Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Interesing week for music...
First off, we have an "article" on dempa music; here's a link to the Top 10 list.
Anyway, for those Japanese impaired, Miko Miko Nurse sits (I think wrongly), at number one.
Followed by Sakuranbo Kiss at number two, which most any Kotoko fan will have.
Number three however, is a song I had DEFINITELY heard before but could not place.
Turns out it was on a GGXX Jam combo movie.
Tenbatsu! Angel Rabi.
For some reason very very easy to loop, a silly high-pitched ditty about Angel Rabi punishing bad people with a magical baton.

Secondly, Saros wants to make a DSJ combo video, using Kotoko's Re-Sub.
I prefer Agony honestly, then again it could be because I heard it first, thanks again to a combo video (EFZ Mai).
99% of my buddy list and Saros prefer Re-Sub, while almost the entire mIRC channel of #nipponsei prefers Agony.
Oh yeah, some people prefer suppuration above both, but that's different.
Managed to do a really screwy Yuka combo that impressed both me and him, but coming up blank on ideas for other characters.
Lily's damage is pretty bad -_-a

Third, random JHU/AIM buddy Airellian IMs me with Spin, a short clip? trailer? promo thing.
It rocks.

Finally, Dare, by the Gorillaz.
Noodle is win, and incidientally if anyone wants the video or wants to know where to get a stream grabber, just aim me.

And that wraps up this week in music.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some niggling questions...

1. When a soul "dies" in soul society, they are reborn in the "real" world, correct?
2. What about people in the "real" world who already have both forms (Like Ichigo), what would happen if his shinigami form died, or his human form?
3. Do family ties apply after a soul dies in the real world?
How about if a soul dies in soul society?
4. Rukia is 140-150 years old, therefore it can be assumed that dying in soul society from old age is pretty hard.
Yet, the material world's population is getting steadily larger.
Where are all these extra souls coming from, if there is a balance?
Furthermore, you have a LOT of souls each year becoming hollows or being eaten by hollows.
It doesn't quite work out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005


3rd Strike U.S. vs. Japan 5 on 5:

Team USA:
Watson (Ken)
Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
Hsien (Ken)
Ken I. aka Sextaro! (Finally a damn Makoto)
Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li)

Team Japan:
Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
Kokujin (Dudley)
Knit (Yun)
Mester (Yun)
MOV (Chun-Li)



TEKKEN 5 U.S. vs. Japan 5 on 5:

Team Japan:
Kenbou (Ganryu)
SDZ (Bryan)
Yuu (Feng Wei)
Mishimaster (Heihachi)
Hato (Heihachi)

Team USA:
JOP (Jack 5)
tomhilfiger (Nina)
Arario (Jack 5)
Jinkid (Steve)
insanelee (Ganryu)


14-11 USA WINS


Tekken Tag:

1st - Qudans - [Korea]
2nd - Ryan Hart
3rd - Tomhilfiger
4th - Slips
5th - JinKid / Crow
7th - MadDogJin / SDZ

Capcom vs SNK 2:

1st - BAS - [Japan] (Bout time, then again in a Daigoless field...)
2nd - Mago
3rd - Kindebu
4th - Combofiend


1st - RF (Faust) - [Japan] (I hate Faust, but I hate Eddie more)
2nd - Kindebu (Eddie)
3rd - Miu (Sol)
4th - Marneto (Eddie)
5th - Ruin (Eddie) / Mago (Slayer)
7th - Tokido (Eddie) / Bas (Eddie)

Super Turbo:

1st - Gian (Dhalsim) - [Japan] (Dhalsim? Wtf?)
2nd - Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
3rd - Tokido (Chun-Li)
4th - DSP (Vega)
5th - Buktooth, NKI (Chun-Li)
7th - Jason Cole (Dhalsim) / Peter

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

2nd - Yipes (Who?)
3rd - Potter
4th - Justin Wong (Only 4th!)
5th - Ricky O. / Chris Schmidt
7th - Rawbzilla / Reset

