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Code Geass R2 Episode 4

Actually, this isn't a fucking anime blog.
Instead you get this:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I sees a Cirno.

It's a Cirno figurine!
With the trademark vacant =0 look.
Along with an upside down Reisen.

Monday, April 21, 2008

This post is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Japanese Boy Bands.

Those of you in #IaMP know that a while back I received two emails from YouTube of this sort:
Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by 株式会社アートバンク claiming that this material is infringing:

東劇 Tohgeki Block H Game 005 松潤(Yuyuko) vs ILR(Suika): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIKZXOJGcpk

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account. In order to prevent this from happening, please delete any videos to which you do not own the rights, and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube's copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If you elect to send us a counter notice, please go to our Help Center to access the instructions.
Be aware that there may be adverse legal consequences in your country if you make a false or bad faith allegation of copyright infringement by using this process.

YouTube, Inc.

Anyway, my first reaction, of course, was to rage.
Who the hell is 株式会社アートバンク and what the hell do my recordings of the Tohgeki IaMP tournament have to do with their IP?
I went into #東方萃夢想(jpamp) and asked Honami who these clowns were.
He had no idea either.
Why does the burden of proof fall on me against these tards to file a counterclaim that requires my real address and signature?
I filed the counterclaim immediately anyway:
Section 1
Video links in question:
東劇 Tohgeki Block H Game 010 松潤(Yuyuko) vs

東劇 Tohgeki Block H Game 005 松潤(Yuyuko) vs

Section 2
Lots of random personal information you could find on me pretty easily, but don't care to list here anyway.

Section 3
I will accept service of process from the person who
provided YouTube with the original copyright complaint
or an authorized agent of such persons.

Section 4
I have a good faith belief that the material was
removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or
misidentification of the material to be removed or

Counter Notice Description
Now that the formalities are out of the way:
I do not see why the burden of proof falls on me to
prove that my videos were not infringing.
Nor do I see why this burden of proof requires me to
reveal my personal information when the accusations
are a prime example of false positives.

Anyone who did two seconds of research or who even
looked at the videos in question could see that the
two videos in question are recorded tournament footage
of the game Immaterial and Missing Power, or
東方萃夢想 in Japanese.
The tournament was called Tohgeki, or 東劇
(http://east-opera.net/tohgeki1/), and it was run by
an individual named Honami (帆波).
I received explicit permission from him to record and
put up the tournament footage.
The game itself was created by Tasogare Frontier
(www.tasofro.net/touhou) and is a fighting game based
off the Touhou Shooting Game
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touhou_Project ) series,
which was created by ZUN
ZUN gave Tasogare Frontier permission to use his
characters and designs.

In no way is the company named 株式会社アートバンク
(http://www.artbank.co.jp/stockillust/) remotely
involved in this game or series of games in any way.
They seem to be a stock art seller wholly removed from
the category of material they are claiming copyright
One must imagine their busy lawyers searching youtube
for random tags or keywords to send takedown notices
I would like to see what listed elements of the videos
in question violate their copyright.
Attached is a Word version of this email with a scan
of my signature.

Kevin O'Young

Anyway, it took till today to get a response.
Not only that, I got an apology.
Dear Kevin,

In response to your counter-notification,
株式会社アートバンク has retracted its copyright claim with respect to the following


This content has been restored and your account will not be penalized.
For technical reasons, it may take a day for the videos to be
available again.


