Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Tyr

Tyr:Catherine is a 10:0 matchup.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wine Tasting, 80% bullshit.

Interesting conversation in RANDOM channel on Christmas Eve.

[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the restaurant i work at
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best place in the city
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> one of top 10 in the state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best italian food in state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the homemasde pasta omggggggggg
[11:58] <@bellreisa> PASTACHAMP
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> cocoa pappardelle pasta with short rib ragout
[11:58] <Lokanas> What's the name of the place
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> duck confit agnoloti
[11:59] <Forte> how many calories
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> due mari
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 1000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> sounds godly already
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> garganelli pasta with oyster mushrooms, prosciutto, truffle butter sauce
[11:59] <@bellreisa> i'm trying to imagine jiyuna doing the waiter thing
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 10000000000000000000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> trolling as a waiter
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> being a waiter is fun, i troll
[11:59] <@bellreisa> "tonight we have a chef's special of garganelli, oh it is SO s rank"
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> because people dont know shit
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> my number 1 troll = some guy acting like a big smartass about wine
[12:00] <Lokanas> This menu looks fucking godlike
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> so he asks to taste two different wines
[12:00] <@bellreisa> winetasting is lols
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> i go to the bar, get 2 of the same wine, and bring them back
[12:00] <Forte> ROFL
[12:00] <Lokanas> looool
[12:00] <Lokanas> ^5
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> the guy goes on a big rant about how the 2nd wine is so much better
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> etc etc
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> im just laughing in my head
[12:00] <Forte> you shouldve DECANTERED
[12:00] <@bellreisa> i read an article about how it's all a bunch of bullshit and the tasters just make shit up based on preconceived notions and expectations
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> yes bellreisa
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> also open to suggestion
[12:01] <@bellreisa> yeah
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> like 4 of us will sit here and taste wine
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> and ill say "i taste coffee"
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> hey me too!
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> oh yeah me too!
[12:01] <@bellreisa> same wine in cheap bottle vs expensive looking bottle
[12:01] <@bellreisa> first wine = cheap scrub shit
[12:01] <@bellreisa> second = WINECHAMP
[12:01] <Lokanas> There's actually technique to wine tasting properly
[12:01] <Lokanas> But actual taste is like
[12:01] <Lokanas> 20% of the whole deal
[12:02] <Lokanas> Which is why most people can't do it for shit
[12:02] <DaKamui> trying to sophistacted
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> it just pisses me off when people try to look cool
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> and others are too stupid to call them out
[12:02] <Lokanas> Yeah that is kinda dumb
[12:02] <@bellreisa> i read an article yesterday about how they apparently proved hfcs produces fat
[12:02] <@bellreisa> like beyond doubt
[12:03] <Lokanas> When they tested us on wine tasting we were allowed to narrow it down to 4 different things
[12:03] <Lokanas> Because nobody gets that shit pinpoint
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> like we had this one bottle of super tuscan
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> that was mislabeled in the wine list
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> it was the wrong vintage
[12:03] <@bellreisa> super tuscan is a hilarious name
[12:03] <Forte> jiyuna you have to be this guy
[12:03] <Forte>
[12:03] <@bellreisa> down in the cellar, it's a merlot, no it's a sherry
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> BUT the vintage we had was 2004, which was like a gdlk year for super tuscan
[12:03] <@bellreisa> it's SUPER TUSCAN
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> so this guy was giving us hell
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> I WANTED THE 2005 BOTTLE! YOUR LIST SAID 2005!
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> ...then why you want 2005 nigga
[12:04] <Tonberry> lol
[12:04] <Lokanas> loool
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> and his table is just like
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> "ooooooooooooh hes so smart about wine"
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> like the 2004 of this bottle costs 3x as much
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> but we were selling it at the shitty 2005 bottle price
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> lol Forte
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> that pic always makes me laugh
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> because you're supposed to do it close to the decanter
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> so you can use a candle/light and stop when you see the sediment
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> this guy is just trolling
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> lolllllll this manga
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> people on the left = all of my customers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NEC X in a nutshell

I sort of wanted to write a long post about NEC X but honestly Rithli does it better in this movie than I could ever do.
This is why I play these games, and probably, while I'll keep playing them.

Ar Tonelico 3 page updates

So some new updates on the Ar Tonelico 3 main site.
Anyway a short summary of this game, hilariously enough, is that the game is 3D with 2D art, and both the heroines seem to have multiple personality disorder, so it's really something like 8 girls (their models change in battle along with their...body types.) Also there's some really silly system called "Purge" where the heroines get stronger the less clothes they have or something. Anyway I wasn't really clicking with any of the character designs, even with all the characters shown, until Soma took off her scary Black Jack looking helmet and suit. Anyway here's a relationship chart, the two main girls are Saki on the left and Finnel on the right.

