Monday, May 31, 2004


So yesterday at like...10pm I'm writing away to Kenny, who already returned to JHU and who has been complaining on how my apartment's kitchen is nasty, when the doorbell rings. I open it, and there stand Helena, Patty and Jason. I think they ranked about dead last in the "Who I expected to ring my doorbell at 10pm" poll. So of course what else could I do but go with them. It had been a good...two three years since I saw any of them. Suyen joined us later. Jason was really right in saying that there should be 5 year high school reunions, cause at like 10-20 everyone's mellowed out. Five years you're still sharp and vindictive and that leads to hilarity. Anyway everyone was required to tell a story or so. Jason did spend a year in Australia, Patty is for all intents and purposes engaged, and Helena spent the year in Russia. Suyen's been on a roller coaster of emotions. Anyway some of them are rather private, so I'll relate Jason's story for laughs.

Jason is at an airport in Australia, when this big man comes into the restroom and starts yelling for everyone to open their bags. It's not a policeman or anything and he's well big, so Jason ignores him because he's afraid he's going to rob him. Anyway the man like screams at him four times and then finally adds, "I'm not going to rob you I just want you to open your bag." So Jason opens his bag really slowly and close to him, says "See nothing in here," then walks out. So he gets about yay far from the restroom, when the big man runs outside and yells "Stop!" Jason runs. And runs and runs outside the airport, through the streets of Sydney I think, and the man is chasing him. He was wearing these weirdo sock shoes, and they fall off in front of him while he is running, so he scoops them up, but now he's running barefoot through the streets of Sydney and avoiding broken glass and crap. Anyway he runs like four five blocks to an intersection, and the man catches up to him. And proceeds to charge into him, throw him into the street and kick him multiple times and spit on him. Basically beat the crap out of poor Jason. And then he grabs Jason by his bag and literally DRAGS him back to the airport. All the while the oh so great Australians are offering the man help like, "You can use my mobile to call the police." Anyway back at the airport it seems someone walked into the female restroom, took this man's wife's purse by reaching over the stall, and emptied it in the men's bathroom. So anyway the police are like "You know what we do with people like you?" And poor Jason's just sitting there saying, "I just ran cause he yelled stop and he looked aggressive!" while this guy is there with his wife the entire time eyeing him. Anyway the man has to catch a flight, and like 4 hours later the police are like, "Well you have 6 dollars, a cellphone you claim is yours, and nothing else, so we guess you didn't take it." The man still thinks he stole it but he has to get on a plane anyway and leave. And that's the story of how Jason almost got arrested in Australia. A funny sidenote is the stories in the Aussie papers of human rights abuses against foreigners who commit crimes in Australia. In fact those were the main headlines of the week during that time, so it didn't make Jason feel any better.

Personally I'd have asked the man's address/phone number and sued the crap out of him for assault, but that's just me.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Even Buddha would show no mercy after being slighted twice.

Yesterday I played ultimate for the first time since...probably last year summer. Predictably, that means I get to be sore all day today. They weren't even trying, it was sort of sad that I, the most out of shape one, was really trying the hardest for my team. I mean I KNOW Kenny excercises more than me, but he could not be bothered to run down a frisbee? Same with both teams actually, I think Darren was the only one actually doing anything. Oh yeah, Alfred looks like a hippie, and what's with the sport headband? Too weird. Didn't know the rest of the asians/two white kids that played with us.

On to this morning. Samurai's got something going to it. Compared to say though, the first episode of Cowboy Bebop? Not that instant of a winner but good enough. The opening is bleah? Jap Rap is bleah! Ending is kind of nice... The entire show is done really weirdly, like it itself is a "hip-hop" song, turntables, cuts, rewinds, scratches, it makes for a very stylistic type of show, but I'm not sure if us Americans and our "hip-hop" engrained culture will appreciate it.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Fossilman with the glasses that peer into your soul

Today I went to get the stitches and medical dressings removed from my mouth that were both put in there since the surgery. Thank god cause I HATED eating with those things in, and I hated brushing with them in, and I hated flossing with them in also. Medication is empty, or SHOULD be empty, except for the small fact that I missed a dose sometime last week and there is one pill left. I have to use a different brush for the affected areas and still use that special mouthwash, but a large burden has been removed from my mouth.

