Monday, September 29, 2008

Plushie it easy

Completely surprising (not), Yukkuri Plushies.
Warning, rest of site probably NSFW

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Late to the party

This game is already out.
Why is it for the PS3?
No clue, Sony throwing money hoping to force people to buy their console (hint: not working.)
But cool beans nontheless.
Misha in a swimsuit is unfair.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Check 1:50.
You see that?
He gets a 4 way mixup off his fucking ground throw!
Ahhhhhhh christ.
Tohno's become another 7ya too, when did he have fucking ridiculous rebeat stagger traps all day?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gyakuten Saiban er Phoenix Wright musical.

Via Zepy.
Long story short, Phoenix Wright musical.
All female troupe.

So yeah, they're actually using the English name for Naruhodo.
Got me why.
Or something.

The musical will be performed between 5th February 2009 to 15th February 2009 in the Takarazuka Bow Hall and from 24th February 2009 to 2nd March 2009 in Tokyo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melty Blood: Silly Kicks

Seriously, it should be named Silly Kick edition.
Nanaya's got ballerina legs.
Tohno's got spinzaku.
Warc's got this weird mid soccer kick.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9000+ hours of MBAA footage

Joybox of course, uploading hours and hours of MBAA footage.
Half moon sounded like a gimpy ass groove but it's proven quite powerful, you can still rebeat, a lot of the new moves/normals are very good and that auto heat/burst isn't as terrible as one would think.
Regen is insanely fast.

One of many

Half moon Sion and Half moon Akiha feel very strong.
Ries is boring as hell overall, but good normals makes her dangerous.
Warc looks fantastic, I can't wait to use her.
Nanaya has a clone ex DP in half moon that appears FULL SCREEN.
As in he can do it in response to Hisui pots and hit her in the back.
H Nanaya has really funny ballerina legs.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Apparently Strike Witches DVDs are outselling everything else.

Something irks me when people can drop Shuffle! before the serious arcs where it gets quite good (best eroge anime adaptation ever) yet proclaim the godliness of Strike Witches.
Where is all that trademark Gonzo hate you clowns!?

AMS Amusement Machine Show

Tons of shit here, but the ones that I particularly care about are:


Why do you look so fucking BEAUTIFUL!?


But yes, godamn, I might be obligated to buy the board now.
I mean come on it's fucking Otome Crisis!
Poor Monster, your load times look really long and you still look awful bleah :V

Oh right, and tons of MBAA blah blah blah.
You've seen it already I hope but I guess I'll put the youtube link up also.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MBAA Riesbyfe's bad? ending.

Anyway, Osiris is Sion, or more like what a fully vampirized Sion would be.
Bad end!
Ries kills Sion!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arcana Heart 2 SUGOI! Footage

Loli croquet's range is sort of crazy.
I like how cape girl moves...but the player didn't know what to do.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Sega's put up some new matches on youtube.
Everyone seems to suck, it feels like they are CPUs, except maybe the Sion.
Lots of interesting things to see, including the fact that Roa is a crazy Blanka beast that throws lightning bolts.

Sion Full Moon vs Aoko Full Moon

Sion is cheating by playing seriously. Seems to do less damage (thank god). Aoko somehow got a flash kick and an magic arm sword, along with a real projectile.

Mecha Hisui Half Moon vs Vakiha Full Moon

Mecha has gradius ships and summons!?!? (They can be hit.) Dhalsim-like go-go gadget arms. Vakiha full gets 3 pits at once, a move that looks like Unknown's j2c from EFZ, aerial flame waves

Warcueid Half Moon vs Shiki Tohno Half Moon

Warc sounds less crazy, more cool arrogant. Has rings, has reppuken! Has...weird pose where she crosses her arms and her eyes glow (eye beams?) Her teleport is an attack now, CHed Tohno out of 2a, looks pretty cool. She looks pretty nice actually, the reppuken really helps full screen. Oh, and they kept j2c's charismatic sound effect. Shiki looks Shiki. "HAH. HAH. HAH" etc. Didn't see much from him.

White Len Half Moon vs ROA Half Moon

White Len's air dash seems better, she's stolen some of Len's normals. LOL at the invisibility nonsense. ROA looks like a beast. He looks like Blanka cept he chucks lightning bolts. And wait WTF HE HAS EX HALO/HIERO/7TH HEAVEN/FUCK THAT SUPER. Oh shit! Roa looks crazy yeah.

