Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Updates yet again

pooshlmer's servers are trash so I was forced to post information to 4chan, which I never visit.
Anyway, full roster pretty much confirmed.
I find it amusing how every character returns EXCEPT China, they screwed her again just for good measure.
There already seems to be a 1.01 patch.
Anyway the rundown.

Her sprite and portrait seemed designed to look as completely helpless moe as possible.

Komachi looks in pretty damn fine form.
I will definitely give her a try.

Iku Nagae
Kanako with a hat?
No clue really, the one screenshot I saw of her had her doing like a disco dance.
Not my style.

Which leads us to our final boss.
Hinanawi Tenshi (those of you who know any kanji at all will immediately go wait wtf how the fuck do you get a wi sound and a Tenshi from those characters.
Don't ask me, I have no fucking clue either.
In a word...
Like the peaches hat just makes it cuter.
I had a silly grin when I saw this on VIP.
Did I mention she's also a dragon?

And they are fighting in space it seems.

There's a lot of other screenshots, and it sort of makes me wonder if Tasofro forgot about stages where you CANT SEE JACK.
Yuyuko's snow stage is asking for bans already.
So yeah I'm interested in playing Aya, Patch, Suika, Komachi, and Tenshi right now.
We'll see how the chips fall.

Tohgeki/SWR Updates

Yukari's in, where are her boobs?
Komachi and Reisen are in, Komachi is TALL (and busty, as expected.)
Reisen looks like she's wearing a nurse's outfit.
Suika looks like she's in heat (well she's drunk)
Good luck trying to reach Tasofro's website.

For Tohgeki 3
1st TR reimu, 2nd Tazu remi, 3rd kai suika, 4th kamiG marisa
For PoFV
1st Misumi reimu, 2nd HS reimu, 3rd VX Siki, 4th Pozo Siki
I was proved wrong, it's not a moo sweep, holy shit two sikiekis 3rd and 4th.

SWR updates

Blah blah blah Yuyuko the fat and Remi the bat confirmed for SWR.
Also, unconfirmed Komachi and Reisen from unconfirmed cover.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Million Knights Idolm@ster

I decided on this character the moment I saw her in the trailer, but back then they didn't have a voice actress for her yet.
Anyway, the VA has been announced...and it's Chihaya from Idolmaster.
GGNORE, I have my character.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


And just like that, my interest in SWR is up again.
Even if it isn't as good as IaMP it has PATCH.
By the way her weather is something ridiculous like NO MELEE LOL or something as broken.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strawberry Haagen Dazs

Sales probably went up 200%.

Youmu and Sakuya announced for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

AKA everyone knew this shit was coming but we are all refreshing Tasofro's website anyway.
Sakuya's new portrait is sort of...cute.
In a clueless way.
<bellreisa> She looks like she doesn't know if she's serving tea or knives.
Youmu finally uses two swords!
Anyway we're still waiting for new characters besides Ayayaya :V

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

If I see Samurai Pizza Cats vs Ryu I'm playing this game.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kara no Kyoukai DVD 1 released

It's here.
ISO or RIP torrent pls k thx.
No I am not the clown who bought six freaking copies for the sole purpose of keychains.

Why are you still here?

So it seems like the scum of a housemate has decided to report the entire house as an illegal boarding house in an attempt to bring us all down with him.
The guy had an eviction order at least two to three months ago, why is he still here?
I actually looked up the definition of a boarding house and it's renting out a building that's not a hotel to four or more people.
Well he was the last one, and he makes four.
So if he LEAVES, we're no longer an illegal boarding house.

By the way the reason he had the initial eviction notice is because he refused to pay rent because the landlord wouldn't sign a paper saying he lived there and he needed that for credit the rent I guess?
The guy has no car, he doesn't work.
I have no clue what the fuck he does for money.

All I can think of now is that I should have let him die instead of driving him to the hospital that one time.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Proving once again I can't escape my past.

I was searching the denpa rankings out of extreme boredom to see if any Touhou lulz had cracked the rankings when I saw this title jump out at me.