Saki's 3 alters are called Salapator (oneesan), Filament (eyepatch bandage moe), and Sakia Rumei (knight)
Finnel's are called Yurishica (nurse), Soma (scary doll), and ??? (miko of some sort?)
Here's Soma's normal costume:

Here's Soma without it:

Had to crop for the large picture but yeah HUGE DIFFERENCE.
It must be hot under there...I hope she's drinking enough water with how much she sweats...
Ok yeah I totally love this character already she's mine.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Etrian Odyssey 3

Seems ocean based this time.
I can see ninjas, pirates, and phalanx (paladins? not really who knows)
Also NEC was godlike.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Arcana heart 3 one MORE new character

Going by that name she's a Valkyrie like Weiss.
Um, sexy.
According to orka that means she probably has a Geist instead of an Arcana.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha cast unveiled

So if anyone remembers the original rumor from "WISE, RESPECTED, LONG TIME MEMBER" henaki/kensk/baldy/kenneth, the new cast was going to be:
From Alpha: Cody Guy Adon
From 3S: Makoto Ibuki Dudley
From ST: T-Hawk and Deejay
And two completely new characters!

Well, eat your heart out.
By the way the top right shows Guy focusing an aerial kunai with the not-so-subtle caption "KUNAI NO IMI WA!?!?!" (What is the meaning of the kunai!?!?)
I'd say henaki pretty much hit everything on the head.
Not bad for a coinflip troll post (he admits that while his source was somewhat reputable, it was more or less a stab in the dark...if it was fake successful SRK troll, if it turned out real EVEN MORE successful troll)

Blaz Blue Continuum Shift story in a single irc log

[03:23] lol ragna's story is pimp
[03:24] ragna whips out blazblue
[03:24] hazama whips out his own
[03:24] he calls the black beast a failed attempt
[03:24] just a pet
[03:24] the thing at the end is his real shit
[03:25] see hazama is not bad
[03:25] or terumi
[03:25] he's just trying to BREAK THE CYCLE
[03:25] and lamda is not kokonoe
[03:25] but kokonoe is controlling lambda
[03:25] sent her to get the blazblue
[03:26] she couldn't get it, but got info and brought it back to kokonoe
[03:26] i don't think lamda is a person either
[03:26] or has a personality
[03:27] jin is taken over by yukianesa
[03:27] and goes crazy because he gets his memories
[03:27] like in CT ending

And there you go.

Monday, November 16, 2009

To Love Ru timeline

I know the truth of the first few parts (Ine is the horse head musician on nico, he did have an affair with the wife of the To-Love-Ru author) but not the rest.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook: Mafia Wars CEO Brags About Scamming Users

"Mark Pincus, CEO of the company that brought us Mafia Wars, says: 'I did every horrible thing in the book just to get revenues right away. I mean, we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar, which was like, I don't know... I downloaded it once and couldn't get rid of it.'"

Stop fucking sending me application invites on Facebook.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Big Bang Beat 2

Just throwing this shit out here.
Touhouvania was obviously just a plan to fund this.
Since NRF isn't involved maybe it has a chance to not suck terribly.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arcana Heart 3 Other New Character Revealed

So yeah I liked WeiB's design a lot.
Eko, however...
She's fucking five years old!
Her Arcana seems to be "materialize shitty drawings" Arcana.
No seriously like Angelia was an acquired taste (I initially found her terribly annoying but now I find her really cute, and I will still be using her (my first charge character actually, wack I know), but Eko is just...agh.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Very fun, yet very buggy release.
And when I say buggy I MEAN buggy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

"I would tell them to go to hell," Sendak said. And if children can't handle the story, they should "go home," he added. "Or wet your pants. Do whatever you like. But it's not a question that can be answered."

This book was hype when I was young.
He's like the Hemmingway of children's book authors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arcana Heart 3 screenshots

Fails for 480p but it's really about the interface here.
Force guage?
Where's the super meter?
Also they are going with the loli portraits this time around it seems.
On that note there is a location test going down the 24th and 25th of October.
New Character looks like C.C. (hot) with nu-13 floating swords.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

English is hard

Random amusement while looking up GG backlog on the series they are subbing.
Not sure how you could mix up Mayoi with Moyoe.
written by anonymous conscript, July 28, 2009's a crazy idea, bear with me:

written by Rhaine, July 29, 2009
Dips**t, English IS my first language. Now how about you learn grammar and how to spell right.