Satsuki Full vs Ciel Full

Satsuki voice more subdued (thank god) Very weird now, all those hopping grabs and what she has a kick? I don't know what to think she looks really weird and somewhat trickier. Ciel still has clash on dash like the bitch she is. El oh el at those boxing punches now. CH time on black key is LONG.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Team Fortress 2 has officially replaced Halo PC for me

I haven't really posted much on this game but, I can safely say it's replaced the lulz that is Halo PC as my drug of choice.
Admittedly, I must have played more hours of Halo PC than any other game to date.
Shameful truth.
Because it was my "relax" game, even if it is as I have repeatedly said, "A terrible port of a mediocre game."
Any time I wasn't playing a specific game, I would end up playing Halo PC, get something like a 50:10 score for hours on end, then call it a day like 8 hours later (NEET life back in the days etc.)
The game is literally inaccessible to 90% of normal shooter people because of how its terrible netcode handled lag; if someone lagged more, you had to shoot the air further ahead of him if he was moving.
And I mean you had to shoot quite FAR, this isn't mere leading this is like psychic powers.
Combine this with a 3 shot kill pistol and you could waste scores of clowns shooting directly AT you while getting out alive.
Forget it at point blank range, to melee someone in front of your face strafing right you'd have to turn right 90 degrees and punch the air.
Anyway, since I've always been sort of good shooting in front of people rather than AT them, the game was quite easy to me and basically my fallback on game when I was bored, depressed, annoyed, or any other mood that required killing an entire team over and over inside their base to fix.
It's nice to finally let it go.

TF2 is a different beast.
The guns that have leading make sense to have lead, you can't really take on an entire team or even two-three people by yourself unless by some special/freak circumstances or you're playing pure noobs.

Something I've fast discovered...
The game really is about teamwork.
In Halo PC, pubs tended to be decided by which team had more good pistolers.
1v2? Your team was doomed. 2v3? Your team was still doomed.
This didn't really change in competitive; cept it was pistolers/snipers now (good snipers in pubs were generally good pistolers, only in competitive would a distinction even exist).
Your flag carrier was always usually the guy who wasn't that great with lag (lol) or anyone adlibbing the role.
I can only think of one rare case where we faced an almost overwhelmingly better skilled team and used pure flag capture gimmicks er teamwork to win.
(versus NoOne on Ice Fields, basically someone got through their complete blockade of our base exits and waited about 90% of the match inside their own base until we finally took them down from their spawn camping positions and then he ran in and out and ninja capped.)
But it almost didn't matter what the rest of a public team did in CTF/Assault, the side with more pistolers would win.
This is completely not true in TF2.
You can have a team of all highly skilled individuals and lose.
Your entire team can collectively trounce the opposing team's scores and you can still lose on an even map (let's not mention the campofests Goldrush, Dustbowl and Badwater Basin, in descending order of annoyingness).
Can one person make a difference?
Yeah, but only if your team lets you.
I main medic, probably the easiest class ever, and generally I do well...but I only do as well as my team can be.
I enjoy playing TF2 a lot more than Halo PC, but I also rage a lot more than Halo PC, because inevitably I end up on the losing team, and feel it's COMPLETELY NOT MY FAULT.
There was no team to worry about in Halo PC, a single player could literally break an entire team over his knee like a bunch of sticks.

In casual, you can really screw up a lot of shitty players with medic...pyros who don't know when to back off, other medics who suck at getting the arc of the needle fire down (slightly down and to the right!) or overly depend on bonesaw, scouts who just strafe fire without jumping or moving in and out of your distance, engineers away from their sentries who can't aim, spies once they are discovered.

In competitive, the biggest difference is scouts.
You're not going to kill them.
If you do they shouldn't be playing scout.
Getting scouted as a medic is probably one of the most frustrating things about this game in competitive play, and easily the path to rage.
I get very angry at my team when I get killed by scouts because of non-watchful teammates.
I get very angry at my team when I get killed by scouts when it's my own damn fault for battle medicing.
Either way in pubs I usually just rage switch and go soldier or scout myself.
In competitive I rarely have the option to switch from the "sitting duck" class.
Until last match.
For the first time ever Skro (team captain) volunteered to switch the roles of soldier and medic with me on Granary.
Pickie was too busy playing Tales of Vesperia, the fag, so yes we were running scoutless on granary.
Somehow it worked.
I'll have a video up soon cause I found it sort of amusing.