In other news, holy crap at the World Series of Poker...we might have another pokerstars winner. Greg Raymer, aka fossilman, is owning up the competition. There were actually two high ranked pokerstars players, 1st and 3rd, but Fossilman ate 3rd place! I use the term ate cause fossilman is fat XD. Really fat. He also wears these hilarious sunglasses (different color each day) that scare the crap out of me. Anyway good luck to him.

Also Kenny and co. (Brady from home, Matt from Jhu) managed to land one of their group into respectable prize money. Brady came in seventh in a one dollar tourney with 619 people, meaning he won twenty or so dollars. Also, Kenny managed to waste every single dollar he had saved/won (like 15) over the course of yesterday and today because he was playing morons. Morons that stay in with 56os with a preflop raise and get river straights. Incidentally, the tournament Brady was in, the final hand was 27os vs like AQ two sevens came down. Just a hilarious way to end the idiocy. Pokerstars I swear you rig your godamn cards.

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman

Anyway, nothing much to update just that a certain SOMEONE is godamn bored out of her mind and wants to read bloody new material.

I completely lack mobility (i.e. a car) during the day thus preventing me from getting job applications.

Anyway besides that, I decided to check up on the company that I had ordered a webcam about a MONTH ago that was stolen by hobos. I am suspicious now, cause when I called the guy and gave him the order number and name, he was like we'll ship it as soon as we can to your new address.

This, after like weeks of no contact other than "We are waiting the results of the UPS tracer." Methinks they sat on their hands until I took action.

So yeah there is a high likelihood you'll see grainy crap pictures of me soon.

What else, oh right, I remembered by pokerstars password. With the world series of poker going on holdem's pretty interesting to me again. I watched the final tables of like all the holdem events. In all seriousness the ridiculous size of the field has raped like almost all the professional players there. Doyle lost to a godamn noob who raised him after Doyle said all-in. What a moron, that guy deserves to be shot. I wonder who the new no-name champion will be...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You are a doof Soojin

Holy crap Soojin has a blog! Then again everyone has a godamn blog I suppose my surprise should be pretty low.

Anyway yeah back to oh so fun RO again. Someone's late birthday present, basically we all become slaves to him for two hours. Anyway it was sort of poorly organized, but the lucky duck got a Ray card, so it is all good. I've also scored 24 obbs so far it's pretty nice. In all seriousness it's pretty silly why I play this game...I play because of the people I met throught it. And that's why I pay perfectly good sandwich money every six months or so to continue watching bots and scripts steal my items.

In other news, Phillips fell through and Jhu internship openings equal zilch. I have a bad feeling about this summer.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


Woah. Didn't know that Ragnarok Online could be fun. Anyway are good dictator/organizer in charge Go!!/Jack organized a guild hunt (second one) in which we went to Castle 2. Holy hell we raped the shit out of that place hardcore. Jazzy warned caution but with no Baphomet in sight I just clicked on anything I saw, Mysteltain, Abyss Knights, whatever was moving died. I also hit 88, haha a year for 88 god I suck.

Hm on my surgery they left this medical dressing in my mouth that was supposed to last a week. Well both the inside parts fell off within one day AND I SWALLOWED one of them trying to eat a pizza (stupid Kevin, hard crusts are not on the list of allowable things). So I don't know what is going to happen with those.

Thirdly, my mother postponed my already late job application by two days...I don't think I'm getting tech work this summer >_<. I don't want to work at Walmart damn it.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

This taste in my mouth...

Surgery done. Can't rinse can't spit can't use straws can't eat hot or cold things can't brush the affected areas.
Have to take painkillers ever 12 hours and other antibiotices every 8 hours and some weird special mouthwatch cleanser deal starting tomorrow.

Total cost, $1,900, insurance pays...200$.
Our insurance sucks, I need a job.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Faster than a speeding bullet...