It isn't bear, it's bare.
written by anonymous conscript, July 29, 2009
There are actually three words here. The simple one is the big growly creature (unless you prefer the Winnie-the-Pooh type). Hardly anyone past the age of ten gets that one wrong. The problem is the other two. Stevedores bear burdens on their backs and mothers bear children. Both mean “carry” (in the case of mothers, the meaning has been extended from carrying the child during pregnancy to actually giving birth). But strippers bare their bodies—sometimes bare-naked. The confusion between this latter verb and “bear” creates many unintentionally amusing sentences; so if you want to entertain your readers while convincing them that you are a dolt, by all means mix them up. “Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience.
“Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress. “Bare” has an adjectival form: “The pioneers stripped the forest bare.”

dicks, put them in your mouth.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bakemonogatari and DFO

So that's my life right now.
Watching Bakemonogatari (I'm late I know) and playing DFO.
Bakemonogatari is a portmanteau of bakemono (monster) and monogatari (tales), the translation as "Ghostory" is pretty clever I think.
I want to make a comparison to XXXHolic but it's not quite right there.
It is the same kind of eclectic material, except it's directed by Shinbo, so everything has an extra layer of WEIRD STYLE over them.
If you liked XXXHolic you might like this, it's like the same kind of material from a totally different point of view director-wise.
Also it's quite cute in a lot of areas, and a lot of the dialogue is really amusing.

DFO stands for Dungeon Fighter Online, or Arad Senki in Japan, or Dungeon and Fighter in Korean.
It's basically a free to play Streets of Rage the MMO, aka a 2D side scrolling brawler you play with up to three friends in a party.
The game is more fun than it has any right to be and made me realize that while 3d over the shoulder MMOs are pretty and I'll play them, I'll hardly stick with them because I get tired of the over the shoulder spam your skill nonsense.
And because it's built like a brawler/fighter IF YOU GET HIT it's cause you were dumb, not because you were forced to sit in front of a mob and spam skills at it and it spammed skills at you.
This game though has a really nice combo system, PVP is fun and silly as hell, I really like how the entire game works.
No blocking though, unless you're a slayer :V
Unfortunately Nexon USA is trying it's hardest to make me quit this game, first by raising the experience curve significantly compared to the asian versions, second by capping us at level 40 when level 60 is the normal max.
There's also a fatigue system that limits the amount of dungeons you can enter per day (PVP uses no fatigue), so raising the exp means basically artificially expanding the time it takes to get to max.
From what I have been told they actually have the newest client, and each patch is basically OVERWRITING the triggers that lock out the newest contet.
What a backwards way of rolling out a game.
And don't get me started on the item shop, you pay for avatar "tokens" and spend one to get a random item of a random type (so say a headpiece) with random stats.
With something like 5 looks and 4 stats that's $2.50 (holy crap) for a 1/20 chance of getting what you want.
Right now it would be actually more efficient to buy gold from all the Chinese gold spammers in town and buy your avatar items using in-game gold.
But anyway I hit level 40 (the last 3 levels are sheer torture ugh ironically because there is a very efficient two fatigue dungeon that takes six to ten minutes to complete, however since you start with 156 fatigue in terms of hours you're looking at six hours plus of grinding this dungeon because everything else gives less exp per fatigue point) so right now I'm just chilling.

If you can't tell the game has attracted quite a few "real" fighting game players.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bank Fraud!

So yeah someone's been using my account and routing number to withdraw nice tidy sums of 100 dollars.
First two charges happened on 9/11 of all days with really obfuscated intermediaries, followed by another charge this Monday.
Honestly they talk about Credit Card fraud but my card wasn't compromised, plain and simple all you need to steal money these days is the account number, as every bank will list its routing number online.

Hopkins student kills intruder with samurai sword, police say

Fuck yeah.
Honestly I could care less for whoever died, after losing two students in my year fuck Baltimore seriously.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My childhood friend is the PRESIDENT

This is a real game.
The trailer must be seen to be believed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oboro Muramasa

I'm going to buy a game for a system I don't own.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009


Helping to fight the removal of this video from niconico by mirroring it again on youtube.
Can't stop us with copyrights!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Borderlands Trailer

So who will play this with me?
I want a sniper rifle that shoots nukes.
Or bees.
Both at the same time would be overpowered of course.