The YouTube Team

Original Message Follows:
From: (株)アートバンク
Subject: RE: [C#264237145] YouTube 異議申し立て通知
from:sibladeko to:株式会社アートバンク
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 15:31:44 +0900


ジャニーズ事務所所属タレント 嵐の松本潤のニックネームが「松潤」ですので。





角田 悦子(Etsuko Tsunoda)
〒150-0001 渋谷区神宮前2-6-10 パークレーン2F
TEL:03-3423-8611 FAX:03-3423-8612

Anyway, a lot of things are cleared up in the apology.
First off, 株式会社アートバンク does not refer to http://www.artbank.co.jp/stockillust/.
It is, from what I can gather, one of those outsourced monkey firms for a rather famous company.
That's right, the real source of the takedown notices was from Johnny & Associates.
That's right, Tohgeki was taken down for using pirated SMAP music.
Ok no really, the vids targetted were because of one Jun Matsumoto, whose nickname gets shortened to 松潤.
Obviously he did not want his terrible Yuyuko play to be shown online and so he filed the...well no, obviously the monkey firm just googled the shit out of 松潤 and mass filed takedowns on every damn video that matched.
Spray and pray.
So anyway, my vids are restored, and I learned that to get a video taken down on youtube as a company all you have to do is google tags and fire off a notice.


Right now at number four on niconico is a compilation of all these Boss coffee commercials with Tommy Lee Jones looking completely befuddled.
In all seriousness I am befuddled too as to why they have Tommy Lee Jones.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real World Disconnect.

I never really understood how you could have casual players of the bishoujo/eroge genre because of the obvious pandering along with the target audience...
Sometimes it can happen though.