Too silly to pass up.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Because sometimes even I need to make these kinds of posts.
Anyway today fucking sucked.
Sucked sucked sucked.
Ok a while back Sp00ky ordered an Arcana Heart 2 board.
The first one was dead on arrival , and the dealer's representative kept pretending she didn't know English.
So he sent it straight back to EXAMU.
It arrived today...with no cart.
How the hell you promise to upgrade and send back the board but forget the cart.

As for me personally:
Today, random Florida branch manager sends a meeting invite to me at 4:30pm (Near the end of the freaking day) to take control of his computer to fix it...WHEN HIS COMPUTER WAS HAVING NO PROBLEMS.
Then proceeds to have me waste an hour..."diagnosing" a problem-less machine.
Everything is fucking fine, there is no DNS rape like the last time I looked at it.
He's like oh we get disconnects.
Well call me when you get DISCONNECTS, not when your shit works fine.
The only thing worrying me is why I can't access the new router that's supposedly the source of the problems.
So I spend more time until I realize their network down there is of the form:
T1->Router -> Switch -> Wireless Router.
No wonder I can't access the wireless router settings.
Hell no wonder I can't access
That and the guy has the nerve to tell me I should come down to Florida to look at their random ass network because I ask all these questions he can't quite answer.
We're a fucking consulting company for god's sake, why is everyone so technically lacking?
Hell you don't even pay my superior enough to do his normal job, he should be making way more with the crap he has to do.
I'm simply amazed he's managed to keep sane for so long.
Of course, mid-fucking call with Florida I get another call from some other managing director who honestly wouldn't get an answer if I had left on time, but just LUCKILY manages to snag me at 5:40pm or so while I'm still in office because of FLORIDALULZ.
So now it's from one call to another.
He asked us to change his email forwarder because he has to use these fucking arcane rules (He doesn't use Exchange, no he has a forwarder set up to his personal account that pops everything and that's how his fucking Outlook is set up) and now it's broken and I basically test and even though he won't admit it it's obvious that his current Outlook settings are not set to view the new mail account he wants to forward to.
So I take the easy option, I just tell him we're reverting back to his old address now.
By now it's like 7:00PM in the office and I finally go home.
Fucking hell.
I should have fought for the 20% raise instead of rolling over for the 10% with no review.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wow. Pokemon is serious business.
I might just tag along to the NY one cause of all the fruits I know who will be there.
List of tourney rules here:
1. TWO (2) POKÉMON® VIDEO GAME SHOWDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS GRAND PRIZES: A trip for four to Tokyo, Japan, New York, NY, USA or Oahu, Hawaii, USA. Trip includes round-trip coach air transportation for four (4) from the international airport closest to winner’s residence to their choice of one of the three listed cities. Trip includes 6-day/5-night double occupancy hotel occupancy accommodations for four (in two standard rooms), a Custom Nintendo DS game system, and a POKÉMON® prize pack. Approximate retail value (“ARV”): $10,000

2. TWO (2) POKÉMON® VIDEO GAME SHOWDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS SECOND PLACE PRIZES: A Custom Nintendo DS game system, and a POKÉMON® prize pack. ARV: $1,250.00.

3. FOUR (4) POKÉMON® VIDEO GAME SHOWDOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS THIRD PLACE PRIZES: A Custom Nintendo DS game system and a POKÉMON® prize pack. ARV: $750.00.

4. EIGHT (8) POKÉMON VIDEO GAME SHOWDOWN CHAMPIONSHIP FOURTH PLACE PRIZES: A Custom Nintendo DS game system and a POKÉMON® prize pack. ARV: $500.00.

5. SIXTY-FOUR (64) SHOWDOWN PARTICIPANT PRIZES: A trip for two to Orlando, Florida to compete in the POKÉMON® Video Game Showdown. Trip includes round-trip coach air transportation for two (2) from the major commercial airport nearest winner’s residence in the U.S. to Orlando, FL on a date specified by Sponsor to coincide with the Video Game Showdown. Winners residing within 200 miles of Orlando will receive ground transportation in lieu of air transportation, without compensation. Includes 4-day/3-night double occupancy hotel accommodations (standard rooms) and transportation to and from an Orlando area destination airport (unless ground transportation has been substituted as set forth above), a POKÉMON® prize pack. ARV: $2,160.00.

