Monday, April 24, 2006


Um fuck yeah, this is a beautiful beautiful work of art.
Updates for FSN 16 and Ouran Host Club 1-3 soon.
That and Disgaea 2 (Which I've completely gotten sucked into playing now.)

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Fate Stay Night 15
Ahahaha, Allan called me to tell me I'm a perv, but he DID admit he thought it was hot!
Anyway new opening, song is pretty mediocre, but plenty of goodies in the animation, probably just to appease the fans, as it shows Archer and Shirou fighting, which is from path two, which is DEFINITELY not happening cause well...Archer died!
Though Allan did say it's pretty possible for him to fight him in his mind or something like that now.
I guess they could do it that way.

Anyway, I, and probably tens of thousands of JP and USA otakus were wondering at the beginning of this are they going to do THAT scene?
I guess even though Fate Stay Night 15 was relatively tame, it was sort of a, "Shit, there's obviously something in this equation here that I'm missing."
The CG dragon was fucking hilarious, where the fuck did that come from?
Anyway yes, big spoiler two was basically...MANA TRANSFER EQUAL SECKS.
Come on, don't tell me it didn't occur to you.
I was sort of puzzled how they'd pull it off, since it's a primetime show.
Well, this is how, with a CG dragon.
Anyways, looking forward to next episode, as Shirou will finally be upgraded from useless to "Stupidly overpowered Type Moon character™."
About time, too.
One thing nagging me, is everyone forgetting how to count?
Archer killed Berserker six times in the game, five times in the anime, Rin does kill him once, but then he lives left?
Does not add up to twelve no matter how you slice it.

Utawareru Mono 1 and 2
I feel sort of guilty for waiting to watch this one, I mean hell, the time I devoted to this game was enormous.
But yeah I waited for a couple reviews before getting it myself, cause honestly, how CRUSHED would I be if it sucked?
(Case in point, Disgaea anime is reportedly SHIT. That just breaks my heart.)
Well anyway, unless you've been blind, you might have noticed the entire style of my blog is in this bamboo with brown coloring layout, and this cute girl with wacky ears as my icon.
That, my friends, is Utawareru Mono, a Japanese tactics game where your main character is a guy with amnesia who has a mask stuck to his face and attacks with the fan of the gods. (Ok yes my first thought was...why a godamn fan? You might as well slap them for 1 damage!)
It fucking rocks, and honestly, the anime is looking very good.
For one thing it's superbly PRETTY.
The opening animation is gorgeous, the opening fighting is on par with the Bleach opening's fights.
This means no half-assed combination of plot lines, no messed up inequality for characters, it means they can follow the story pretty much to the letter, and come out with a good to awesome show.

By the way, pretty much every supporting character you see you get as a party member in game...ah it's nice to see old faces again.
I highly recommend this one.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sleep Deprived

So, here I am, suffering from insomnia on a saturday morning, where on a whim I go to see what the current state of Soul Calibur III tech is.
The results?
Not pretty at all.
G22 has been renamed VC aka Variable Cancel, and now applies to whole shitloads of MOVES, not just Guard Impact or throw tech recovery.
In fact, the true nature of G22 now means that your moves goes through while your recovery ENDS, meaning you can land a throw, G22 it while your throw is STILL GOING and move around and do other hilarious things.
One example of the nonsense.
This also applies to some moves, most noticeably Mitsurugi's 88B, which now can be eternally VCed into itself for an un Guard-Impactable block trap if you block the first hit.
Basically, you can keep doing it, they can't escape, and well, you can run the timer down, or basically choose when to mix up and stop it.

This is why people have already started looking at the Arcade version.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, it's time to fake being an anime blog and list what I'm watching with bazillions of screencaps, harharhar.

First off, we have Fate Stay Night.
Series I've been sounding off for a while.
Best selling Japanese game of 2004, blah blah blah.
Starts off slow, but is now starting to move at a brisk pace.
I like the story, even if some crazy PHD computer science shotacon fangirls don't.
Curious as to how the series will pan out in the long run.
Saber, Rin, Rider, Ilya, I pretty much like every female but Sakura. And Caster.
Archer is awesome, Shirou less so, but still good enough, sort of meh towards the other males.

Pani Poni Dash
Fucking crackfest.
Not like Excel, more like, it's hard to describe.
About an 11 year old genius teacher (half jp half american righttt) from MIT and her class of weirdos.
Ok scratch that, the entire frikkin SCHOOL is filled with weirdos.
Every class, not just hers, are just weirdos upon more weirdos.
The amount of references is staggering, yes this is the anime with the Chuck Norris Reference.
The last episode I watched had a school bus driving through Mario, Space Invaders, Xevious, Galaga, Parodius, and finally Gradius before being blasted by Kamineko lasers onto a ledge, where they remained for pretty much the entire episode precariously perched.
Yeah, if you didn't understand that last sentence you won't understand this anime.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.
So I was digging around for Itou Noizi art(The Shana artist, boy did that series end ever so meh) the other day, and I found out that she (SHE??) is a pretty big illustrator for a game (HGAME??) company.
Yeah, so I had triggers on Winny downloading anything with her name on it, and this manga called Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu Utsu (aka The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) showed up.
It was definitely weird, but funny, and I liked the art (Itou Noizi! Come on!)
Anyway, I mentioned this in #Shrinemaiden and turns out there's an anime being made.

This anime takes two episodes to get into, unless you're like me and stupid shit amuses you easily.
Then it will take only one episode.

Episode 1:
Yeah so there's this bunny waitress from the future who travels back in time for some guy who has magic powers that some witch from the future also wants and ok erm whatever.
Episode one is a complete joke, as it is a movie within a movie, and obviously an amateur one at that.
No detail is left unnoticed, from the crappy lighting angles, to the characters all looking like they are reading cue cards, to the crappy special effects, to the ridiculous midi music, to the uncomfortable pauses that are supposed to commercials, to people showing up in scenes when they are not supposed to, to actors completely unable to say their lines with a straight face, and well yeah, the final effect is a "so bad it's good thing."

Episode 2:
The series starts proper.
Honestly, this is a slice of life show of how a boy and his encounter with a bunch of random lunatics alters his life outlook.
The secret factor here is the narrator.
His commentary and dry wit are really top notch, and I think are what carry the show from decent to really good.

Oh right, opening song has nothing on the ending.
Then again that ending is best silly fun ending I've seen in a while.