So my gum surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at like 2:15pm. Oh joy I can already envision the suckage.

I also watched the season finale of Smallville, which sense to me because I don't watch TV! But all I can say is Chloe blew up, which is sad, cause I was fond of her character the five times I watched the show.

What else...oh yes, Kao Megura of Gamefaqs died. That's just too fucking weird. And wrong. I have at least five of his faqs on fighting games, and to think he is dead... It's really odd, this mortality thing. May he rest in peace.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Do it Rockapella!

Of particular note to you losers who read this trash is the CD Kenny lent me on the train to listen to. It was called BOCA, or best of college acapella.

There was some NICE stuff in there...I liked the song "Yellow", uh one whose title I didn't know (I only knew Yellow cause it's particular favorite of Kenny's nonacapellaed), and one with "China....all the way to New York."

However, the really crazy shit was the last track. Trance acapella. I was like...what the fuck these guys are cheating! But nope, they were imitating synths and was realllly creepy cause you knew people were making these sounds with their mouths...but they really shouldn't be able to.

Edit: And you know what THAT means I'm going to be looking for the mp3s and then SPAMMING ALL OF YOU! EVERY LAST ONE. Hahahaha and you can have the song stuck in your head for eternity.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

And I hear violins....

And so I hit home, after carrying my computer across state lines in a barely fitting suitcase and my monitor in a gigantic box. Also returned my poor deceased cube home, to make sure it is really deceased (it is, but I think I could fool EB into accepting it)

Brady stopped by to donate his cube =D, and I proceeded to try to wave dash in smash. I failed miserably...I can wave dash ONCE...but getting multiple times's hard...

I have sort of a wary feeling of this summer, seeing as I don't have anything lined up yet to do. Whatever I guess I should start doing what Brady's doing, applying to every stupid working place around here...we'll see.

On other notes, NY is so much cooler than baltimore...thank god...cause there's no fan in the computer room (I can't use it upstairs as the modem has permanently moved downstairs and I have no wireless card for my desktop)

Also I think I might? have damaged my ears in playing Isuka OST too loud (Can already hear the "You stupid person" from a certain someone) I can feel a muffle effect, like a dampener on them preventing me from hearing normally...

Friday, May 14, 2004

We have lift-off

Well it's finished, it's 2am, I leave at 11am for home. AI final was done...half assed, if I had attended class I probably would have aced it...meh oh well. Anyway...yeah gained experience for the first time on iRO in a long time...nothing much more to write...need a job...have to pack.

It's really hot.
Almost enough to drive a man crazy.

Dun dun dun dunnnnn (reference to a short story August Heat)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

T-minus four hours and counting

So yeah it is 5am...anyway...Resident Evil 4 wants me to revive my cube even more. MAGNUM IN THE FACE ROCKET LAUNCHER INTO MONKS. Yeah that fucking trailer rocks ROCKET LAUNCHER INTO MONKS!

I am finally starting to watch all this SSBM footage that I recently acquired and I must say...lots of surprising things. Also finally visited the infamous SWF boards, which seem to have spawned every player to ever win a SSBM tournament.

Surprising things:
Tier wise
Marth is good...but I didn't realize he and Sheik are tied for just pure godness. No weaknesses for either, equal matchup with each other...Evidentally Marth's air game is second to none...from what I've seen he can short hop this really quick double swipe that just about stuffs any other air to air move. Also his forward smash makes edge guarding too easy. His range is DECEPTIVELY long...and considering the tip is the sweet spot, it just makes the deal sweeter. He has a down poke that hits ridiculously far and can be used for shoving you off ledges also. Counter is used sparsely (as it should be), it's like that parry in 3s that throws the other guy's tempo off. Up throw most common most useful cause it's a guaranteed air slash combo follow up. Seems like it's very easy to combo in the air too, f.air(forward air) is guaranteed to combo into another fair or u.air or whatever.
Sheik's darts are annoying as all hell...can't be reflected...truly useful for pissing people off. Her air down a air up a and her down smash are her main weapons, her smash seems to be mainly a combo ender. Down throw most useful from what I have seen.

