Friday, September 30, 2005

Hasta la huego!

How can the town not have been depopulated after the cabin stand?

Oh yes, mister village head boss?
You can take your life back, if I can take my 5 full-healing items back.
That stupid shitty second form hits for 90% damage.

Dance Dance Immolation

Dance Dance Revolution...with flamethrowers.
Do well and the computer shoots propane blasts into the air.
Suck and get shot in the face with fire.
Ummmm yeah, it's hard to comment on something as ridiculous as this is.
-via IC-

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More thoughts while playing Resident Evil 4

Why is this big cheese guy trashing me and letting me live over and over?
And when do I get to trash him?
He pisses me off.

taking out the trash

Just posting some links before I remove them from my profile:
Really nice Touhou video
Butterfly effect
Gorillaz music video

Oh yeah, fighting chainsaw guys with an unupgraded handgun is lose.
Edit: And if these guys are not zombies, how come when they're headless they can STILL GRAB ME? Freakin' cheaters.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Holy Order Cheese

I don't think direct linking the vid works unless you have a registration, but go to my namesake, without the blogspot. That's, for the people who didn't catch that. Anyway it's boss Holy Order Sol, with infinite meter, I bet he regens life also. We've been fighting stupidly overpowered bosses forever, but that one counter super !!FRCed!! into the auto combo super that takes off 65% or so is SILLY. Then again infinite meter is silly, you hear that RCing BOSS INO WHO LIKE TO STALL DURING MISSIONS SO TIME RUNS OUT?

Anyway, I've been worrying about Slash for a while. The balancing by nerfing in particular (No Millia combos after her throw? Bah. And they really nerfed Jam. Also, yes Sol lost his dust loop. But christ he NEEDS his dust loop to get anywhere, otherwise well...Sol doesn't have much!) Most of the changes I have lying around somewhere in a big text file. The latest I remember is Johnny's teleport, which freaks me out. It seems to be an attack tele? As in horizontal slash, tele. Seems like trying to corner Johnny will be useless, I sortta wonder what Venom can do against that.

Right, get the Johnny vs Baiken? match at combovideos to check out the teleport.
Registration required yet again, sorry.

Edit: Oh dear, Millia's j.HS doesn't drag the opponent downwards anymore? Animation changed? This already bodes ill.


The Halo Dies post needs a little more explanation.
For the 2 people or so who clicked one of the links, they were treated to 20 minutes of action hero-ness.

In short, an innocent coder was coding a mod for Halo for the computer that would be like Ocarina of Time multiplayer.
If anyone remembers Ocarina of time, it introduced the wonders of easyness called "Z-Targetting."
Anyway, good friend asks coder for said source code, coder says sure why not.
Good friend gives it to bad man, bad man says, oh-ho, programs in lead compensators, releases working CLIENT SIDE AIMBOT that works regardless of SERVER SIDE.

Halo PC thus dies.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Guard vs Cardboard box

Description of Metal Gear Solid 3's multiplayer tournament.
USA team's weapon of Choice: Porn Magazine

Thursday, September 22, 2005

FBI forms anti-porn squad

'I guess this means we've won the war on terror,' one agent says

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It was all that person's fault! That person over there, with the head mounted videoset!

Ok, so I watched Peter's nearly four hour long CMU VR game webcast thing.
Freaking amazing.
As I understand it, these are two week game projects that had to use drumsets, a headset, or something I didn't quite catch its name, but all virtual reality devices.
About half an hour of talking, which was really informative (Disneyland rides, indirect control, etc.), and then the student projects.

The two projects that were truly awesome were 4 way versus multiplayer Nibbler/Snake, which I could totally see being marketed in bars or arcades or something, and Pitt's Burgers, a rather amusing burger flipping simulation.

Sorry Peter, but your wack-a-mole came after Nibbler XD.

But yeah, worth my time =O.
Two weeks is insane though, you must not have any other classes but that one.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Image Song
FFVII Advent Children Original Soundtrack September 28, 2005
First released September 27, 1989 on Himuro's album NEO FASCIO

Lyrics: Himuro Kyosuke, Matsui Goro
Music: Himuro Kyosuke
Performed by: Himuro Kyosuke

Notes: I replace chi with ti in the word romantisuto because
Himuro really doesn't say chi at all.

