Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blaz Blue Continuum Shift story in a single irc log

[03:23] lol ragna's story is pimp
[03:24] ragna whips out blazblue
[03:24] hazama whips out his own
[03:24] he calls the black beast a failed attempt
[03:24] just a pet
[03:24] the thing at the end is his real shit
[03:25] see hazama is not bad
[03:25] or terumi
[03:25] he's just trying to BREAK THE CYCLE
[03:25] and lamda is not kokonoe
[03:25] but kokonoe is controlling lambda
[03:25] sent her to get the blazblue
[03:26] she couldn't get it, but got info and brought it back to kokonoe
[03:26] i don't think lamda is a person either
[03:26] or has a personality
[03:27] jin is taken over by yukianesa
[03:27] and goes crazy because he gets his memories
[03:27] like in CT ending

And there you go.

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