Friday, September 12, 2008


Sega's put up some new matches on youtube.
Everyone seems to suck, it feels like they are CPUs, except maybe the Sion.
Lots of interesting things to see, including the fact that Roa is a crazy Blanka beast that throws lightning bolts.

Sion Full Moon vs Aoko Full Moon

Sion is cheating by playing seriously. Seems to do less damage (thank god). Aoko somehow got a flash kick and an magic arm sword, along with a real projectile.

Mecha Hisui Half Moon vs Vakiha Full Moon

Mecha has gradius ships and summons!?!? (They can be hit.) Dhalsim-like go-go gadget arms. Vakiha full gets 3 pits at once, a move that looks like Unknown's j2c from EFZ, aerial flame waves

Warcueid Half Moon vs Shiki Tohno Half Moon

Warc sounds less crazy, more cool arrogant. Has rings, has reppuken! Has...weird pose where she crosses her arms and her eyes glow (eye beams?) Her teleport is an attack now, CHed Tohno out of 2a, looks pretty cool. She looks pretty nice actually, the reppuken really helps full screen. Oh, and they kept j2c's charismatic sound effect. Shiki looks Shiki. "HAH. HAH. HAH" etc. Didn't see much from him.

White Len Half Moon vs ROA Half Moon

White Len's air dash seems better, she's stolen some of Len's normals. LOL at the invisibility nonsense. ROA looks like a beast. He looks like Blanka cept he chucks lightning bolts. And wait WTF HE HAS EX HALO/HIERO/7TH HEAVEN/FUCK THAT SUPER. Oh shit! Roa looks crazy yeah.

Satsuki Full vs Ciel Full

Satsuki voice more subdued (thank god) Very weird now, all those hopping grabs and what she has a kick? I don't know what to think she looks really weird and somewhat trickier. Ciel still has clash on dash like the bitch she is. El oh el at those boxing punches now. CH time on black key is LONG.

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