/Ryougi Shiki(Chizuru)
20.  ゲームスカイをよろしく|なお(千鶴)/まく(愛佳)
Welcome to Game Sky: nao(Chizuru)/maku(manaka)

21.  元サブカル勢|エムジマ(環)/ネームレス(カルラ)
unknown subculture group: emujima(Tamaki)/nameless(Karulau)
22.  Wake Up,Boys!|タカくん(このみ)/ナオくん(トウカ)
Wake Up, Boys!: takakun(Konomi)/nao(Touka)

23.  当日予選抜け1|
Last chance qualifier 1
24.  目が覚めた|大斬り(カルラ)
i've woken up: daigiri (Karulau)

25.  Mr.カラテ|小路KOG(環)/GO1-3151(千鶴)
Mr. Karate: KOG(Tamaki)/GO1(Chizuru)
26.  ロックウエスト|もじりーちぇ(環)/マナ(カルラ)
rockwest: mojiriiche(Tamaki)/mana(Karulau)

27.  ドリームクラブ|NoName(トウカ)/カイザー(アロウン)
dream club: noname(Touka)/Kaiser(Arawn)
28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)

29.  俺がHIDだ~!|HID(トウカ)/あごうん(アロウン)
I am HID!: HID(Touka)/agoun(Arawn)
30.  もりくまるちぷろ|もりのくまさん(ハクオロ)/マルチプロ(マルチ)
morikumultipro: mori no kuma san(Hakuowlo)/multipro aka Owen(Multi)

31.  ガチエンジョイ勢|みやもと(トウカ)/カネコ(アロウン)
gachi enjoy zei: miyamoto(Touka)/kaneko(Arawn)
32.  いとりん様が見てる|いとりんはよとれや(千鶴)/ぐっち@SANGOU(モルガン)
itorin-sama is watching: itorin(Chizuru)/gucchi(Morgan)

Second Round
2.  弾幕結界ブラックレーベル|くにお(リアンノン)/みゅう(このみ)
darnmaku kekkai black label: kunio aka KA aka SUPER RIANNON TIME(Riannon)/myuu(Konomi) 
4.  KIRA☆Power|アイカツ!おじさん(環)/ジン(千鶴)
KIRA☆Power: aikatsu!ojisan(Tamaki)/Jin(Chizuru)

6.  QZ党@西日暮里本部|OZラックス(千鶴)/大宮の風の剣聖バター(このみ)
QZ Party@Nishi-nippori HQ: OZ(Chizuru)/batta(Konomi)
7.  ハンバーグ食べに来ました|ナツメ(環)/みずちゃま(ハクオロ)
hamburger time has come: natsume(Tamaki)/Mizuchama(Hakuowlo)

10.  HALF & HALF|真田@藤沢環(環)/殿下@茅ヶ崎トウカ(トウカ)
HALF & HALF: Sanada(Tamaki)/Tenka(Touka)
12.  平均年齢28才|日野(34)(モルガン)/ガメラ(22)(ささら)
Average age 28: hino(34)(Morgan)/Gamera(22)(Sasara)

13.  念願の切符を手に入れたぞ!!|まるおさん(モルガン)/568(カルラ)
the ticket of my dreams is in my hands!!: maruo-san(Morgan)/568(Karulau)
15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)

18.  みかくにんぐッ!|セイルル(マルチ)/しゃり(このみ)
unconfirmed!: seiruru(Multi)/shari(Konomi)
20.  ゲームスカイをよろしく|なお(千鶴)/まく(愛佳)
Welcome to Game Sky: nao(Chizuru)/maku(manaka)

22.  Wake Up,Boys!|タカくん(このみ)/ナオくん(トウカ)
Wake Up, Boys!: takakun(Konomi)/nao(Touka)
24.  目が覚めた|大斬り(カルラ)
i've woken up: daigiri (Karulau)

25.  Mr.カラテ|小路KOG(環)/GO1-3151(千鶴)
Mr. Karate: KOG(Tamaki)/GO1(Chizuru)
28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)

30.  もりくまるちぷろ|もりのくまさん(ハクオロ)/マルチプロ(マルチ)
morikumultipro: mori no kuma san(Hakuowlo)/multipro aka Owen(Multi)
32.  いとりん様が見てる|いとりんはよとれや(千鶴)/ぐっち@SANGOU(モルガン)
itorin-sama is watching: itorin(Chizuru)/gucchi(Morgan)

Third Round
2.  弾幕結界ブラックレーベル|くにお(リアンノン)/みゅう(このみ)
darnmaku kekkai black label: kunio aka KA aka SUPER RIANNON TIME(Riannon)/myuu(Konomi)
vs (Unfortunate lol, kunio can body Chizurus but he does poorly against OZ)
6.  QZ党@西日暮里本部|OZラックス(千鶴)/大宮の風の剣聖バター(このみ)
QZ Party@Nishi-nippori HQ: OZ(Chizuru)/batta(Konomi)

10.  HALF & HALF|真田@藤沢環(環)/殿下@茅ヶ崎トウカ(トウカ)
HALF & HALF: Sanada(Tamaki)/Tenka(Touka)
15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)

