Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Updates yet again

pooshlmer's servers are trash so I was forced to post information to 4chan, which I never visit.
Anyway, full roster pretty much confirmed.
I find it amusing how every character returns EXCEPT China, they screwed her again just for good measure.
There already seems to be a 1.01 patch.
Anyway the rundown.

Her sprite and portrait seemed designed to look as completely helpless moe as possible.

Komachi looks in pretty damn fine form.
I will definitely give her a try.

Iku Nagae
Kanako with a hat?
No clue really, the one screenshot I saw of her had her doing like a disco dance.
Not my style.

Which leads us to our final boss.
Hinanawi Tenshi (those of you who know any kanji at all will immediately go wait wtf how the fuck do you get a wi sound and a Tenshi from those characters.
Don't ask me, I have no fucking clue either.
In a word...
Like the peaches hat just makes it cuter.
I had a silly grin when I saw this on VIP.
Did I mention she's also a dragon?

And they are fighting in space it seems.

There's a lot of other screenshots, and it sort of makes me wonder if Tasofro forgot about stages where you CANT SEE JACK.
Yuyuko's snow stage is asking for bans already.
So yeah I'm interested in playing Aya, Patch, Suika, Komachi, and Tenshi right now.
We'll see how the chips fall.


Anonymous said...

4chan has become "meh" now. if its Touhou related, have you tried its like plooshmer but organized.

Lilyes said...

They're all so cute... makes me want to play.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention she's also a dragon?

Dragons? In MY Gensokyo?

Anonymous said...

Not a Dragon, but a Celestial.