So on the same weekend my boss went to Hawaii, my friend from middle/high school who works for a game company IN Hawaii came to visit in NY.
He looked exactly the same, which I guess was sort of expected.
Anyway wish we had more time to hang out, but hopefully Kara no Kyoukai was awesome enough for him to get off his lazy ass and torrent movies two and three.
Also, thank god his main character in Blaz Blue gets hit by 5C OTG, I didn't realize that shit doesn't work on all characters with Litchi in that game.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Because it had to be done.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Small SWR 12.3 update

Final new character roster stands at Sanae, Cirno, China, Utsuho (nuke), and standalone Suwako.
Day zero patch was leaked before the actual expansion itself, mauve looked into the files.
Confirmed win quotes, spell cards, system cards, everything.
Translations randomly somewhere, tropsy's going through it but he's like barely awake.
Some of the system cards are really silly, like Tengu Fan is a permanent speed boost that stacks.
Can you imagine Youmu with four tengu fans?
Fucking christ.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silly Noob

So Keshine passed his license test on first try a while back.
I said congratulations.
Then like any teenage driver he proceeded to crash the car for 1000 dollars in damages while my dad was riding with him.
See this is why Kenny and I WAITED on our licenses.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

King of Thorn

Click the link for a trailer.
In short, a deadly virus that petrifies the human body starts spreading, so lots of people go into cold sleep in a high-tech facility.
X years later, somethings wrong as everyone wakes up but now there's tons of monsters and shit running around.
The survivors need to get out of the facility and figure out what happened to Earth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SWR English Patch out

Well team mauve plus motley crew of misfits or whoever finally finished spitting this out.
I actually might replay this loathsome game for the story, as there were a lot of jokes I knew I was missing.
Heard Tenshi keeps spouting Chinese quotes and Yukari keeps counter-spouting.
Plus Yuyuko is just silly as hell.

Patchouli Cake


Monday, August 10, 2009

TouhouVania Opening Movie

There's a lot of Touhou doujin games coming out in a week for Comiket 76, but this one from Aja Games (the poor souls that were given the responsibility of patching Big Bang Beat) has gathered some attention because it is a Castlevania clone.
Here's the trailer, I'll try to post a list for all the reported games coming out later.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Endless Eight

So in the Haruhi novels, there's period right before the new semester starts where Haruhi and co. are caught in an endless time loop of her own doing.
Basically she feels unfulfilled and keeps repeating the same day, I forget the final tally but it's something like 15,498 times.
This period of the novels is called Endless Eight (the eight being a sideways infinity sign.)
Kyoto Animation got the bright bright idea to animate this episode separately.
Eight fucking times.
Yes, eight episodes with the same plot, but completely redrawn over and over with different clothes, different timings, some different words.
In the end they can not figure out what is leaving Haruhi unfulfilled and the loop starts over.
Seven times.

Fans rebelled.
There are massive swirling rumors that the former director of Haruhi for S1, who left Kyoto Animation and made his own studio and worked on Kannagi, was let go because he refused to animate Endless Eight.
Everyone is livid.
A fan-made film from the USA that shows Kyon punching out Haruhi at the end of the episode and the earth exploding has caught on like wildfire on both sides of the Pacific.
People are wondering how the hell they expect to sell DVDs of basically 8 of the same episode.

Anyway, I didn't watch a single episode of Endless Eight until now, because I had read the novels and when I heard from friends that the episode had repeated once, I had a terrible terrible premonition of what Kyoto Animation would do.
I mean they had spent how many years jerking our chains around for season two, what would stop them from carrying out their trolls till the end?
Finally the eight episode aired, so I felt it was time to resume the show.
The thing is, I watched all eight episodes at once.
Someone on Niconico went to the trouble of tiling all eight episodes in a nice square and then starting them all simultaneously.
Turns out my friends weren't joking, they really did re-animate every single episode, there's not even a single reused frame of animation I bet.
The only things that synced timing wise between all the episodes was the ending theme.
Hell on episode five they wrapped up the episode early, then showed Kyon's ticking clock for thirty seconds just to trick people.
Only in the eighth, and last episode, did they dispense with the ending entirely and show the beginning of the next day.

So yeah, I feel caught up at least.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Eretto (Tsuruya-san's creator) Patchouli figurine coming soon!
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh too cute.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Persona 4 lulz

hiimdaisy's awesome Persona 4 comic, hopefully more installments are planned!
Warning, massive spoilers, but if you've read hiimdaisy's other stuff you know what you're getting into.

Kara no Kyoukai 6

Shiki slice

Azaka burn

Hm, not as good as five, had its moments though.
Focuses on Akiha er I mean Azaka aka little sister.
Except she's Kokutou's real little sister, lol her origin is "taboo" compared to Shiki's "nothingness" and Araya's "stillness," she says it herself she likes kinks.
For some reason I have a feeling the actual story in the novel was changed for this movie, but I'm not really sure why.
Something felt off about the drug addict thing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody 12.3

Arctic attack!
Sanae has assists.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index

Unpolished gem.
This is the term I'd use to describe this series.
I previously got to episode four and stopped because I only heard it got worse and more awkward, but now that I'm resuming it I'm finding something.

