Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Tyr

Tyr:Catherine is a 10:0 matchup.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wine Tasting, 80% bullshit.

Interesting conversation in RANDOM channel on Christmas Eve.

[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the restaurant i work at
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best place in the city
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> one of top 10 in the state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best italian food in state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the homemasde pasta omggggggggg
[11:58] <@bellreisa> PASTACHAMP
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> cocoa pappardelle pasta with short rib ragout
[11:58] <Lokanas> What's the name of the place
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> duck confit agnoloti
[11:59] <Forte> how many calories
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> due mari
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 1000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> sounds godly already
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> garganelli pasta with oyster mushrooms, prosciutto, truffle butter sauce
[11:59] <@bellreisa> i'm trying to imagine jiyuna doing the waiter thing
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 10000000000000000000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> trolling as a waiter
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> being a waiter is fun, i troll
[11:59] <@bellreisa> "tonight we have a chef's special of garganelli, oh it is SO s rank"
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> because people dont know shit
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> my number 1 troll = some guy acting like a big smartass about wine
[12:00] <Lokanas> This menu looks fucking godlike
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> so he asks to taste two different wines
[12:00] <@bellreisa> winetasting is lols
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> i go to the bar, get 2 of the same wine, and bring them back
[12:00] <Forte> ROFL
[12:00] <Lokanas> looool
[12:00] <Lokanas> ^5
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> the guy goes on a big rant about how the 2nd wine is so much better
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> etc etc
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> im just laughing in my head
[12:00] <Forte> you shouldve DECANTERED
[12:00] <@bellreisa> i read an article about how it's all a bunch of bullshit and the tasters just make shit up based on preconceived notions and expectations
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> yes bellreisa
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> also open to suggestion
[12:01] <@bellreisa> yeah
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> like 4 of us will sit here and taste wine
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> and ill say "i taste coffee"
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> hey me too!
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> oh yeah me too!
[12:01] <@bellreisa> same wine in cheap bottle vs expensive looking bottle
[12:01] <@bellreisa> first wine = cheap scrub shit
[12:01] <@bellreisa> second = WINECHAMP
[12:01] <Lokanas> There's actually technique to wine tasting properly
[12:01] <Lokanas> But actual taste is like
[12:01] <Lokanas> 20% of the whole deal
[12:02] <Lokanas> Which is why most people can't do it for shit
[12:02] <DaKamui> trying to sophistacted
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> it just pisses me off when people try to look cool
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> and others are too stupid to call them out
[12:02] <Lokanas> Yeah that is kinda dumb
[12:02] <@bellreisa> i read an article yesterday about how they apparently proved hfcs produces fat
[12:02] <@bellreisa> like beyond doubt
[12:03] <Lokanas> When they tested us on wine tasting we were allowed to narrow it down to 4 different things
[12:03] <Lokanas> Because nobody gets that shit pinpoint
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> like we had this one bottle of super tuscan
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> that was mislabeled in the wine list
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> it was the wrong vintage
[12:03] <@bellreisa> super tuscan is a hilarious name
[12:03] <Forte> jiyuna you have to be this guy
[12:03] <Forte>
[12:03] <@bellreisa> down in the cellar, it's a merlot, no it's a sherry
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> BUT the vintage we had was 2004, which was like a gdlk year for super tuscan
[12:03] <@bellreisa> it's SUPER TUSCAN
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> so this guy was giving us hell
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> I WANTED THE 2005 BOTTLE! YOUR LIST SAID 2005!
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> ...then why you want 2005 nigga
[12:04] <Tonberry> lol
[12:04] <Lokanas> loool
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> and his table is just like
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> "ooooooooooooh hes so smart about wine"
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> like the 2004 of this bottle costs 3x as much
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> but we were selling it at the shitty 2005 bottle price
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> lol Forte
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> that pic always makes me laugh
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> because you're supposed to do it close to the decanter
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> so you can use a candle/light and stop when you see the sediment
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> this guy is just trolling
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> lolllllll this manga
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> people on the left = all of my customers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NEC X in a nutshell

I sort of wanted to write a long post about NEC X but honestly Rithli does it better in this movie than I could ever do.
This is why I play these games, and probably, while I'll keep playing them.

Ar Tonelico 3 page updates

So some new updates on the Ar Tonelico 3 main site.
Anyway a short summary of this game, hilariously enough, is that the game is 3D with 2D art, and both the heroines seem to have multiple personality disorder, so it's really something like 8 girls (their models change in battle along with their...body types.) Also there's some really silly system called "Purge" where the heroines get stronger the less clothes they have or something. Anyway I wasn't really clicking with any of the character designs, even with all the characters shown, until Soma took off her scary Black Jack looking helmet and suit. Anyway here's a relationship chart, the two main girls are Saki on the left and Finnel on the right.

Saki's 3 alters are called Salapator (oneesan), Filament (eyepatch bandage moe), and Sakia Rumei (knight)
Finnel's are called Yurishica (nurse), Soma (scary doll), and ??? (miko of some sort?)
Here's Soma's normal costume:

Here's Soma without it:

Had to crop for the large picture but yeah HUGE DIFFERENCE.
It must be hot under there...I hope she's drinking enough water with how much she sweats...
Ok yeah I totally love this character already she's mine.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Etrian Odyssey 3

Seems ocean based this time.
I can see ninjas, pirates, and phalanx (paladins? not really who knows)
Also NEC was godlike.