Monday, September 22, 2008

9000+ hours of MBAA footage

Joybox of course, uploading hours and hours of MBAA footage.
Half moon sounded like a gimpy ass groove but it's proven quite powerful, you can still rebeat, a lot of the new moves/normals are very good and that auto heat/burst isn't as terrible as one would think.
Regen is insanely fast.

One of many

Half moon Sion and Half moon Akiha feel very strong.
Ries is boring as hell overall, but good normals makes her dangerous.
Warc looks fantastic, I can't wait to use her.
Nanaya has a clone ex DP in half moon that appears FULL SCREEN.
As in he can do it in response to Hisui pots and hit her in the back.
H Nanaya has really funny ballerina legs.

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