For all the completely awkward and hilarious dialogue and somewhat rough feel about the storyline flow there's genuinely likable characters and interactions in this show. I remember someone joking about the second heroine standing on a bridge for twenty minutes but honestly I was sort of moved by that entire episode. It feels like this show could have used more just general description of the worlds and magic/science crap involved and who all the people you see are (I assume the novel does this), but I feel it's doing an ok job.

Cycles through stories pretty fast actually, given the initial slow movement. I find it amusing the title character got reduced to a gag fairly quickly! I wonder if the major plot device after her arc was put there for convenience so that BiriBiri could become the second main character.

Touhou 12.3

Standalone? SWR expansion.
Three new idiots.
Well Sanae isn't really an idiot, just sort at the whole Youkai hunting thing.
The other two however...
Oh god I do not relish the inevitable flood of Cirno scrubs.
Honestly that is the only thing that would make return this game, crushing 9000 Cirno scrubs from 4chan or wherever.

Also gift has announced three more plushies in their Touhou line.
I thought since they did most of the SDM cast they'd move on to Perfect Cherry Blossom in order, but seems like I was wrong.
Eight is Sanae??? nine is Cirno (boo), tenth is Suwako.
They really are keeping their regulation of each pair only gets one character with a removable hat deal.
Also I just realized they purposely made Cirno number 9 on their release order.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evolution 2009

Arrived around noon, seemed like Dippy and Arizona (Tempered, Dan, not Choco because he is poor) weren't coming till four. Fuck. Atomic picked me up and I just went to SK/DS's room to put stuff temporarily.
Bionic Commando.
Fuck this game, seriously. Fuck SK too. It took me something in the vicinity of two hours to beat that dumb ass challenge stage (Stage 40 it seems) and I wasn't allowed to eat. Atomic left and picked up Rob and fubarduck while I was falling into spikes. Why the fuck does which way you face change which way you bounce, you're not even jumping you're just bouncing on air vents. At least I beat SK in versus 5 to 2 in the end, you're only good as your last win! Hold that L to your chest. Come see me at NEC. Then went with Atomic and Rob and Colin (kilikabeast, from Florida) to Target to get stuff. Rob bought like 9000 slim jims. Also played BlazBlue with Colin's three day Arakunein Heartnana's room. Proved that I sucked by running into every cloud that existed and not knowing midscreen combos. Endured Rob taunts.

Blaz Blue. (And sfiv pools)
Went zero and two (Tager then Hakumen), I honestly shouldn't have lost either match but whatever I have to really start playing this game instead of Vanguard Princess. Speaking of which we had our own poverty corner, scared Chibi away in Vanguard Princess, beat up Rob's Kurumi. Realized that Kurumi/Juliette (a la Tempered) is fucking annoying as shit to fight against because damage race is even worse from random 60% off of assist. Played a random Malty appearance in sadamp, jobbered it up. Played bellreisa later in sadamp, did not completely jobber it up. Blaz Blue signups took forever and the tournament ran forever I honestly played one match, waited three hours, and played my second match. Met Veteru (wtf he's not asian), Mike Z and Rendered (Mike Z's stick died midway and Rendered was using it so I lent them mine), pulsr, Ken (JP guy, Litchi player, inspiration), Mizuki (not as emo IRL) and much of the old crowd (ultracarl, tenkai, hfblade, soniti, spiritjuice, hellmonkey, xie, robotshardz, etc.) Heartnana was getting tight because of how late the tournament was running, needed more DQs. Then Goryus (USA SBO qualifier, uses v-13) put him into losers. I got tight from that. Least he fought his way out and beat Goryus on the big screen to win the entire thing. Team #arcana screaming shit the entire time. Jan (Tager!) got third and rather impressed Rob by taking it to the last round. I admit I was a little worried. As for pools in real games that no one poor cares about, a lot of people didn't make it out of pools. DS for one, fubar, nestor, some others. Night was Vanguard Princesssssss in our room. Tons of it. I taught Shardz day 1 Ayane combos and strategies and he was good to go.