The space animals (Fox/Falco) and Peach make up the top high tier. No surprise, for they rape everything else. Lots of short hop blastering and shine spikes and shine infinites! (they do exist) make the space buddies a crazy pair. Against Marth though the space animals get up thrown a a lot I mean 56% or so for free if you manage to snag them at 0% with Marth's throw.
Peach's down smash is illegal, too good. Also her float cancel ability which lets her recover than everyone else L-cancelling is useful, and she can float near edges to just kick your ass. Turnips are and very good!

High tier is where some of the surprises come from.
Captain Falcon
Dr. Mario

Samus is interesting. I don't have much good footage on her, and the SWF people don't seem to either, but they agree that she's good. I find it hilarious that her grappling beam displaces any edge hoggers automatically, and that her bomb jumps enable her to come back from like 500 feet away.
Falcon: Like a space animal...just no lasers and no shine...still very good...his crazy air knee seems to be his best move and easily comboable. Crack rabbity fast, as always.
Ganon: Damn...the ganon footage I have is top notch. I bet this Eddie person is the best Ganon player in the US...somehow managing to go toe to toe with Sheik and the crack animals very well. Truly impressive to watch this player and his Ganon in action. A note, you can chain down throws on Sheik...but Sheik can do the same on you =D
Mario: Didn't know he was so high...I don't have much footage or strategy for him cept caping people off ledges =D
Dr. Mario: Wth? Really? Surpsing as all fuck. I have NO Dr. Mario footage.
Luigi: I sort of guess from how the CPU played him but...again no footage.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I have been COMPLETELY ignoring my AI final and have sat in two videogame hubs (Vgm and smash) two days straight getting E3 footage. There's four insiders divided amongst the two hubs, so videos from ign are quickly shared. And there's at least one guy who LIVES in cali. But yeah, enough talk...order of the day...

It's nice to know tourney level smash 64 is how I played smash with Kenny and Peter in the old days. It's not really mindnumbing, it's all standard. Except for Isai's pika...but I think I'd be able to KO at least 2 times out of 6...those people he was fighting didn't seem to know any of the oh so easy chains. (suplex suplex suplex) In fact Isai's pika was just really really good at edge guarding/aerial wars, he would extend himself off the platform more than Kirby could just to keep you off and could warp safely back.

No, what really impressed me was this guy's MARIO. While kirby and pika are pretty easy to figure out their strategies and we did for ourselves (me kenny brady), mario...hell...this was Mario played to perfection. And it was different, it used different combos, plus it tauntdashed a lot to annoy you with his sounds =D.

SSBM is no contest. I hate to say but it's a much more advanced game...and there are a LOT of more advanced tactics then just...roll around and jump in air and manouver and throw chains into smash. Wavedashing to go under lasers...Marth's Up throw against fox/falco chain, Short hop lasering...wall bombing o.Oa, so many things that I had no clue on during my ... rather short experience with the game. (Like a year before my cube died) But yeah, melee is really quite a beast.

E3. Capcom Fighting Jam. Reused sprites. Fuck you Capcom start fucking redrawing your shit you lazy assholes. Ever heard of GGXX? Wonder why it rapes CvS2? RE4. Downloading movie. Metroid 2...not exactly sure...deathmatch is...who knows it's metroid its NOT a shooter as the pennyarcade people like to bleat. Dark Samus looks nice though. Zelda...what can I say it's OOT shiny. I have yet to get the new Halo 2 trailer but godamn I want it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Air down a into reflector into air down a into reflector into air down a into standing up a*2 into running smash

Two things, both Nintendo related.
First off, I finally got to see some SSBM footage of pros? Whatever good people. The Japanese again have made it a bloody art. The above mentioned combo was in a falco vs falco match, I must say it was awesome to see. Also the combo reflector*3 was unexpected, and I don't think it was quite...that simple. (I saw a last minute guard on the first one, the hexagonal white shield before he proceeded to reflector launch.) But yeah right now I have a whole shitload of SSBM videos, Japanese and American, and godamn I have to say Azen's Sheik is from holy hell.

