Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tohgeki Reloaded

Finally getting around to uploading the entire tournament.
Geez this is a lot of footage.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Owari no Chronicle

I'm fucking AVANT GARDE here.
This shit's going to be an anime in under four years I guarantee it.

I'm always sort of hard-pressed to explain what a "MAD" is, as it's usually not exactly in the genre of the USA's AMV (Anime music video)...it's more like they take the damndest comic-related shit and make parody openings/trailers/story sequences and crap from stuff that is usually not animated yet.

Owari no Chronicle is not even a manga, it's a lite novel, i.e. novel with illustrations, i.e. same vein as Haruhi or Shakugan no Shana.
What the creator of this MAD has done is taken about 50? or so still shots and turned it into a trailer.
Hell it doesn't even have a manga yet, much less an anime, so he's working on very little material.

Another example involving animated series would be taking lots of sequences of say a Magical Girl series and reconstructing a completely fake opening that mirrors a Gundam opening.

First level of Super Mario Brothers 3 done in legos

6billion people * time = somewhen, somewhere, someone's going to make frame by frame stills of Super Mario Brothers in Legos.

The Slimming Camera

myspace rejoices

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Freedom to wa?

Link aggregation time.

Project Main Page
Everone loves Engrish descriptions (better than nothing)

I admit, the Nisshin cup noodles tie-ins are hilarious.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yeah, furry mmo?
I only use that half jokingly.
Basically everything's a "bull, bunny, dragon, sheep, lion, fox, raccoon, cat."
Those are the classes.
It's like a non shitty RO so far, though I'm already playing less than usual because no second jobs yet and no Phantom School.
That's not to say first job is limited as say...RO's first job, not even close, you can do a LOT of crap in first job.
Just the only way to level TM (Job exp) decent is do quests, and if you overlevel past the quest's range...well bye bye TM quest.
And the best ones are in...Phantom school, which is not out yet.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Blimey! I'm dead! ;-;

Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, has passed away.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

GG: Accent Core Current Revisions

Let's rape PageRank with blog links!

1000 cars

The music's sort of shitty, but the vid is =O


        /  / /    |    /|   /:::/:.:.:.:.:.:.:|::::::   
       /  〃 i     .::|   /:.:.|  |::l::|:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:|::::::
      ,゙  /|   |   .:::|. \|:.:.:.:|   |::l::|/:.:.:.:.:.:j/::   
      ! ,' !  ::|    ::::|!. ,ィ|≧ゝl、_.;|::ィ|/_:._/ィllヘ         
      l ,' │ ::|:..  ::::|く/ {ひlll|::|ヾ|:.N:.::´〃ひlllリ::   
      ヾ  '、  |\  ::::|:.\\こソ:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:、、\こソ  嘘だっ!!
           '、 :|  \ :::\:.:._,、__彡 _' -─ 、`゙ー=        
           ヾ、/.::>:、:;ヽ、__  /ーァ''"´ ̄ ヽ         
           / .::::::::::::::::ヘ ̄   {|::/       }    
            /...::::::::::::::::::::::::::\  V      j}  

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Japanese in Taiwan :V

<ikusat> goddamn fucking taiwan tv
<ikusat> they're like japanese fanboys
<sibladeko> I thought everyone knew Taiwanese were more wannabe Japanese than anyone else :V
<ikusat> well
<ikusat> lots of americans are pretty wannabe
<ikusat> see: shrimemaiden probably
<ikusat> but ugh, tv has all these people trying to speak japanese, and doing it badly
<sibladeko> I'm not exactly sure that's wannabe-ism. More like home-grown gayness with a JP flag planted in the field.
<ikusat> for some reason no one here can pronounce stuff like ta, ka, and stuff
<sibladeko> TW though is yeah...
<sibladeko> ahahaha.
<ikusat> like if you're looking at the hiragana, you gotta add the quote things
<ikusat> so that becomes da, ga
<ikusat> so just like american fanboys, taiwanese people like to use baka
<ikusat> but it comes out as baga
<sibladeko> it's all bopomofo's fault
<sibladeko> lulz
<ikusat> no, it's not
<ikusat> there are equivalent sounds in chinese too
<ikusat> there's a sound for ta, ka etc
<ikusat> there's almost nothing you can't pronounce in japanese using chinese sounds
<ikusat> but they always do the vocalized? form of it
<ikusat> so the latest commercial is a girl saying over and over again
<ikusat> itadakimasu
<ikusat> but due to her being taiwanese it's
<ikusat> idadagimasu
<Kilvear> =V
<sibladeko> :V
<sibladeko> that's rather...
<Kilvear> why i wished i didn't know that
<sibladeko> that's really weird, considering there ARE equivalent sounds all over the place (TA DE PINGYING HEN CA) and shit :V
<ikusat> right
<ikusat> that's why i don't understand why this happens
<ikusat> they like using an english word that japanese people stole
<ikusat> so japanese take match and turn it into macchi
<ikusat> fair enough right?
<ikusat> oh taiwanese go oh look japanese wordd
<ikusat> and it's now maji
<ikusat> and they're like maji! maji!
<sibladeko> :V
<ikusat> and i'm like sure, i'm serious? what
<Kilvear> omg
<Kilvear> please stop
<ikusat> the pain will never stop
<Kilvear> you are killing me here.
<ikusat> it annoys me to no end
<Kilvear> STOP!!
<ikusat> and they always mix in the japanese words with the chinese ones
<ikusat> like
<ikusat> hong dou bing bang ijiban sugi!!!
<ikusat> then they have a dub of denpa otoko or something?
<sibladeko> ...
<sibladeko> oh ffs
<sibladeko> that's horrid. :V
<ikusat> it sounds worse than it looks
<sibladeko> you'd think since they were occupied they'd speak it better
<ikusat> i don't understand why they pronounce it wrong though
<ikusat> just no reason to
<sibladeko> intentional localization mixed with ignorance maybe?
<sibladeko> like let's make it ours!
<sibladeko> or something :V
<ikusat> yeah but
<ikusat> i just don't see why it happens
<ikusat> the sounds are obviously different
<ikusat> but they ignore that for some reason
<Kilvear> wtf is KIDA!?
<ikusat> kita
<ikusat> the whole kita-----------( ' v ' )----------!!! thing
<Kilvear> iku you got to stop
<ikusat> can't actually type it because lol trillian
<Kilvear> http://shanachan.konosutekinabasho.net/cosplay/src/1152697940285.jpg
<Kilvear> this is KITA!
<ikusat> if you go to taiwan
<ikusat> make sure to add " everywhere
<ikusat> otherwise they won't understand you
<Kilvear> add what?
<ikusat> whatever turns ta to da
<ikusat> and so on
<ikusat> doujida? aaa??? gorrrra
<sibladeko> idadagimasu i tried saying that and it just wouldn't come out that way
<ikusat> i can say it because i don't actually speak japanese
<Kilvear> =V
<ikusat> but i know it's wrong
* Kilvear bangs his head against the wall
<ikusat> dadaima! ogaeri