眠れぬ夜をいくつ数えたら 俺たち たどり着くだろう
nemurenu yoru o ikutsu kazoetara ore-tachi tadoritsuku darou
どれだけの命なくしたとき 争いは終わるのだろう
doredake no inochi nakushita toki arasoi wa owaru no darou
歴史の上をころがるだけの 救えない道化師たち
rekishi no ue *wa korogaru dake no sukuenai doukeshi-tachi
いつか誰かが言ってたように 答えは風のなか
itsuka dareka ga itteta youni kotae wa kaze no naka

そむけた顔をいくつ打たれたら 気づかぬふりやめるのか
somuketa kao o ikutsu utaretara kizukanu huriyamero no ka
どれほどの苦しみに耐えたら 笑顔は自由になるのか
dorehodo no kurushimi ni taetara egao wa ziyuu ni naru no ka
錆びた鎖につながれたまま またしっぽをまくのなら
sabita kusari ni tsunagareta ma **made mata shippo o maku no nara
いつか誰かが言ってたように 答えは風のなか
itsuka dareka ga itteta youni kotae wa kaze no naka
hurishiboro koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
運命はきっと 変わる時を待っている
unmei wa kitto kawaru toki o matte iru
chippoke na ai no sasayaka na ***chikara de
悲しみはいつも 抱かれるのを待っている
kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no o matte iru

嘘のパズルをならべかえてる 哀れなペテン師たち
uso no pazuru o narabekaeteru aware na petenshi-tachi
不器用さを器用にふるまう 愚かなロマンチストたち
bukiyou sa o kiyou ni hurumau oroka na romantisuto-tachi
歴史がなにも語らなくなる そんな日がくる予感に
rekishi ga nanimo kataranaku naru sonna hi ga kuru yokan ni
いつか誰かが言ってたように 答えは風のなか
itsuka dareka ga itteta youni kotae wa kaze no naka
hurishiboro koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
運命はきっと 変わる時を待っている
unmei wa kitto kawaru toki o matte iru
chippoke na ai no sasayaka na ***chikara de
悲しみはいつも 抱かれるのを待っている
kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no o matte iru

*It says ue o, but hell he SAYS ue wa.
**The "made" is definitely there, even if they cut it off in the lyrics.
***Yes, he says chikara. It's not even a slurring, it's just a ridiculous way of saying it. The second repetition is a lot clearer though.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Don't cry!

And hot on the heels of the last post is the list of "Holy plothole, even for an movie rpg!"
More like ESPECIALLY for a movie rpg.

1. Cloud bleeds once in the beginning when Yazoo shoots off his goggles.
2. Kadaj summoning Bahamut from a GREEN materia.
3. Red XIII has a freaking JETPACK.
4. Bahamut's blast COMPLETELY disappears into magic space after Cloud cuts him.
Shoot the thrower, the grenade is still there. The town should be obliterated.
5. Rufus is in incredibly fine form after having Diamond Weapon shoot a cannon straight into his office. Also, he can't shoot worth a damn. Oh yeah, Kadaj falls faster because he weighs heavier, DUH!
6. Cloud's double sword detach weapon magically gets 4 or 5 more swords in it against Sephiroth.
7. Yazoo has time to FIND A NEW GUN after his old one gets chopped in half and he is blown up by explosives.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Notice your lack of familiarity."

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children is WORTH YOUR TIME.
Or at least Peter Justeson says so, and Peter Justeson hates everyone in FF7.

Honestly though, they really piled on the fan service (not that kind), so I can't help but smile.
I mean I enjoyed the game (not to the extent that 95% of gamefaqs did), but they took what coolness I remembered and expanded on it 50 fold.

Since no one reads this, I'm going to assume you've SEEN the damn movie, except maybe Allan, but who knows if he's even played the game =O.

Cool point 1: CLOUD KEEPS ALL HIS SWORDS in a handy place.
Cool point 2: The oh so "contrived" (Peter's term) battle, you know the one against the big guy. Couldn't help but smile, even if it the setup was so obviously coming.
Cool point 3: Victory fanfare after Tifa wins.
Cool point 4: Rufus shooting while falling with that damnable smile on his face the entire time.
Cool point 5: Motorcycle battle 2. That guy cheats with haste.

Ok there are a lot more, just watch it for yourself if you haven't =O.