Second thing...the DS's details...LOOK WHO IS FUCKING LAUGHING NOW ASSHOLES. The bottom screen is a touchpad/draw type deal, an example is baby Mario falling on the screen and you have to draw a cloud to save him. But that's minor. It is ALSO backwards compatible, which is sort of major but REALLY FUCKING COOL when hooked up with my next topic. The real deal is BLUETOOTH AKA WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY. Did I say wireless connectivity? YES I SAID WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY, NO CABLES FOR FUCKING MULTIPLAYER. It can do instant messaging also. My god, since everyone AND their mother (literally) has a gba in Japan...I can only imagine what the DS will do over there. Will we see random people playing multiplayer DS games at train stations? That would be...awesome. (Hey we're waiting for the train want to lose in four swords? You're on!)

But seriously god fucking damn Nintendo owned every loser who said, "It's just two screens put together!" It doesn't matter how powerful your handheld is (the PSP will be more powerful); you've got nothing on a Bluetooth touch/draw screen backwards compatible gameboy. Nothing.

Fuck, they could actually make just multiplayer games for a fucking handheld and people would buy them! I mean really how often did you get four players for four swords...(I don't have the cables, blah blah) Now ANYONE who has a DS can just join being near you.

I didn't buy a gba...GOOD IDEA because all I have to get now is a fucking DS and I am set.

Nintendo Render

Monday, May 10, 2004

Unintelligent Design

Francis Crick goes to heaven.

This and the below link both stolen from lah.

Philo Smilo

American soldies punish a group of looters by running over their car with a tank.

Third time's the charm...

Well the hobos have done it again, officially.
While the microphone was a false alarm, hobos have definitely stolen my 20 dollar webcam.
Are you that hard up hobos?
Is every package that comes for Kevin O'Young ripped open and violated, inspected only briefly before deciding that you can sell the bloody parts on the street?

Damn you hobos, damn you.

Suppose you have just graduated from ALLBMES college...

And your parents want to know what you're doing since they've sunk 250,000 dollars into your ALLBMES education.
You have the choice of telling them that:
You work at a barely living wage job at Kmart dressed up as a clown saying, "Welcome K-mart shoppers."
You work at a company called where you are not paid in money at all, only foodstamps and stock options until the company makes it big.

During your interview at cheapphone, you are aggressively quizzed on your CNF knowledge. The type of network you are expected to support transfers typically 1000 packets per day, at about 1kbs per request. The company uses a 1Mbs line.


Answer: You tell your parents you work at K-mart as a clown, because at 1k packets per day at 1kb per request over a 1MBS line, traffic intensity nears ONE, which means delay approaches INFINITY.

The above easy ass question notwithstanding, the Computer Networking Fundamentals final kicked my ass. And not only my ass, but other's asses. But I think they got less ass-kicked. And now I have fucking philosophy final due tomorrow. God that's going to suck, I hate writing bullshit that I didn't create.

Password: cynical

The Irony of Chastity

T-3:30 hours, I'll go nap after this post.
Well, I have the GGXX Isuka soundtrack and I must say, Jam got a theme all to herself and I realllllllly like it.

But godamn THIS scares me.

What's that you say, if you can not read Japanese? Well who cares, cause the IMPORTANT THINGS are in English. What does the untrained eye see?

GGXX in LA VOCAL Edition. Scan the names. Korn, Linkin Park, Jay Gordon, Orgy. I love GGXX music, but adding english vocals? I'm not so keen on that...

I really wonder how they're going to pull off Awe of She, considering the Japanese vocalization of that is really...not Korn style. I want a good rendition...hell get a woman to do it damn it that'd be awesome.


T-seven hours and a half until my Networking final. Will I be able to pull a n00b and own it without doing jack?

::Scribbles more on his paper of reference::

On the subject of languages(inside a DC++ videogame music hub)...
You got Michif (which coincidentally was the language for my class final), which is a mixture of French and Cree, and pretty damn rare, and fading fast.

You have Klingon, which completely originates from a Television slow, but evidentally has its own words and grammar structure.