20.  ゲームスカイをよろしく|なお(千鶴)/まく(愛佳)
Welcome to Game Sky: nao(Chizuru)/maku(manaka)
22.  Wake Up,Boys!|タカくん(このみ)/ナオくん(トウカ)
Wake Up, Boys!: takakun(Konomi)/nao(Touka)

28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)
30.  もりくまるちぷろ|もりのくまさん(ハクオロ)/マルチプロ(マルチ)
morikumultipro: mori no kuma san(Hakuowlo)/multipro aka Owen(Multi)

Fourth Round
6.  QZ党@西日暮里本部|OZラックス(千鶴)/大宮の風の剣聖バター(このみ)
QZ Party@Nishi-nippori HQ: OZ(Chizuru)/batta(Konomi)
15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)

22.  Wake Up,Boys!|タカくん(このみ)/ナオくん(トウカ)
Wake Up, Boys!: takakun(Konomi)/nao(Touka)
28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)

Finals Round
15.  QZ党@北海道九州支部|ダイゴ兵(カルラ)/鷺ノ宮(環)
QZ Party@Hokkaido Kyushu branch: daigo(Karulau)/saginomiya(Tamaki)
28.  QZ党広島大阪支部R|key(モルガン)/のび(環)
QZ Party Hiroshima Osaka Branch R: key(Morgan)/nobi(Tamaki)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax first tournament stream impressions

Disclaimer: My experience with the game was from the first two day location test at Club Sega in Shinjuku, I'll be posting my impressions of the stream based on my experiences from back then.  There are some obvious changes now, like two moves per assist (thank god, it was so limiting before), and a ton of new assists, plus the two new characters Tomoka and Kirito.

I think there is a nerf to some of the DP super armor in the game, I saw Shana's 2AB get beat on wakeup, though I think it's because the guy didn't mash the followup fast enough instead of it being safe jumped.  However I do remember seeing Shana's AB? get outright beat on startup once.

Revision: There is a new move called Impact Break (AB and 2AB are called Impact Skills) which is done with 4AB, it's basically a very fast overhead with a launcher followup that automatically breaks AB/2AB super armor HAS FUCKING SUPER ARMOR OF ITS OWN.  This is what Xie meant by people doing meaty 4AB to prevent AB/2AB on wakeup.  Unfortunately I am an idiot, Xie wasn't referring to 4AB breaking AB/2AB super armor, rather he was referring to using 4ABs OWN SUPER ARMOR to absorb the reversal.  This explains the highly increased spam of what looked to be short hop instant overheads in the game, it's people actually spamming the crap out of 4AB.  Think 3S universal overhead that has enough super armor to win air to air and leads into a launcher.

Let's get this out of the way ASAP, Shana is still the best character in the game.  I only saw BUFFS and more stupid shit from that character from the last time I played her.
1.  Her Roman Cancel has INVULNERABILITY meaning she can use it as a reversal or pause the game midscreen like UniB, this might have been present in loctest but the tournament winner abused the shit out of it to the point that he always sat on his trump cards instead of using them for meterless combo extenders out of AB.
2.  Her revised ground EX236 super CAN BE RELAUNCHED AFTER and cancelled FROM THROW, meaning in corner she gets throw -> EX236 -> 5B relaunch starter.  Midscreen she gets throw -> EX236 -> BC (roman cancel) -> super.
3.  She now? has a rejump chain on standing characters, meaning she can land a jC or jB, do 5AB, jump cancel into a rising jB and come back down with a jC, already extending her on average very long combos.
4.  The gradual meter gain system is THE SAME from the location test, but she has a RC, meaning she is one of the few characters who can just combo supers into supers.

So yeah, game spits out meter for free, but Shana's one of the few who can use ALL DA BARS, plus rejump combo, plus revised EX236 relaunch off throws, plus empty Roman Cancel is actually an amazing reversal/pause button/whiff punisher/meterless combo extender/meterless anything.

Tomoka looks actually interesting in an uninteresting game.  She sort of plays different than the rest of the super homogenized cast (besides Kuroyukihime, who plays different in a bad way), the fact she has all those cancellable ex assists and such means she has a lot of interesting delayed mixups and such instead of just mashing sword normals/specials.  Her instant overhead is pretty fucking fast as well.

Kirito looks top 3 easily, maybe 2nd behind Shana.  His Dual Weild BC is not a straight Roman Cancel, he can't do it on block so it's not nearly as broke as Shana cancelling her DPs safely, but he can do it on hit and it gives a substantial damage boost plus improvement to his normals after he pulls out the second sword.  He does really long combos when he's dualweilding so it's a good combo extender for the delayed assists like Wilhelmina.  Also Dual Weild also HAS INVUL on startup as well, so it can be used the same way as Shana's where you reversal with it or run at someone -> hit BC -> if they have a normal in your face you're fully invul and can punish them with a combo.

Kirino looks better now that people have found a combo that ends in hard knockdown and does decent damage, her aerial chain before sucked unless you ended with EX volleyball and even then it was techable compared to Shana getting guaranteed knockdown off EX214 after jBC jBC.

Didn't see enough of Biri biri, Shizuo, Kuroyukihime, to make a judgement.  Asuna still looks the same, amazing movement options and normals and approaches.

That's all I think of the moment, I really want to see if they nerfed AB/2AB super armor some how, I saw a lot less of that being spammed in neutral as poke punishes.  I know Shizuo's still has a bazillion super-armor frames.