Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why are you still here?

So it seems like the scum of a housemate has decided to report the entire house as an illegal boarding house in an attempt to bring us all down with him.
The guy had an eviction order at least two to three months ago, why is he still here?
I actually looked up the definition of a boarding house and it's renting out a building that's not a hotel to four or more people.
Well he was the last one, and he makes four.
So if he LEAVES, we're no longer an illegal boarding house.

By the way the reason he had the initial eviction notice is because he refused to pay rent because the landlord wouldn't sign a paper saying he lived there and he needed that for credit to...pay the rent I guess?
The guy has no car, he doesn't work.
I have no clue what the fuck he does for money.

All I can think of now is that I should have let him die instead of driving him to the hospital that one time.

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Lilyes said...

Scum indeed! Have you all been evicted? Is that why you're not online today?