Sunday, March 27, 2005

Black Cat

More news on the downloading 1000 mangas sprees...
Downloaded Black Cat, Allan was sort of hinting on this one.
Hm, I don't know...there's some really weird off moments and such, then again I'm a pretty bad judge of manga, as I read it all.

Right, the girls, ESPECIALLY that pyro schoolgirl in particular, I just think what the've come straight out of FLCL.
And then you have a nanomachine chick who's basically Millia Rage cept with her entire body (the author changes her into a bloody mermaid and gives her wings...geez christ), and finally a thief who plays the damsel in distress role over and over.
Oh right, and don't forget Saya, the "most important friend" he lost.

I think the author really likes his girls, or something, cause there are lots of things that magically disappear or get overshadowed concerning the males when they show up.

One is pyro chick's former partner, who left on his own.
I mean where the hell did he go?
Also, even though Sven is the one who recruited/decided to save Eve, TRAIN AND EVE HAVE much more of a relationship than Sven and Eve, which isn't exactly what I thought it would be.
(Sven takes care of Eve, blah de blah, father figure or something, but it's become more centered on Eve wanting to own the crap out of Train)
In fact, what the hell they've ignored poor Sven and let him get kidnapped even.
Must be a tough break being the hero guy's partner (hey, wolfwood held up pretty well by himself)

Ok, time to list other cheesy points:
Mermaid Form
Pyro chick chibi devil angel

Train kills two people in the first volume, and then, almost never kills again.
I honestly think Eve is much closer to Train than Sven at this point.

Hope to see:
Sven as a bad ass, come on where did your coolness go.
Maybe something with Rinslet, maybe not.
If you kill Creed I think the entire manga ends, as you've covered Eve's background, Sven's background, and the only one with anything tying him down is Train.
If and when Creed dies, alls that's left is Chronos, and I think I and II don't really care to forcibly tie him down again.
Something more with Sheldon or Kyoko.
They were like the most interesting of the apostles, and now, since they're not apostles, they get forgotten.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Food fight

Well, crazy Allan has insisted I watched something called Yakitate Japan.
Normally I don't really question Allan's tastes too much, but this anime is about bread.
Baking and making bread.
Yes you read that right.
Now, sit back and think for a minute here...what he's trying to do is convince me that 13+ episodes of an anime about BAKING FUCKING BREAD ARE WORTHWHILE TO DOWNLOAD AND WATCH.
And for that I applaud him for his audactiy.
Then, I found this link of over 1200 or so manga volumes on a 200k/second line.
If you scroll from the top, you'll see a manga called Addicted to Curry.
The name was absolutely ridiculous, so naturally, on a 200k/sec line with lots of bandwidth but shitty ass gaming speeds, I do what anyone would do, I download it, cause hell I can't do much else.
And then I download more.
And more.
And now I need chapter 37 badly.
It seems I will read almost any manga, no matter HOW niche or shoujo or ridiculously silly in the premise if it has tolerable art and minimals hooks in the storyline.
Anyway, this incident with Addicted to Curry scared me, because it implied that...yes, maybe I could get excited watching 13 plus episodes of bread.
Of course, there'd have to be bread duels and bread fights and lots of burning enthusiasm for baking bread all over the place, but hell, if I can get interested in a manga on curry...what's to stop getting interested in an anime on bread?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lack of Interest

Anyway, so I'm currently being held on a leash for my application to Windriders, most notably my current "lack of enthusiasm" in Wow and other things, so I have no sponsors at all.
Meh whatever, they may be right; it's funny how I know so many of them too...perhaps I should have joined earlier.

Not sick anymore (that thing lasted a week, probably most miserable week of my life amongst my last couple of years of existence), now it's spring break, post failed midterms and post failed papers.

My sleep schedule is a 7am to 4pm deal (yes that's when I sleep), that's not good, nor is the fact that I'm just playing games every day during break.

Finally got Allan to fucking read Amber, I hope he's enjoying it, but he's taking it slow and in fact only IMs me to tell me when he has time to read Amber but DOESNT because of something like Rocky 4 on TV.
Yes, Allan is a bastard.

I'll have to resume my torrents of Air, played Majokko a la Mode, found it pretty indecipherable and lacking, what else...oh right, replaying Tales of Symphonia, this time going for Sheena.
Wahaha, I beat the fucking sylphs at level 21, IN YOUR EYE GODAMN SYLPHS, WHO IS SAD NOW! (Yes I have all my old techs, fuck you though, it's the godamn Sylphs!)
And I beat Sword Dancer 2 at level 31 (Everyone did 1 damage, cept I basically chose Zelos, Colette, Sheena, and Raine and pinned him down with infinites (or block chains) while she RAYed/healed away...if Zelos died I'd switch to one of the other two to continue the pressure while Raine ressed.
I beat him twice really sloppily, and I was pretty unhappy with my performance there (-7 to -10 grade or so, massive use of life bottoles)
Final time went near perfect, I think I only lost two characters (I think Zelos once and Colette once), must have hit him with over 1000 worth of 1 damage combo hits, 15 grade or so woo!
Regretably that jumped everyone's levels by like 3-4, so there went my keep low level strategy to get to Rodyle with only level 36-37 (Yes I could kill off the people I want to use and use the others until then to gain exp, but that's just too much work...)

Oh right, more stupid links
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Trust me fools, NO ONE ON MY BUDDY LIST YET (Roommate doesn't count) TRULY understood the chicken joke until I sent them this link.