Now, talking about the usefulness of languages...someone got mocked for knowing Klingon. I mean right it is a language that completely originates from a show that many old time fans agree sucks absolute cock now. But like no one would mock you for knowing Michif. Do the number of Michif speakers exceed the Klingon speakers? I highly highly doubt it. So what is the "point" of a language near death or for the sake of creating a language?

Personally I believe that if someone makes a language, like a true language, not just replacing English words with jibberjabber (a dialect), then more props to them. Language is a beautiful thing, although hopefully we don't see Tolkeinites solely raising their children on Elvish anytime soon.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


What have they done! I don't know just when I was getting used to the somewhat clean cold cut blue of blogger, they go and change it on me. And it's not just the main page, the entire thing, like what I'm looking at right now are muave beige buttons (rounded for sexiness or easy of display I know not) and random rounded rectangles of blue dancing (ok they're are sitting still) around my title.

I'm not sure I like the change...and this dashboard stuff...we'll see...

Edit: Comments? I'll try them out...Hopefully no one chooses this random site to mock mercilessly.

Further edit: The bloody Triangle exclamation mark has got to go when publishing.


Just one random link, I'll do this more often.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

You got Soup 2 ea.

Man, the more I think about it the more I think I could survive in a society completely based on thievery. Like when I was young I used to shoplift a lot, and I mean a LOT, because I had no allowance. Books, Magic cards, you name it. But it was namely books. Lots of books. I stole them from small bookstores, from libraries, from teacher collections. All because I had no money.

I like to think that I stopped once money became a large part of my life...but then again.

Today, some godamn fat lady was in the express lane checkout with like FORTY ITEMS. I was behind another lady in line and thinking, WHAT THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT READ! UNDER FIFTEEN ITEMS! NOT FORTY! And she was taking a bazillion years looking for her coupons and chatting it up with the cashier like she had all the time in the world. Well guess what, I didn't have all the time in the world, in fact the bloody JHU shuttle would probably have come at any second and if I missed it that's 30 more minutes to wait. So I got fed up and went into the automated scan section. This would mean I'd have to leave my soup behind. I was like to hell with the soup if I miss the shuttle because of that godamn fat lady I'd kill her by taking the 15 item sign down and smashing her over the head repeatedly while screaming "FIFTEEN ITAMS FIFTEEN ITAMS!" Anyway I finish really fast, and my soup is left. So I'm like...well hell it's in unmarked containers, there are no barcodes, and the automated scanner says nothing about soup in the produce/other section. So I walked out without paying for my soups.

I bet that lady plays the lottery every day because she's bad at numbers.

So what is it like to be free from Sir Cocksalot's presence?

Man Brennan indeed has a good friend in Jason, to be so concerned about his welfare. Anyway roommate Brennan moved out for the summer today. Man I am going to be doing a whole lot of uselessness this sumer pffft. I'm still not sure if I should stay home or come back here. If I stay here though I'll have my computer and Brennan will sortta agree to letting Kenny (younger brother) and his friend stay here. If I'm not Kenny's friend is without a house...I think he was sort of harsh on the boys but whatever he pays half the rent! Kenny said he stayed at his friend's house during spring break, but of course that really doesn't mean anything to Brennan, cause he hardly knows the guy, who by the way, is named "X". Yes X. It's his real name. Crackhead parents.

New advent children screenshot scans from Shounen Jump. Ooh Tifa ooh Vincent. Truth be told I always liked Tifa's story more than Aeris. Aeris however kicked Tifa's ass in the utility department. Fury brand is the sole reason I could get everyone's second level three by Nibelheim (and some level fours consequently like Cloud, Red XIII, Yuffie, etc.) Seriously Aeris + Cover Materia + Fury Stat + Mideel bugs = two hits limits for everyone else. Tifa was sort of meh in the utility, I mean those godamn slots are pfffft. I'll try getting all perfects one day again when I'm bored.

