Friday, May 02, 2008

TF2 ChainSaw

So I have this thing now, and I'm beginning to think Valve didn't really test it at all.
Ubering a medic now becomes a hideously powerful option if there is a lack of sentries and both of you know what you are doing.
Basically uber a medic -> he bonesaws four people -> he ubers you before the uber runs out -> you bonesaw four people.
Repeat until they are all dead or run away.
Don't go for other medics or scouts, just go for the slower classes.
Medic has 107% speed so this doesn't hurt either.

I finally found a like minded medic on a /v/ server (lol) to try this out with on Well(CP).
The result was ridiculous.
They had us raped inside the 4th point but could never take it cause we would sit in spawn, a pyro of theirs was outside waiting, we'd set ourselves on fire on purpose, build an uber, then just clear the point with uber chains.
Eventually we pushed them to their final cap and had a sequence where we had nine consecutive ubers or something hideous like that on their final point with a final score of like 79 and 58 points.
Of course this was on a /v/ server, but it bears mentioning because there are some real instances I feel this becomes insanely silly.

The first place that comes to mind of course is Gravel Pit B, on defense, when their entire team has gotten into the point.
The terrible thing is even if the scouts and medics run away, you are almost guaranteed to kill at least one soldier or heavy because of how many ubers you will get from hitting them.

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