Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How do you prove photography to a blind man?

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Sp00ky's sausagefest report

Stayed 21-25th.
Really fun.
I think I might "get serious" at Melty Blood, but I'd need a stick first, the pad is completely destroying my hands.
Bellreisa was almost exactly the same offline, which is good and bad haha.
Saw that clown Buri and Sp00ky again, met Zaelar, XAQ, Saiyid, Tinshi, Chibi and Arturo (who came at the very end after cleaning up the Arcana Hearts ranbat at Chinatown Fair).
Dippy COMPLETELY emoed out Thursday; he left the next day.

About Melty Blood, if I meet someone with a faster better air normal (Ren) than Warc's jB, I lose 90% of my game.
As such how badly I lost depended on their character.
(Notice I didn't say how I did, I pretty much lost to everyone there for free)
My highlight was a random bara 236C off of Saiyid's Akiha 2A (lolpadhax)
I was in IaMP mode a lot, trying to jump out of blockstrings and not blocking low (which you really should in MBAC).
That and I loved superjump jB like an only child.
Saiyid is really really strong.
He plays too many secondaries at a decently high level that can kill you for free, and then when he plays Aoko it's worse.
I managed to lose to his Miyako, Akiha, Nero, Satsuki, Hisui, Tohno, Nanaya, Aoko...ok yeah uh hell if I remember all of them.
Sp00ky got more perfects on me than anyone else, I really don't know what to do against him, so aggressive.
Zaeler's Ciel doesn't do stupid crap now, but he still loves the ex hiero just a little too much.
Bell's Ren is decent, but it's still Ren.
Still, freaking jA beats out jB, so I'm left with not many noob-friendly tactics to do.
Tinshi's rather screwy when drunk, his Shiki is crazy "rush that shit down," ignoring orbs (at his own peril) like mad.
Chibi's Hisui is solid, I had a lot of trouble figuring it out, but Saiyid's is better (freaking Saiyid).
XAQ's Arc is ANNOYING, freaking charge 5B is DEFINITELY definitely faster than Warcs, that blockstring basically forces you to always block high on wake up against him.
I never fought his M. Hisui.
Buri plays MBAC like I play MBAC, which is to say, not much.
His Miyako was lols; I could trade games with him cause we both sucked.

IaMP was still rape.
Bell really really doesn't like that Alice vs Suika match though, he'd switch to Yuyuko just to equal out the lame factor.
Buri would still get peaced out lol.
Dorks (aka chibi tinshi and saiyid zaeler) played way too much Ranma, that game is SLOW, but still hilarious in a party situation where Genma randomly wins with a panda slide.
I'm surprised to learn that Chibi and Zaelar still use pads, though Chibi can use stick.

Anyway, we ate free food (86 noodles/Papa Johns) and slept for free (though very cramped, 750 for an apartment like twice the size of my room, geez NYC) and it was a pretty awesome experience all around.

Oh right, Chinatown Fair is CRAMPED and there's no place to sit but the racing games.
The current NYC Arcana hearts scene is like 5 Kamuis, 1 Kira, and 1 Meifang.
Kamui mirrors galore.
I didn't get to touch the machine because of the ranbat going on, maybe next time.
Need to at least lose with Lilica once.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Super Mario Kart What?

And you thought the 64 version was breakable.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


El oh el.
Just what we need, more Saiyans.
Xerain: wow, that's goign to be the most boring MMO ever
Xerain: will take FOREVER for anything to die
Xerain: since you'll have to sit there and stare at it for like an hour first

Friday, March 16, 2007


A little background.
Some doujin artist in Japan made a little series of comics with Tsuruya from Haruhi, except they messed up her name on purpose as "Churuya," and had her doing all these stupid things (related to smoked cheese?) that ended with the line "Nyoro~n."
Tsuruya NEVER says "Nyoro~n" in Haruhi.
Anyway, it became a stupidly huge internet meme, both in Japan and the USA (parodies are everywhere, melonbook's new mascot says "Mero~n")

This kid killed himself and wanted Churuya at his funeral it seems.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little Big Planet

GDC stands for the Game Developer's Conference, for those of you who don't know.
To put it bluntly, it looks drop dead gorgeous.
A gigantic leap in the right direction from Sony.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Unit 731

Sometimes you stumble upon weird things while looking for completely unrelated subjects.
In my case, while reading about the latest Visual Novel news I came across a reference to "Unit 731"; a simple analogy would be Nazi Germany:SS, WW2 Japan: Unit 731.
The entire article was really disturbing and fascinating at the same time...an example would be the testing of grenades on prisoners (distance/trajectory/radius of explosion) or lab-bred plague infest flea drops on Chinese civilians.

The thing that really pisses me off is the comparative punishments these "doctors" received compared to say their Nazi counterparts, most negotiated deals with the USA for amnesty in exchange for their information and went on to be come members of government.
The most punishment reported was 25 years to a work camp by a Soviet court that was conducting their own investigation (heck even the Soviets were lenient.)

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Learn something today!
Even if it's about a special class of social deviants!