SFIV pool war. Completely merciless, everyone left is out for blood. I probably actually watched this more than the Blaz Blue team tourney because I thought team Fubarduck, Jan, and Heartnana would take it free. Seems like I missed Mike Z killing Heartnana, though Fubar cleaned up afterwords (2:8 matchup or something terrible for Tager:Carl) Team poverty (Nas, Chibi, HFBlade) got OCVed by XIE of all the random clowns to lose to :3 Surprised to learn Goryus team lost to Veteru's team, seems like VetCoast secret weapon (Wuku Rachel) OCVed everyone up to the finals. For SFIV, watched Arturo destroy Mike Ross but lose to Marn (NOOO), Andre beating the shit out of Watts, Daigo losing a game? to a Chun player but winning in the end, Li Joe getting Juiceboxed, etc. On another note I met Lilyes/Teresa finally after something like six years. It's really odd when you've known someone for so long but haven't met them. Dumb sibladeko time is that I got my hair cut like right before Evo and bought some hair gel (which I never use) for this meeting, only to realize you can't take gels with you on the plane. Now I have a huge tube of useless hair gel. Oh well. BB team finals was postponed till Sunday. Our little poverty corner got owned up by Mister Wizard insisting that four laptops hooked into the outlets would trip the breakers when we were surrounded by 500 TVs and consoles. Missed the 5on5 exhibition because of hunger. At night we went to SK/DS room and played some SERIOUSLY terrible games. There was this Samurai Champloo game that was utterly horrible, this 3D garou game that was utterly horrible, Tekken 1 which is utterly horrible, ok let's just say SK has tons of really terrible games and he somehow knows combos in all of them.

Finals in everything. Missed GGAC finals, heard the nice guy won. Missed Soul Calibur 4 finals, heard that Hilde was not in top 3! Surprise. Missed Tekken 6 exhibition, some Law player won (according to my boss, who actually was watching the stream and actually plays Tekken.) Saw HDRemix, got to see Sirlin use his rebalanced characters and lose. Afrolegends beat Choi in a series of really close matches. Saw Marvel, which was fucking ridiculousss, Sanford came out of losers to beat Justin Wong in two sets. Justin actually pulled a time out victory in Marvel of all games. Yipes got third, Empire Arcadia top three sweep. Blaz Blue team finals Heartnana destroyed Veteru's team. I think pulsr made quite a few mistakes though, he dropped at least two throw combos among some other things. SFIV was amazing, though most of you probably know the results now. Sanford beat Dan from Japan with Cammy, Ed Ma went Zangief (and lost) to Justin, Justin pulled out Boxer and beat Daigo a set out of losers 3-2 before losing 2-3 in the second set. It's hard to do justice to those matches and I think Evo is cracking down on removing the videos from youtube, but try and find them if you can! Everyone had to leave the next day so we just played really terrible games in heartnana's room. Do you know there is a fucking Morning Musume fighting game? I used some girl who threw a dog (that hit low!) as a projectile and dropped trains on people for a super. I was doing pretty well against Rob too! Also played little battlers ex, whose characters are based on Little Busters. Broken game full of infinites, I don't get why Rob kept dropping his combos on Mizuki but never once dropped that shit on me. We saw Rob off to his flight around 5-6AM and along the way ran into Arturo randomly on the Gold Coast lobby. Turns out there was a reason Arturo wasn't salty about losing in tournament to Marn and Sanford and not making top 8; it's because he was one of two people to beat Daigo in a money match, 5-4.

Anyway yeah I delayed on this post forever so lots of details are cut but oh well.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I get Blazblue on THURSDAY.
So instead I'm playing THIS:

It's free too, you know you want it poverty fans!

So a more thorough rundown, this game surprised me.
For one thing is it really unique and different.
First off, if you mash in this game you will lose hilariously and all the anime girls will laugh at you.
There are almost zero chains and almost zero 2-in-1s (special cancels).
No mashing ABC for three hits here, you'll get nothing.
Instead, the system has you heavily rely on your assists to fill in the gaps.
In fact since everyone is relying on rather situational assists pretty much every combo out of an assist setup requires link timing.
Some characters have target combos (very specific chains), everyone has tons of command normals, some people can chain jabs, and I think two? characters have actual 2-in-1s off specific moves.
So yeah your assists, you have one of four (with a hidden fifth), and they basically are an extension of your character, rather than an assist.
Playing this game without using your assist is like say, playing a one button version of a normal fighting game, it won't work.
They make up for your lack of chains, they make up for your lack of 2-in-1s, they can also do some really fucked up shit like guard for you (stupid mixup) or alpha counter or cast gravity pits or curses or projectiles or other wacky effects.

As for the character I was trying out, she is one of the lucky two characters to have a 2-in-1, hers is into her rekka.
She can also actually chain her 5AB, so 5AB rekka is the break and butter here.
Throw in the Yayoi (shoto) assist and you get the loops you see here.
Because she's closest to a normal fighting character as you'll get in this game, she has some really good loops and combos.
Unfortunately she takes a lot of damage, plus her combos don't do that much.
Comparatively, sword girl one does like 75% off a one assist zero dizzy 6 hit into super combo.

