Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random stuff I've read or heard

Some winners here:
The story made its rounds in the fall of 2001: a Filipino high school student created a Photoshop collage (Ok, turns out it was submitted to his site but he didn't post it out of respect...still other followers posted it anyway) of Sesame Street’s Bert interacting with terrorist leader Osama bin Laden as part of a series of “Bert Is Evil” images the student posted on his home page.
In the wake of September II, a Pakistan-based publisher scanned the Web for bin Laden images that could be printed on anti-American signs, posters, and T-shirts.
CNN reporters recorded the unlikely image of a mob of angry Pakistanis marching through the streets waving signs depicting Bert and Bin Laden.
American public television executives spotted the CNN footage and threatened to take legal action: “The people responsible for this should be ashamed of themselves.”
Coming full circle, other Sesame Street spoofs began to surface on the Web, linking various characters with the terrorists.

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Look, I do NOT believe in tiers. It's like ordering people to be good with certain people and suck with others.

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JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! NO IT ISN'T! ok, well it is, BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE A FUCKING SHEEP AND CAN'T THINK FOR YOU OWN GOD FUCKED SELF! can you NOT understand that you can play ANY GOD FUCKED CHARACTER you want to, regardless of tiers? do people understand this? do they also understand that CRAPPY characters will still be FUCKING CRAPPY CHARACTERS whether or not the Ffucked tier list existed or not? do people honestly think that if the tier list was fucked to all fucking hell, never to be seen EVER! that all characters would magically sing in three point harmony and be balanced? honestly? DO YOU? the tier list just says "statistically and in the current metagame this/these character(s) have more advantages than this/these character(s) in the overall scheme of things". it DOES NOT say "THESE CHARACTERS WILL ALWAYS WIN, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SAY, OR TRY. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PLAYING ANY OTHER CHARACTER BECAUSE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING IS ZEROOOOOOOOO!!!1"


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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Air ended.
Fuck me.
Massive spoiler crap.
I really can't say anything I guess.
But yeah Jeff Lawson was right, 10 was really weird and off (Stupid Yukito crow), 11 was right on and really touching, and 12 was sort of soul crushing.

I actually liked episode 8 and 9 a whole lot, even though they were in a completely different setting.
I really liked those three characters Kanna, Uraha and Ryuuya.
It sort of makes me wonder if Yukito had stayed alive and only Misuzu had died, would Yukito and Haruko have gotten together?

Misuzu's level 3 overdrive in Eternal Fighter Zero makes me feel a lot sadder now.
It's recreated so faithfully...when she gets out of the wheelchair and walks toward Haruko and falls into her arms she says, "Goal."
But yeah, why did BOTH of them die.
What the hell!
I thought at least one would live, but one died to save the other and even though he did he didn't.
The thing is they followed the original game storyline almost to the letter.
It makes me sort of prefer the arcs where Yukito's still alive, like Kano's and Minagi's.
I hate Sora crow, he sucks.

It sort of makes me wonder how Kanon would have been received if they kept the true endings for everyone, i.e. not only Makoto bites it, but Shiori dies from her sickness (OHNOES), Mai stabs herself and Sayuri doesn't stop her (OHNOES x 2), Ayu isn't in the hospital but already dead (UGUU), and the only one who makes it out alive is Nayuki.

I wonder...how Clannad is.
I hear it isn't that great comparitively to the other two.

Anyway, here is my picture commemorating the end of Air.