Tekken 5:

1st - Crow (Steve) - [USA]
2nd - Yuu (Feng Wei)
3rd - MadDogJin (Steve)
4th - jra64 (Nina)
5th - Hato (Bryan) / Mishimaster (Heihachi)
7th - Arario (Jack 5) / Kenbou (Ganryu)

SF3: Third Strike:

1st - Ohnuki (Chun-Li) - [Japan] (Chun on Chun. SUCKTASTIC)
2nd - Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
3rd - Nitto (Yun)
4th - Mester (Ken)
5th - Ricky O. (Chun-Li) / Kokujin (Dudley)
7th - RF (Chun-Li) / MOV (Chun-Li)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stellvia 2 Canned.

Also Nadesico 2.
Ah some lose some.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Disgaea II will be released in Japan on 9/30/05.

High res.


No word yet on a US release date.

via Lolitron.
No I'm not frikkin linking you, that guy has severe problems.
BUT, I think the date's pretty dependable.

SHIT, screw you internet.
The site's got a new thread on it now - turns out the guy mis-interpreted it... NIS AREN'T releasing Disgaea 2 in September - however, they will be ANNOUNCING a new game that very month. Chances are it'll feature one of the hidden characters from Makai Kingdom - the one referred to as 'The Next Protagonist'.


They made an anime out of Eien no Aselia?
Christ, I'm out of the loop.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Smash in Japan

Wow didn't know it, but those crazy doofs Ken, Isai, Unknownforce, and Bach (Top tier camerman) are actually in JAPAN right now playing Japanese smashers.
This is ALL BEFORE EVOLUTION which starts August 12th.
That's some crazy ass dedication.
Anyway choice quote from dc++ hub:
Jack did an awesome DK combo and one of the Japanese players watching goes "cheap combo".
CJ replied "not cheap. beautiful". Was so great.

Oh yeah it's pronounced, "EYE-SAY-UH"

Sirlin rides again.

More insightful comments down at Sirlin's corner of the world.
I absolutely adore his MMO money discussion:
Buying Gold in MMOs
Buying gold in MMOs such as World of Warcraft has been a hot topic for years. It's all over the forums on right now. One side thinks "I've worked so hard to earn my gold, why should someone with real-life money get to buy it?" The other side thinks, "I have a job and can't play 15 hours per day. Why should kiddies with more free time get to mindlessly grind gold? They have more time, but it's worth it to me to spend $1 to get over 10 gold, so I do." Neither side can seem to understand the other.

I'm not sure why one side sees grinding gold as some amazing accomplishment that they earned. Farming gold is just as retarded as buying it on ebay, really. A lot of these complaints are coming from the angle that buying gold makes the playfield uneven in the competitive game of World of Warcraft. Newsflash: World of Warcraft is not a real competitive game. I think I've covered that one. There is no beginning, middle and end to a game (except in CTF matches), and people don't come to the table with the same resources the way they do in chess or Street Fighter or tennis.

This is the part where some of you write me mail about how people don't come to the table with the same resources in those games either because some people bring skill and others don't. Or maybe you'll say some people have more time to practice tennis so they get to bring more skill. Surely you know how bankrupt those comments are. The whole point of competitive games is that skill is the one uneven thing you are allowed to bring into and otherwise even match. Some people need lots of time to develop skill, and others don't. But no one buys skill (directly).

Also don't write me about how tennis gear or Magic cards cost money, so people bring different things to the table based on money in those games. No they don't. If you are a real Magic tournament player, you can get any card you want by trading or buying. A certain amount of cash or connections is needed to even play for real. Similarly, tournament tennis matches don't happen between people with $9 gear and people with $9,000 gear. Tournament tennis players have access to reasonably similar amount of gear and get ot compete based on a combination of skill, strategy and stamina.