Oh yeah, the characters.
Well obviously this is moe bullshit.
It's extremely well-drawn well-animated moe bullshit though.
You have Yui: Sword girl 1 (fucking powerful, long ass range, stupid damage)
Haruka: Wand girl (keepaway, reflectors, funny crossup)
Lilith: Vampire loli grappler (holy crap setups for tick spd off anything and everything, damage absurd)
Luna Himeki: Gun kata plus Gurren Lagann Yoko (actually needs a flowchart to understand as after she goes into a stance just pressing a direction changes it, it's really confusing if you have no clue)
Kurumi: One move joke character that's not a joke (her assist recharge is insane, plus she has a target combo, she only has one special move but her normals feel really fast)
Saki: Sword girl 2 (If Yui is Ryu then Saki is Ken)
Kaede: Waitress (I believe she has a 2-in-1, fast mobility, has some pretty screwy loops, slow assist recharge)
Natalia: Pilebunker (I know nothing about this character yet except she has a pilebunker)
Eri: Tonfa loli (Also has a 2-in-1 into her rekka, low damage and life, stun loops)
Ayane: Bow girl (Setup character, not too sure about her either)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Steampunk SWR?

What's with all the gears and hexagons?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More MTGO Rage

(12:35:36 AM) chioyoung: I freaking hate mtgo
(12:35:46 AM) chioyoung: I couldve gone 4-0
(1:36:53 AM) sibladeko: but?
(1:36:57 AM) sibladeko: what happened
(1:36:59 AM) sibladeko: oh wait you got it working?
(1:36:59 AM) sibladeko: wtf
(1:37:02 AM) sibladeko: fucking wizards
(1:43:34 AM) chioyoung: yeah but then
(1:43:37 AM) chioyoung: I got d/c
(1:44:46 AM) sibladeko: HAHAHAHA
(1:44:49 AM) chioyoung: and then it wouldnt let me play cascade spells
(1:44:58 AM) sibladeko: hahaha what
(1:44:58 AM) chioyoung: and then I was going to win
(1:45:03 AM) chioyoung: and then on the last attack
(1:45:05 AM) chioyoung: a bug popped up
(1:45:08 AM) chioyoung: and froze my comp
(1:45:10 AM) sibladeko: HAHAHAHA
(1:45:11 AM) sibladeko: oh man
(1:45:22 AM) chioyoung: so I gave up after going 0-4

Friends. Don't let friends play MTGOnline.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vanguard Princess



So Brady freaking Chan wanted me to install Magic Online.
Thing is, doesn't work!
I'm behind a router but I'm the DMZ so I'm straight on the world anyway, all ports forward to me.
Brady suggests a restart, which I haven't done in something like a year.
And of course the system decides to delete the Microsoft UAA Bus on restart, thus I have no audio.

And now the driver is downloading at a whopping 20k/second, it is 30MB.
Plus Magic Online still doesn't work after the restart.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dead?

This'll change if it's wrong, but that's what everyone is saying.
So instead of rehashing links I'll just throw out my own Michael Jackson memories.
CTY talent show, our hall, doing "I want you back."
Fucking up the synchronized line we had planned.
We got third.

I think some crazy awesome hot diva girl doing Like a Prayer with her entire hall just being backup got 1st, they deserved it I remember just thinking "holy shit."

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am going to Evolution 2K9 in Las Vegas.
It cost me way too much, I plan to recoup the money lost by betting on Justin Wong and heartnana in everything they play.
Speaking of heartnana I convinced him to go to one of the Kansai area IaMP tournaments for fun, I hope he enjoys this one and goes to more of them, as Kansai actually has a shitload of IaMP tournaments.

This Saturday I went down to the city for the first time in a long while.
Blitzkampf tournament, twas awesome, I forgot how much fun it was to hang out with NYC crew.
Rithli probably got tons of lolfootage to make really hype videos for a group of dorks by a Snapple machine (well actually we had use of the actual gazebo this time.)
I've never seen jiyuna so gone, usually he plays better when he's drunk but he was completely off in moonland by mid tournament.
Like he lost to zaelar and kept falling off his crate it was quite hilarious.
Oh yeah I got 4th, relatively easy bracket, rithli and zar were on the other side.
Went through nas Fritz (last round last match), legendary blue shirt Kanae(last round last match but I fucked up second match he should have never seen a third), lost to Ken Akatsuki in top 4 winners, beat chibi Adler/Nun (I was actually happy he switched to nun, I hate adler), lost to Rithli Adler (I took a match off his Adler though, I think that was the first time I ever did.)
So not bad for someone who plays this game...not so often.

