Monday, July 15, 2013

Microaggressive lying?

I'm in the not-so-unique situation where there is someone in one of my online communities who has been lying for five plus years or so and is more or less allowed to remain on the network because of the whims of the owner (AKA: he finds it hilarious/doesn't care.)
This wouldn't be the first person, or the last person, that I have had to deal with with this kind of "illness" but lately the amount of little lies has become truly staggering.
Generally in these cases, if there is one big lie (gender usually), I'm willing to ignore it if the person does not go out of their way to remind me of their "gender identity" constantly and does not actively detract from the community.

But constant multiple harmless little lies is a new thing that I am not used to.
Barring the obvious big one (their gender, of course), they just constantly and casually compulsively lie about every little detail of their life and their so-called accomplishments, it's like I am reading the most regularly updated blog of completely mundane gaming-related falsehoods.
This can include but is not limited to:
Changing "friend" to "BF" in subsequent sentences.
Claiming extraordinary luck in games. (I got x drop x times and forgot and sold them all)
Claiming extraordinary skill in games. (I beat x mode on my first try within x hours)
Claiming to be part of the competitive scenes in games. (I'm going to x tournament for x)
Claiming to attend tournaments for competitive games. (I'm in Japan for x tournament)
Claiming to place in tournaments for competitive games. (I should be able to place in top x)
etc. etc. etc.

None of these lies detract from the community or really hurt anybody, the person himself is a mixed grab bag that honestly adds more value to the community than subtracts, at least objectively.
But I am absolutely going insane with each little casual lie this person just lets slip out in chat and in game, seemingly for no purpose other then to proclaim "I totally have/did this kind of life."
It's becoming maddening and I think I'm going to snap soon if I don't say anything.