Friday, December 24, 2004

Passing on...

Wow some repeat posting here about WoW, I guess I really don't have track of the time I spend on that game.
Anyway, my old computer has finally given up.
It's laying down in the middle of the road and waiting to die.
I ordered a whole bunch of new parts, going to salvage the card and the two hard drives and just copy stuff over then format both of them.

Man I'm sort of excited, even though I had to spend lots of money =/.
But my computer had given up the ghost anyway, it was seriously pushing it.
I'm surprised it didn't explode earlier.

Anyway the new thing should be pretty sweet:
Athlon 3200+
1 gig ram
Some crazy mofo motherboard
Salvaging radeon 9800 (yes yes it was WASTED on my old piece of shit.)
Some funky case which I HOPE TO GOD fits in my suitcase back.
That's basically what's changing, oh right already have a SATA drive.
Wish me luck fools, hopefully I don't own myself again (REMEMBER THE THERMAL GREASE MORON!)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The war on my computer

Well, everytime I turn my pc off, it gets the bright idea to fail spectacularly.
I've saved this pos no less than 10 times by now, and right now I'm working on the 11th.
Seems like ntoskrnl.exe is...guess what, corrupt!
Plus it doesn't fit on a floppy, and the expand function doesn't work in dos mode.
Good job microsoft, I hate you.
I'm also getting slightly behind in World of Warcraft.

All righty, big description of the good ole Wow.
I was originally not going to play this game at ALL.
But good old Brennan bought a copy, and it was DEFECTIVE.
Actually, when I look back, I think it just might be his computer sucking worse than mine (amazing!)
But either way, his good old friend who works at the game store WROTE off the defective copy and got Brennan a new one.
Thing is, defective copy, nondefective CD KEY.
You get the picture.
So that's why I sold my soul to World of Warcraft TWO WEEKS BEFORE FINALS.
I owned myself.
But it's a great game, I'm currently playing a level 46? or 47 NE rogue.
Rogues own, they really got the sneaky thing down.
We excel at assassination missions too, ironically.
We just can't take mobs like those fucking hunters and paladins.
But yes I'll write about the actual rogue class itself later.
Right now I have to figure out how to move a file slightly larger than a floppy onto another computer.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Reading period for finals, and Blizzard released World of Warcraft.
Wasn't going to buy it, cause of the initial cost and I knew the risks.
Roommate buys a copy, it's defective, he gets a new copy.
Still has defective copy's cd-key...

And that's why I haven't written anything or been on aim in the past 2 weeks.
He has doomed me to waste more time and money by giving me something for free.
The irony.

Those of you who are playing it, know how awesome it is, and know how hellish this time is if in college.
Those of you who aren't...get with the program.