Sunday, June 27, 2004


Well today I got to drive my brother to Vassar College so he can attend his last year of SIG, aka Summer Institute for the Gifted. I ALSO got to carry all his stuff as he waited in the crazy long registration line. It's really funny that I'm probably older than some of his counselors/RAs. I sure as hell don't look it. Oh yeah they finally redesigned the fucking t-shirts. Bout TIME, my god they were still using the design I had TWELVE years ago. Twelve years, third grade in elementary. Also Keshine brought his cello. HE NEVER plays his cello at home, why the hell would he bring it there?

Anyway that's not what I was thinking about though. I was thinking about what Keshine is going to do AFTER his third year at SIG. He's going to CTY (Center for Twisted Youth) at Saratoga Springs. Now THAT gets me thinking. CTY was like paradise, and the wealth of my summers were spent there. I have lots of fond memories of the place. Keshine's growing up, is all I can say. I should apply to be an RA next year.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Well I am now a licensed New York State driver. Go me. My right turns are too wide, and the trunk wasn't closed securely. But besides that, no problems.

I think Peter might have started noticing my attempts to short hop...I started neutral airing/forward airing really close to the ground all over the place with Marth against his Shiek and it was covering my back a bit also (hit him quite a bit). Plus it's good to edge guard/smash away. I still stick to standing smash against Keshine, cause he's a noob who only uses up+b with Link.

Oh yes, For you Metal Gear Solid players

Sunday, June 20, 2004


So today on our weekly drive of happy fun to the Newburgh testing site I was doing the normal laps when WHAM a bird hit my half open driver's side window and dropped into my lap. I started freaking out considerably as it was alive and blinking it's eyes at me in my lap when my dad reached over and picked it up by a wing and tossed it outside HIS window. Now I feel sort of guilty not putting him gently outside, I think he might have hit the sidewalk.

Oh right my mom finally had had enough of my downstairs computing and finally ranted for like a good half hour during my Halo scrim on how on how "Anyone who plays as much games as I do online must be a bad person." etc, etc. Which is really weird cause there are LOTS of people who play more than me. The good thing to come out of this is she snapped and bought me a desktop wireless card. Cept that wireless SUCKS horribly for games. So the solution? Put the wireless in KESHINE'S pc instead of mine and just move the modem upstairs. That boy needs to learn electronics sometime, he kept whining to me on how the driver software didn't work. I pointed out that the OS was winxp and the instructions explicitly state that you have to install the card first before the software. He then whined about how none of the slots fit. When I pointed to the PCIS he whined he couldn't get the metal clamp off. After I pointed to the screw he whined that he couldn't get it in. One of these days I'm going to buy BOTH Kenny and Keshine computers except they'll be completely parts and they'll have to figure out wtf to do by themselves. I swear both of them equally electronically ignorant.

Friday, June 11, 2004


Well today was SUPPOSED to be the day of my road test but guess what? The test is postponed by TWO FUCKING WEEKS cause Reagan's funeral! Who the hell repeatedly checks the motor vehicles website for this shit? Not me...godamn it and my dad took a half day too from his crazy stressful hour away job just to sit in the passenger seat all the way to Newburgh when upon reaching we find a little taped on sign to the road test sign saying "blah blah POSTPONED SUCKERS! blah blah." Bah, right now I'm angry and it might sound ridiculously callous but couldn't he have waited say...a week to die? All those hours wasted driving around and now we get two more weeks of torture waiting and MORE driving around to Newburgh. Bastardness.

On a completely unrelated note SATSUKI is insane. I think I found the character I'm going to play in Melty Blood Re:ACT, cause easy chained supers into chained throw equaling 75% damage = love.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Guppy > Minnow > Fish > Flying Fish > Shark

Ok so I knew my sleep schedule was trash and the entire night yesterday was spent listening to my mom make wild accusations while I had music and headphones on so I decided to attempt to sleep "early." Two nights ago I tried to sleep at midnight and laid in bed for two and a half hours doing nothing. Yesterday I tried to sleep at 2:00 am and...laid in bed for even longer doing nothing. I distinctly remember Keshine waking up in the morning and going downstairs for "you tiao", this Chinese sort of bread that you fry. Yet somehow it all worked out.

I managed to wake up at 11:00am, ate lunch, and went swimming with my dad and Keshine at 12:00pm. God I am so weak...swimming was something I used to enjoy and still enjoy, but I had trouble doing lots of was sort of sad. They've like graffittied the YMCA and now the hallways are painted in this ridiculous faux spray paint of skyscrapers. Still it was hilarious watching these three girls, Keshine and my dad all really suck at diving. I mean REALLY suck. Keshine sort of slid in without the arch (it works I guess since he's short), but like the girls and daddy jumped in without straightening their legs. It was really stupid looking. I don't know how I looked, but I sort of felt that my diving owned theirs. I got to swim more often...if only I had a swimsuit in JHU.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


I think I managed to trick a poor internet shopping company into sending me three webcameras for the price of one. One is probably in the hands of hobos, one I think is at the apartment in Baltimore that my stupid brother refuses to touch, and the last one is right here, in my hands.

Yay persistence.

Anyway, of course the very first thing I did, after failing to install the software properly because the demoshield installer didn't work at all for some mysterious reason, was use like the bare bones amcap and point the camera at the screen. Of course that's the first thing I'd do...what you'd point it at yourself? Pffft.

Anyway here's the shot of the craziness:

I also took a way blurry pic that will suffice until I take clean pictures, i.e. never i.e. this blurry pic will be on the net until 2099. Can you say "not photogenic."

Anyway more calls, more wait fool we'll call you tomorrow/next week/never. Bah I'm so unprepared for the job market.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Doko miteru no?

Well, Melty Blood Re:Act is interesting, to say the least. It's funny how I only knew of the bread and butter infinite in the original game by reading a guide of the sequel. Anyway we got six new characters, two or so that I haven't even seen (Neko-Arc, Executioner Ciel). The other four are Ren, White Ren, Aoko Aozaki, and Satsuki. I've been playing on easy so I don't really get to see the crazy moves some of these people have (like Aoko), but Satsuki is really easy to combo. Ren/White Ren, on the other hand, is NOT easy to combo. Hell her standing C isn't bufferable at all. Evidentally Neko-Arc is god, but that's sort of hard to imagine cause Neko-Arc is a little shrimp Arc with cat ears. Executioner Ciel is always without the nun habit, her 7 scriptures is always out and she has perma hyper armor.

Anyway at least they toned the crazy Chinese martial artist shrimp girl down. My god half a super meter for 80% damage that's unblockable in the air = no. Also I am warming to Ren/Satsuki. Satsuki is MUCH easier to use, and hits very VERY hard, Ren seems to have more finesse. I'll post more pictures of the game but for now you'll have to look at lots of Ren:

Edit: Agh large images rape this tepmlate like a Japanese school girl, I'll just post links.
Akiha reversed vs White Ren
Ren drops the cake on j00!
Ren's blood heat super vs white ren...think instant hell murder after she changes into her nightie =D