Sunday, September 25, 2005

Holy Order Cheese

I don't think direct linking the vid works unless you have a registration, but go to my namesake, without the blogspot. That's, for the people who didn't catch that. Anyway it's boss Holy Order Sol, with infinite meter, I bet he regens life also. We've been fighting stupidly overpowered bosses forever, but that one counter super !!FRCed!! into the auto combo super that takes off 65% or so is SILLY. Then again infinite meter is silly, you hear that RCing BOSS INO WHO LIKE TO STALL DURING MISSIONS SO TIME RUNS OUT?

Anyway, I've been worrying about Slash for a while. The balancing by nerfing in particular (No Millia combos after her throw? Bah. And they really nerfed Jam. Also, yes Sol lost his dust loop. But christ he NEEDS his dust loop to get anywhere, otherwise well...Sol doesn't have much!) Most of the changes I have lying around somewhere in a big text file. The latest I remember is Johnny's teleport, which freaks me out. It seems to be an attack tele? As in horizontal slash, tele. Seems like trying to corner Johnny will be useless, I sortta wonder what Venom can do against that.

Right, get the Johnny vs Baiken? match at combovideos to check out the teleport.
Registration required yet again, sorry.

Edit: Oh dear, Millia's j.HS doesn't drag the opponent downwards anymore? Animation changed? This already bodes ill.

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