Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bread Battle

Hm, well holy shit Yakitate manga is wayyyyy ahead of the anime.
But godamn the intrigue really is something.

Tsukino's family is fucking wacky.
Her little sister isn't so bad (I think she's cute), but the fucking older one is straight from hell.

Poor Mokoyama, if he ends up at the southern branch, their store will be unstoppable.

OMG, nice fatherly bread baking man has become evil St. Pierre cigar smoking with Yukino owning mogul.
Azuma must reclaim his soul!
At least that's what I think is going to happen.

New addition of Kanmuri, the scientist.
Hm, his character is interesting, Yukino probably knew more about his feelings then she let on, which is why she completely eradicated his research. (He's vindictive so I had to crush him completely.)
But he's FOCUSED, and he wants to kill Yukino (join the club!) so he's A-OK in my book.
It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Celestial Star!

Al Gore is a bitter man.
The prayer at the beginning of the graduation was off, as was Al Gore's speech on the environment.
He should stick to jokes.
Some kid wore a monkey face on stage.
Where did Andrea go, did she not graduate?
Back at home, and I pick up a Time magazine about twixters, young adults who live off their parents, bounce from job to job, etc, etc.

Finally finished all voice for Valkyrie Profile Japanese.
I think Freya's last hit sound (Ko kai sasete ageru wa!) did the trick.
Moved computer upstairs and installed wireless card, can't bother with games (the ping is crazy) unless I move modem and wires upstairs.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Uh yeah, I forgot my digital camera.
Sucks =/
But my diploma ISN'T BLANK, and I'm FREE...till I find a job that is.
Have to move out too (I'm so weak heavy furniture argh).
But yeah, it's nice to be king.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well, one of the political bloggers (USS Clueless) I read a lot (not as frequently as say, Instapundit, must I say his views are slightly conservative? As opposed to common sense? Then again, trying to tell people that Iraq without Saddam was better than Iraq with is an exercise in the lack of common sense), has hung up his political blogging shoes to blog about ANIME.
I know, it just strikes me too as wacky, and sort of cool at the same time.
Anyway, creepy entry from May 22nd.

His reviews seem pretty on the ball (Noir four stars? That's a bit TOO nice), and I'm seeing a COUGH tendency toward series people would consider "shoujo."
Which rocks.
I wouldn't have pegged Denbeste as a shoujo person.
However, I'm disappointed he didn't give Azumanga Daioh a chance.
First DVD blah, get in on the fansub community Denbeste!

He should watch Card Captor Sakura.

The duel savior title page has a picture of a crying woman. You sick bastard. - Allan

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Gamer's Manifesto

John Cheese strikes again!
Anyway my personal take:
1. In shooters, not really that important, bot intelligence honestly doesn't matter much if they can't aim. And then what, only a certain percentage of their shots hit as a difficulty meter?
2. See Japan.
3. Ha! FF8 was trash. But yes, if that tech demo of ff7 is bullshit, then SAY it will be bullshit.
4. See Japan again.
5. See...guess what, Japan, once again.
6. Well, I am a QUICKSAVE WHORE. As in give me an emulator, and you'll find I use 5 or so save states constantly. This promotes sort of laziness, but I do agree some games won't die from a quicksave function.
7. Do you know that on an emulated PSX for computer, you will still get "loading" times? It's like built in.
8. Madden sucks!
9. I LIKE THIS. However, the thing you have to remember is, for a console, everytime you put in jump, you use up a button. PC, no excuse.
10. We've just started on being able to do this (HL2). Immersion only depends on the game honestly. How the hell would you immerse yourself in a tactics game?
11. Hm...again, depends on the game genre for point a. For point b, well, if you have multiple angles, who cares if you can just choose the one you want. Sometimes you want to see the sunset around you (See WoW or Everquest or whatever). Point c is YES. Keep it Japanese, stupid.
12. Yes about RPG triggers. No about ammo starvation (Ammo does not pop out of zombie dogs, immersion wise, and neither is it infinite.) Yes about confusing floor plans with no maps. Yes about instafail stealth levels. Not sure about ending levels, as most of the one's I've seen are RPGS, and as such, aren't challenging at all. Ambivalent about speed cheating, there's not much you can do with racing car AI (see 1) besides corner perfectly and taking the most effecient route. Speed cheating just gives them a chance, or would you rather they drive like God.
13. Unlocking stuff is CRUCIAL to keeping a gamer occupied. So no.
14. Haha on the crates. They seem to show up in FPS the most. I really have no beef with crates.
16. Anarchy online, anyone?
17. Reminds me of the sega fantasy VI flash. People WANT their consoles to do their taxes...really a pity with nintendo there.
18. This WILL HAPPEN. Sony's giving in was ALREADY THE FIRST SIGN. Game economies, especially mmorpg economies, will become linked to normal economies.
19. AHAHAHA. Can't see your feet. I like that. Yes jumping puzzles are hilariously bad.
20. Eh, careness factor zero, I always had lots of room =D.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Leave it to Giga geez...
Duel Savior is coming out with an ADDITION DISK.
Ahahaha harem route, but screw that.
And they are adding in VG NEO Characters for kicks.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Teaching in Japan