Lastly this game is hilarious, Konami going back to its Tokimeki Memorial roots.
They had all three voice actors say something like 9000 names too so there's a high chance if you're Japanese she will say your name.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Insurance companies

So I got a "surprise" bill over the weekend from my dentist asking for 250 dollars.
Checked it out yesterday morning, turns out for some reason or other my insurance didn't cover something they claimed they would, which was non-metal fillings.
Fucking hell.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Progress

Sorry, upgrading this thing, it's been a long time and Utawareru Mono is no longer cool and hip!
(Nah, just want to upgrade the template and I guess change the scenery.)
The lack of an older posts button was bugging me like crazy also.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Giant Raymoo


Monday, June 08, 2009

New Housemate

New housemate moved in yesterday.
Seems pretty cool, on the same wavelength.
As in the not going to get me evicted not going to get evicted or arrested wavelength.
Talking to someone for a while generally indicates to me certain things about their personality, and I have a good vibe about this guy.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

USA Denjin Arcade SBO qualifiers

Arturo is godlike, I hope him and Joe wins.
Pringles: It means you break easily.

Godamn those were some of the hypest matches I've seen in my life.
I'm mad salty though over east coast's loss to combofiend.
They say Valle was sandbagging but that's bullshit, if he really did sandbag against East Coast he doesn't deserve to go.
combofiend is fucking nuts though, the guy knows no fear just rushes you down over and over.
He deserved his spot, so clutch.
Unfortunately the Japanese counter his style so badly but hey whatever, he won.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer
I won't lie I will be getting this most likely.
Cheesy hotness!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I always get shitty housemates part deux

So I came home today and there were like ten cops or so outside my room/inside the house.
Seems like one of my housemates was arrested for dealing drugs.
I really have the best luck.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haruhi Season 2

It's been what, three years?

All the little touches are still there, like when past Nagato synchronizes with her present self and removes her glasses as a result.

MBAA Ryougi Shiki and Schoolgirl Akiha footage


So yeah Ryougi looks plain and nice.
Schoolgirl Akiha looks like she deals 5000 damage off a BnB on someone at half life.
Aka broken as shit.
She stole Warc's blood rings too except they're like...midair!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Akatsuki Blitzkampf - KANAE TUTORIAL

Rithli does it again, this time for a character he actually likes :3

Meet the Spy..."leaked?"

Seems awfully convenient that the SPY video of all things was leaked, I think Valve is just having fun with the release here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Bang Beat 2

Uh yeah, what can I say lol.
Maybe it'll be better.

Friday, May 08, 2009

KOF XII console characters

So Mature and Elizabeth are confirmed in so far.
I bet Rithli is happy considering the types he likes. :V

Playing Terrible Games

Million Knights Vermillion is terrible!
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 PS2 port is terrible!
Yet I am playing these tragedies more than anything else currently.

Monday, May 04, 2009

電波的な彼女 Denpa teki na Kanojo

imaginary_num6er posted a random nico link in chat which lead to a random 40 minute anime OVA thing.
It was...decent, had a premise that caught me.
So I decided to watch it before going to sleep.

Um, the title is hard to explain.
Literally it means, "electric wave-like girl/s/friend."
Figuratively? It means "crazy bitches."

Let me explain the term "denpa," or "electric wave."
This term originally was used to describe radio signals or other types of transmissions.
Somewhere along the line it got a hidden meaning of "electric waves fucking with your mind."
I think Leaf? might have been the first to use as an actual basis in a story (Shizuku) where a robot?/android schoolgirl or something was unintentionally giving off electric waves and thus students were cutting themselves up and going insane.
Either way, it came to mean "weird as hell."
As a side note, when this term is applied to music, it means really catchy or infectious hyper music.
Miko Miko Nurse would qualify as denpa music.

So yeah basically, if the title says weird girls, then yes, all the girls are weird.
A relatively normal yankee-looking guy, Juu, just goes about his life, until he gets a note in his shoe locker that asks to meet him under a tree.
And there we meet extremely weird girl number one: Ochibana Ame.
A rather short girl whose bangs completely cover her eyes, she speaks in ridiculously formal Japanese.
She believes she was linked to Juu in a former life and thus has come to seek him in the next as his bodyguard, going so far as to kneel and kiss his shoes.
Needless to say Juu has never met this girl and is completely freaked out.
At the same time, a bunch of murders have been occurring in the town, generally by strangulation.
The rest of the denpa girls are spoilers but suffice to say everyone is pretty weird.
I'll probably watch the other two OVAs too just cause it's caught my attention.

Ok I lied iincho (class president) is not crazy.

Ame is pure denpa though.

Satsuki is denpa too.

They didn't say anything in this episode but they're friends of Ame, they must be denpa.
Japanese wikipedia says their names are Yukihime and Madoka.

Ochibana Hikaru, weird as her older sister, but in a different way.