MMOs are inherently uneven playfields. Unemployed kiddies grinding for gold vs. wealthy professionals buying it only highlights this issue; it doesn't create it. I guess I'm saying you can't really complain about people bringing different amounts of resources into a game that's entirely based on uneven playfields in the first place.

You know who the real loser is? Blizzard. Why aren't they finding a way to make money off this? Sony is. They have new servers for EverQuest that are flat out labeled as 'gold buying' servers. You know going in that you can trade real money for in-game money, and so can everyone else. If you don't like it, go on another server (where it happens anyway, btw), but at least Sony gets to make some money off it.

If you're still upset over this issue, maybe take up a real competitive game such as chess, Street Fighter, counter-strike, Magic: The Gathering, or...I don't know...Scrabble. No one will ever trade US dollars for extra letter tiles against you.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Extra Extra, Jack Thompson not quite right in the head!

But then again we all knew that already.

Happy birthday Kenny

You're 20, almost a year away from legality.
Enjoy it while it lasts...

Online speech is making its way into offline speech, Peter hates it when I say, "GG."
And I say it a fucking LOT.
I don't know when this first happened but now it's a speech tic.

Power blackout during Kenny's birthday though (August 4), so I missed our assault league match vs NoOne.
Seems like we lost 10-0.
What a downer, I bet I could have made a difference, like say...9-0 or 10-1.
Just maybe.

In other news, we played a random magic draft that day cause of the power blackout.
Got swept by Brady, won two nailbiters off peter.
Hell everyone seems to win nailbiters off Peter.
Played Kenny once and won, but he said I took too long so we didn't play a second game.
Guy would have like 50000000 life and you'd have to whittle it down, or in my case, millstone him down.

Had a really good interview on Friday, I guess that's how the good ones are supposed to go anyway (Got a free magazine too, yay.)

Owned my Oracle certification (well, 1Z0-007 anyway) completely.

I only have five more godamn supers to parry in Duel Savior Justice!
More stupid videos:
30 Arrows, this one was godamn annoying.
Blah blah blah shut up Mutsuki.
Sonic booms?
Not that hard actually, just timing changes during certain hits.
Mash mash mash.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stupid Videos

40 Arrows
Mudou Fire
Papillon's random super
Stupid crap with Kaede's Shinryuken
Golem Freeze
Lobelia Launcher
Necromatic Ougi
Rico Fireball

Oh right, we won our dispute vs NoOne.

Duel Savior Destiny

Just a heads up, I forgot there was a "clean" version of Duel Savior for the PS2 in the works called Duel Savior Destiny.
I was so excited about Justice that I sort of forgot about it.
Anyway, according to Piyo, there's a new Claire route!
And they gave Taiga EYES!
OMFG x 2.
OMFG x 3.
And guess who is voice actor is?
That's right, the voice actor of the hero is Noriaki Sugiyama aka SASUKE from Naruto aka ISHIDA from Bleach.
That's some expensive voice talent right there...all for a lowly Giga game =O.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Um yeah, those who know me might know where I've been holed up.
Christ on a crutch Duel Savior Justice owns my soul.
Guard mode is ridiculously addictive, and stupid at the same time.
Things like Kaede's anti air uppercut which NEVER GIVE ME ENOUGH HITS even though I PARRY THEM ALL piss me off.

Also, our match vs NoOne left a bad taste in my mouth.
First map, we pulled of 1-0 cap on Ice Fields in overtime.
They completely raped us in kills.

Second map DI, we won 3-2 in overtime but they disputed cause Naota drove a hog into their base my mistake, and they said it helped us cap, which it didn't.

Third map Timbo, which we played because if they win dispute then we wouldn't have to reschedule, they accused methos of print screening when it was THEIR own laggy ass server being stupid.
We all had certifications on too, you CANT print screen with that on, even with fraps or what not.

Anyway, Noone are sore winners/losers =O

Hope this doesn't become permanent bad blood or whatever between WPC and NoOne...