Vincent...he looks a bit girly, then again his polygonal self couldn't really reflect the inner bishie. Ok I lie, but Vincent will always fucking kick ass even if he is turned girly, because he is the guy that killed Emerald Weapon. Emerald had just broken my mime kotr loop, and I was about to have my ass handed to me, so I limited Vincent and just tried doing damage and living. Anyway Vincent sometime later slashes, bye bye Emerald, I laugh.

That lower right picture that I initially thought to be Yuffie most likely seems to be Marin/Marlene, Barret's daughter. Speaking of Barret he has like a bionic arm instead of a bloody hand cannon (literally!) for an arm. Also, Reno/Rude show up again. I'm not exactly liking the three stooges villains. Kadazzu, Yazzu, and Rozzu? Give me a godamn break Square. And I see GUNBLADES. Swords should not SHOOT THINGS.

Link spam time:
Ooh Tifa.
Midori no Hibi manga
Super Metroid in :58 with 100%
Whole bunch more crazy people playing games fast.
One of the worst stories told, with pictures.
Michael Moore is fast turning into an Al Sharpton like character. (Even more Disney had decided a YEAR ago it wouldn't show Fahrenheit 911. What a godamn poser. Oh noes so shocking! Just like the evil JANITOR who wanted to go home.)

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Well good news bad news time. Good news is that I managed to finish my morphology take home final before the 5pm due date today, in fact I finished it an hour before. I also did not merely finish it, but I OWNED it. Good thing I took French, cause ALL the extra credit was French, and half the morphology syntax and phonology was too. Just for your information the final was on Michif, a weird crazy mix of Cree and French. Wacky stuff. Oh yeah my paper only was a B-, so it wasn't below threshold! Huzzah! Even shitty papers get breaks some times.

Bad news is the diff eq final schooled me. It schooled everyone, but I have a feeling it was really made just to school me utterly. I got the first problem completely right, I know that. The next five? Hell if I fucking know, I might as well have gotten 0's on all of them, they were that mysterious.

Anyway no finals Friday, so I get a break.

I sure hope Allen doesn't get mad at me for sending like 500000 people to his home site to download an mp3, speaking of said mp3, here it is. This song is the song from the Metropolis music video, and I must say I am absolutely in love with it now. It's been on repeat since this morning after the diff eq final. I honestly think it helped me own my language final, it's just so soothing, yet it prevented me from going to sleep and wasting time. It's *sob* beautiful. Still on repeat, I guess that's why I don't feel so bad now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

It's Sarda to the north!

Well, I finally can put faces to names for my iRO guild. What can I say...Tanzy is well...sort of what I expected her to be? >< What I DIDNT expect was miss perfect's picture and the fact she's only 13. Bloody hell that's in illegal territory right? Jazzy is...NOT what I expected. Not sure if that's good or bad. I don't know Go very well, but he oozes coolness from the one picture I saw. Taz is taz is first picture I saw and remember. Now if only I could see bean/sm/zed. Shifty little buggers they are.

I am a moron! I forgot this week was reading period cause you know what? AT LEAST ONE CLASS IN EACH OF MY PREVIOUS SEMESTERS HAD FINALS DURING READING PERIOD. Meaning I never really had a break to study during reading period, just strings of finals. So the philo final on Tuesday is NEXT Tuesday. Der. As is the rest of the bloody finals, next week, well they start this Thursday.

Let's see, Zed got pwned by sending me a link to the subservient chicken. That shit is old! Gloating over my link whoreness, I challenged Zed to find something quirky and NEW. He's one for four so far, having shown me walking in, which is a devilishly hard adventure game, to the point that I'm starting to hate it. I keep it always up in a window, and it's godamn natural cricket noises have woken me up when I've passed out.

So what am I doing these days? Besides envying that godamn n00b? I spent time reading up the history of the gamefaqs boards and how one board has been choked off of members because it is basically a cesspool of idiocy. It is the LUE board, or life, universe and everything. The only reason Cjayc doesn't completely destroy the board is cause the fallout would be enormous. Any user past 888113 can not ever see this board, and before it had a very very short registration period to choke off even more users (all who did not register can not see this board either). So I'm curious. Lots of e-drama and real life fallouts, who knew.