Monday, April 27, 2009


To Anna and Allan for getting married!
Unfortunately shitty phone camera pictures only, you'll have to go to Facebook to find people with real cameras.

I feel sortta bad that I took probably more pictures of crawfish.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New KOF...shooter?

He's shooting fire out of his face!

Monday, April 20, 2009

SFIV tournament results last weekend.

Besides Heartnana winning his SBO spot, several other big things were going down.
The 4 round gamestop tournament finals were held, anyone expecting Justin not to win that arcade cabinet left disappointed.
In the end it was JWong vs Mike Ross, Justin being pretty rude haha and getting in Mike's face after destroying him 4-1.

For the international exhibitions they flew in Poongko (Korea), Iyo (Japan), and Daigo (Japan) to play.
Daigo got to go because Europe had absolutely no one to send dohoho!
Poongko lost to Daigo 4-1, lost to Iyo 4-2, lost to Justin 4-3.
Jokes in the commentary about he was "going back to Starcraft."
Iyo lost to Daigo 4-3, lost to Justin 4-2 (Daigo vs Iyo was insane.)
Justin lost to Daigo 4-0, I guess Daigo still is an anti-Justin machine.

On the Texas front, team Fubarduck sits and watches his teammate win everything won SFIV SBO qualifiers. (He literally didn't have to play a game.) SK got second in a five person Tekken 6 BR tournament el oh el while Fubar got first. Pozerwolf won Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi!! 2.6, man I should have gone...just wedding this week.

On the non San Francisco non Arcade UFO front, Sabin got thrown into the losers during Digital Mayhem, clawed his way back to the finals, beat Nestor's Sagat into the ground with Sim, then lost to Nestor switching up with Viper at the end. Guess Japan is right in rating Viper a bad matchup for Seth. Also, Min (he's alive!) and DS tied for fifth.

And that's all that went down April 17th to 19th.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Long story short, he qualified for BlazBlue SBO while in Japan!
Not using the foreigner qualifier.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pani Poni Dash OVA redux

So I actually watched the thing.
It was amazing.
Was rooting for Serizawa the entire time.

MBAA PS2 Port announced

Old news but Famitsu announced it, said August 8 of 2009?
Ecole is doing it, but considering how much they fucked up AH2...
Then again MBAA is still running on Naomi hardware lol it should have no trouble.
Also Ryougi Shiki sighted as hidden character.

Pani Poni Dash OVA

Oh dear.

Secret Sabin Seth

Art was only half-joking when he said he was thinking of filing that Youtube notice to take it down.
He wants to hide the tech for Evo.


I owe $1,400 of them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Arcana Heart 2 SUGOI! PC VERSION

No, this isn't the PC version.
This is the game running on an emulator, specifically PCSX2.
My computer itself is a q6600 with an 8800GT and 4 gigs of RAM running XP (yeah yeah I already know there's RAM being wasted Vista sucks blah blah)
You know it's bad when it runs better on an emulator than the console it was intended for.
The slowdown is almost completely gone.
Too bad it doesn't save the port, why the fuck should you need a beast PC to get normal playing speed?
At least I can go into training mode and do combos.
Then I'll just wait till Examu goes bankrupt or decides to do a PC/PS3/360 port.
Maybe they'll see some backlash from the locals after the travesty they released.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Arcana Heart 2 SUGOI! PS2 is out

And it is the worst port I have ever played in my life.

Seriously way to fuck up Examu/Ecole.

Small summary of shit that is wrong:
2.5? 2.6?
It has little bits and pieces from both, though it's probably closer to 2.5 than 2.6.
Lots of changes are not there, some are, it's really a mess.

The video above shows basically the AVERAGE frame rate when trying to play with Petra.
Catherine is just as terrible.
Lilica almost the same.
There was already a ton of hitstop in the arcade version, but now, if you super someone?
Holy shit prepare to wait 2x as long as it should take, good luck timing anything.

I honestly don't really care about this, hell I'd have been all for removing the music completely (even if it is awesome) if it'd help the game speed.
As it stands, anytime shit is going on (supers, certain character moves, existing), the sound will randomly crap out.

Perhaps in a futile attempt to save the speed, the game COMPLETELY dithers the shit out of the sprites into crap land constantly when they are in motion.
It also has the effect of flickering the life bars.
In short, there are TONS of single stills of just terrible terrible shitty 16bit looking sprite work.
And it's still slow, so it didn't help jack shit.

Monday, April 06, 2009

IaMP is not hard

That's me I'm the loliball.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Done by the Death Note artist and writer team (complete your eye-rolling here)

It's about 9th graders!? who want to be mangaka.
There's something so hopelessly romantic about this manga that it hits me pretty hard.