If you haven't headed over to I am a Japanese school teacher I suggest you do so now.
There's some scary shit that goes down there...but it's hilarious.

I remember when my roommate first saw the Naruto Kancho (1000 years of pain!)...his face turned into this mask of holywtf that's horrible.
Well it happens, and it hurts.
I think if I were to each English over there, I'd teach high school, cause holy shit 12-15 year olds ass-stabbing just isn't cool.
I don't think they'd dickgrab though...I can BLEND IN with my yellowface.
Plus well...uh...stereotypes...bah godamn just go read the stories on that webpage already.

The night before my plane left, I went to a baseball game. The regular season hadn't started yet, it was just exhibition (A's vs Giants), but it was still a bajillion zillion times better than Japanese baseball. In Japanese baseball, the strategy is to get a man on base...then bunt. They bunt with no outs, one out, two outs, runners on first, second, third, the bases loaded, it doesn't matter. The pitcher bunts, the power hitter bunts, the leadoff hitter bunts, they might as well call it Buntball and just be done with it. The funny thing is, the Japanese almost sort of think that they invented baseball. A friend of mine asked why do the Japanese always bunt, and I told him "Are you kidding?! Sacrificing yourself for the good of the team, really was there any other choice?"

Monday, May 16, 2005

Admiration is...a feeling furthest away from understanding.

WELL, been a fucking WHILE since I did this...but yeah with the shifting of powers it is worth mentioning.

Here it'll be really simple:

Bad guys:
Aizen, formerly "dead" captain of the 5th.
Gin, former captain of the 3rd.
Tousen, former captain of the 9th.

Good guys:
Everyone but those listed in neutral. Which is one guy.

Neutral/just bitter:
Mayuri, captain of the 12: The guy Quincy fucked up is back and doesn't really care about the axis of evil. Heh I bet he's just jealous that there were two researchers (Aizen and Uruhara) more fucked up then he was.

Momo, sub of the 5th
Hitsugaya, captain of the 10th
Byakuya, captain of the 6th
Renji, sub of the 6th

In short, holy shitness.
Aizen's alive, and even without hypnosis he has the power to fucking CATCH PEOPLES BANKAIS SUCH AS ICHIGOS AND RENJIS WITH HIS BARE HANDS.
Hope for Momo to live seems to be fading faster and faster, and Hitsugaya's in really bad shape (but rather recent so I think he has a better chance than her.../cry for Momo)
Byakuya and Renji are tough, they probably won't die.
Gin...I honestly don't know what's up with him and Matsumoto...there was something, and he almost looks genuine sorry before he leaves.
Tousen is wtf.
Need an explanation soon on that guy, amazing how that one got pulled over us.

Rukia at least has been retrieved!
But at what cost -_-
I really hope Ichigo and her do spend a long while together...

And then there's the problem of Uruhara...he's not evil, but he still used them to try to fix his own mistake...and now it's too late.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I wonder why the last semester had to go spectacurly bad.
It's like every one of my worst fears materialized and hit me in the face.
Now I'm in risk of failing not one, not two, but THREE courses.
The third one is completely my fault too, and in a lot more serious ways.
I'm surprised the professor didn't just completely write me off and leave me to die, cause that's what I deserve.

Suicide gets you no where but man I've been contemplating isolation in a box with a computer for these past two weeks.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Ground Zero

Well, here I am, four minutes before a modern complexity theory final, and I'm with four other guys PRINTING 100 pages out each of notes.


By the way, I hope the death the TA of programming languages is a nice soul who won't fail me.
Otherwise I'm not graduating, and that would suck.

Wow Linux is sexy.

Time to go pick up my share of the pages.