6. FOUR (4) SHOWDOWN QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT WINNER PRIZES: A Wii four player prize package consisting of one (1) Nintendo Wii console system, three (3) additional Wii-motes, three (3) additional nunchuck controllers, and one (1) copy of POKÉMON® Battle Revolution. ARV: $450.00


Annnnnnd the synopsis:
[12:31] <phae|P3> that chick on the left is Jesus btw
[12:31] <phae|P3> lol
[12:32] <phae|P3> Oh, it gets better. The guy is a young fisherman from some Eastern European country who is obsessed with losing his virginity, and because the local girls are too ugly, is intent on raping Jesus. The first thing he does is knock Jesus unconscious and stuff her in a chest.

In the "Can't make this shit up department.

By the way, I think this picture is a hysterically accurate portrayal of Christianity!


Waiting for a screenshot of actual gameplay pls k thx.
For the time being look at how hot VSion art is.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MBAA Loktest?Exhibition? TOMORROW

・「MELTY BLOOD Actress again」


Tokyo, May 15th, May 16th, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NicoNico taking down Nintendo related videos.

We can not let this stand!
They are taking away our KAS playthroughs and autoplays and modded pokeymans!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Didn't know CPL (aka Cyberathlete Professional League) died about a month back.
Oh well.
[15:36] <fubarduck> someone pointed out an interesting analogy to me
[15:37] <fubarduck> CPL did the same thing as Evo is doing this year, right before it ceased to exist
[15:38] <fubarduck> lose their sponsors
[15:38] <fubarduck> and lower the # of games
[15:38] <fubarduck> and take out a game everyone loves from the lineup
[15:38] <fubarduck> (it was CS 1.6 for CPL)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Immaterial and Missing Power Tutorial

It took them three months or so but it's finally finished.
A tutorial for people who just can't wrap their minds around IaMP.
I have to say it's well done, though bellreisa being dry and informative is something rare.

By the way, my last post was 555 posts, which only dorks will understand.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Million Knights Vermillion Trailer

Looks like NRF is back after imploding from the awfulness of Big Bang Beat, a nice looking fighter with super polish that sucked so much gameplay wise it hurt.
Let's hope their next foray isn't doomed to as much failure.

To Heart 2 X

So yeah I'm playing this for lols now because otherwise I'll feel lost when I start AD.
Maryan is hilarious.
Your second meeting leads to you getting handcuffed, gagged, and thrown in a locker.
Sasara is COLD.
Not just shy, COLD.

Ok never mind, Sasara is just shy.
Also, I forgot to say but Yocchi is cool :3

Friday, May 02, 2008

TF2 ChainSaw

So I have this thing now, and I'm beginning to think Valve didn't really test it at all.
Ubering a medic now becomes a hideously powerful option if there is a lack of sentries and both of you know what you are doing.
Basically uber a medic -> he bonesaws four people -> he ubers you before the uber runs out -> you bonesaw four people.
Repeat until they are all dead or run away.
Don't go for other medics or scouts, just go for the slower classes.
Medic has 107% speed so this doesn't hurt either.

I finally found a like minded medic on a /v/ server (lol) to try this out with on Well(CP).
The result was ridiculous.
They had us raped inside the 4th point but could never take it cause we would sit in spawn, a pyro of theirs was outside waiting, we'd set ourselves on fire on purpose, build an uber, then just clear the point with uber chains.
Eventually we pushed them to their final cap and had a sequence where we had nine consecutive ubers or something hideous like that on their final point with a final score of like 79 and 58 points.
Of course this was on a /v/ server, but it bears mentioning because there are some real instances I feel this becomes insanely silly.

The first place that comes to mind of course is Gravel Pit B, on defense, when their entire team has gotten into the point.
The terrible thing is even if the scouts and medics run away, you are almost guaranteed to kill at least one soldier or heavy because of how many ubers you will get from hitting them.