(12:49:57 PM) HengzhiZhong: :(
(12:51:41 PM) sibladeko: =/
(12:51:57 PM) HengzhiZhong: i stayed up the nite to play games
(12:52:02 PM) HengzhiZhong: now i feel crappy
(12:52:04 PM) sibladeko: why is that bad :V
(12:52:04 PM) sibladeko: oh
(12:52:06 PM) sibladeko: =/
(12:52:13 PM) HengzhiZhong: and my right arm hurts
(12:52:14 PM) sibladeko: headache pills :V
(12:52:16 PM) sibladeko: what games
(12:52:30 PM) HengzhiZhong: i don't know what they are called
(12:52:41 PM) HengzhiZhong: but basically the player acts as a parent
(12:52:46 PM) HengzhiZhong: and raise a child for 8 years
(12:53:05 PM) HengzhiZhong: then after 8 years, depending on the points, the child has certain endings
(12:53:25 PM) sibladeko: ...computer game?
(12:53:28 PM) HengzhiZhong: yeah
(12:53:33 PM) HengzhiZhong: i have tons of games in that genre
(12:53:46 PM) HengzhiZhong: it's like the sims
(12:53:47 PM) sibladeko: why do you have this
(12:53:51 PM) sibladeko: is it anime styled?
(12:53:55 PM) HengzhiZhong: yeah
(12:54:03 PM) HengzhiZhong: i have them since i was a kid
(12:54:05 PM) sibladeko: is your child a boy or a girl
(12:54:08 PM) HengzhiZhong: it was one of the first games
(12:54:11 PM) HengzhiZhong: girl
(12:54:18 PM) sibladeko: ...
(12:54:21 PM) sibladeko: princess maker?
(12:54:25 PM) HengzhiZhong: yes!
(12:54:26 PM) sibladeko: why do you have this game.
(12:54:32 PM) HengzhiZhong: why not?
(12:54:41 PM) sibladeko: It's rare as hell for one thing.
(12:54:52 PM) HengzhiZhong: yeah
(12:54:55 PM) HengzhiZhong: it's very hard to find
(12:55:07 PM) HengzhiZhong: but i started playing before i play street fighter
(12:55:12 PM) HengzhiZhong: omg, before loderunner
(12:55:22 PM) HengzhiZhong: it's one of the first comp games i played
(12:55:40 PM) HengzhiZhong: the cheats are so hard to find
(12:56:10 PM) HengzhiZhong: how do you know this game?
(12:56:23 PM) sibladeko: cult status
(12:56:28 PM) HengzhiZhong: it's a cult game?
(12:56:30 PM) HengzhiZhong: eh?
(12:56:35 PM) sibladeko: as in it's a game with cult status
(12:56:39 PM) HengzhiZhong: you know, i couldn't get my hands on version 4...
(12:56:45 PM) HengzhiZhong: how come?
(12:56:46 PM) sibladeko: you're also looking at someone pretty well versed in obscure jp crap
(12:56:50 PM) HengzhiZhong: i think it's a classic tho
(12:57:00 PM) HengzhiZhong: at least i like it
(12:57:14 PM) sibladeko: princess maker 2 right?
(12:57:18 PM) HengzhiZhong: yeah
(12:57:20 PM) HengzhiZhong: i like 2
(12:57:23 PM) HengzhiZhong: i don't like 1
(12:57:29 PM) sibladeko: It's sort of just weird cause most people who have the game i'da ssume are sort of otaku wackos or some such XD
(12:57:37 PM) HengzhiZhong: why?
(12:57:43 PM) HengzhiZhong: my uncle bought me this game
(12:57:51 PM) sibladeko: cause it's an anime styled child raising sim that's almost unheard of stateside
(12:57:52 PM) HengzhiZhong: he also bought me lots of porn games... -_-
(12:57:54 PM) sibladeko: ...
(12:58:01 PM) sibladeko: :V
(12:58:04 PM) HengzhiZhong: i don't have a molesty uncle, just a porn game uncle
(12:58:10 PM) sibladeko: V:
(12:58:12 PM) sibladeko: :V
(12:58:17 PM) HengzhiZhong: well... i don't know
(12:58:27 PM) sibladeko: your uncle is otaku wacko
(12:58:33 PM) HengzhiZhong: 3 years ago when i went back to china, i told him to find me some good comp games for girls to play
(12:58:35 PM) HengzhiZhong: i said GIRLS!
(12:58:39 PM) HengzhiZhong: he again bought me porn games
(12:58:42 PM) HengzhiZhong: i am like... okie...
(12:58:50 PM) sibladeko: lmao maybe because they had girls on the front
(12:58:59 PM) HengzhiZhong: so i went to game stores myself
(12:59:03 PM) HengzhiZhong: and asked that question
(12:59:08 PM) HengzhiZhong: the sales person gave me porn games too
(12:59:09 PM) HengzhiZhong: -_-
(12:59:13 PM) sibladeko: AHAHAHAHA
(12:59:20 PM) HengzhiZhong: i was like... dude...
(12:59:24 PM) HengzhiZhong: i said games for girls to play
(12:59:32 PM) HengzhiZhong: not games with girls to play!
(12:59:41 PM) sibladeko: now i am totally curious about what games you own
(12:59:45 PM) sibladeko: :V
(12:59:46 PM) HengzhiZhong: princess maker!
(12:59:50 PM) sibladeko: besides that one lol
(12:59:50 PM) HengzhiZhong: girl wrestling
(12:59:54 PM) HengzhiZhong: i actually like that one too
(12:59:55 PM) HengzhiZhong: -_-
(1:00:08 PM) HengzhiZhong: they are probably made at the same period
(1:00:15 PM) HengzhiZhong: guy chasing after girls games
(1:00:28 PM) HengzhiZhong: i never got anyone except my own sister in those games... -_-
(1:00:36 PM) HengzhiZhong: you know those games, right?
(1:00:41 PM) sibladeko: oh god i'm dying of laughter
(1:00:43 PM) sibladeko: yes i do
(1:00:48 PM) sibladeko: ahahhhhhhhaha
(1:00:53 PM) HengzhiZhong: i never ever got anyone except my own freaking sister
(1:00:55 PM) HengzhiZhong: arrrgh

DreamWorks to make 3D Ghost in the Shell

Probably old on the internets, but it took me by surprise.

Just as planned?

I wonder if the report of arrests was just more smoke cover.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Eirin! Eirin!

Testing the youtube high quality fmt settings along with embed.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Death by blogging?

This article, even with the mention of death and disease and injury, made me laugh more than anything.
I think the line "I have a background in getting punched in the face, so I'm good for this job," was the killer.