Sunday, March 28, 2004

Woe unto Germans!

Well holy shit we took a guild hall. For like five minutes. But the thrill was amazing. Man WoE on large servers has such a different ridiculous strategy to them. Guild holding is generally pray that the MASS of hall-less guilds don't gather at your doorstep (Remembers Prontera One that mob was HUGE). That and spam firewall quag and traps. Guild attacking? Wait for some crazy invincible guild like Apex to bust through, then RUN as fast as you can to the emperium while cloaked and hope no one ruwaches. Then beat on the emp and hope you get healed while the wizards constantly spam storm gust. But yeah I own, cause I did the most damage to the EMP! Yay for non aspd non poison enchant criticals.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Update on the drama!

Well what do you bloody know, Gravity finally classified the bug that's been on the foreign servers for AT LEAST A YEAR+ as AN EXPLIOT. Goddamn tards. Anyway teh jazzy is vindicated, and people are going to be banned maybe probably. Anyway fuckers, stop whining about your lack of info, it is posted above, so if you want to risk getting your ass kicked, be my guest. By the way it's sort of fucking obvious if a group of people are standing around a mini boss for a good hour.

What's the A stand for?

What's worse than failing a really hard test? Failing a really easy one. And that's how I feel after I took my AI midterm. My god skolemized logic? I KNEW IT WAS EASY, but guess what, I don't know what skolemized means! Fuck me. God fucking damn it, I'm really mad at myself...I should have aced that piece of shit. Guess that's the penalty for skipping class cause it's too early...No more. I have to go to AI so I don't shame myself with more repeat performances. MY GOD THE TEST WAS SO EASY BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't know what SKOLEMIZED MEANT. ARGH.

International Ragnadrama Online
Well our guild leader, teh jazzy, took it on himself to rat out one of his friends for abusing a bug. Problem is Gravity says it's not a bug. Bullshit. So the end result? Alienation between two former friendly people, lots of hate on jazzy, lots of hate on the guild abusing the bug, and general widespread knowledge of how to abuse it now. Well I did caution him, but he made up his mind...shrug...guess all that's left is to abuse the bug so much that Gravity does a rollback. In case you're wondering, if you get your steal percentage at 0% on a monster, you have an equal chance to steal any of its items. How does that work? Well 0% isn't really 0%, you still have a chance. So basically...take about 45 minutes to an hour stealing off the miniboss of your choice. That's like an hour for 30million zenny...NOT A BUG! Even averaged out, you have four hours for 30 million zenny. Gravity is stupid.

DropRatio*(Dex + 3*Skill Level - MonsterDex + 10)/100
So an example would be:
1/10000 (slot earring rarity)*(1 Dex+3*Level 1 Steal-(no idea what zealotus dex is)+10)/100
which ends with
(14+zealotus's dex)/1,000,000
I believe the percent is truncated, so if you have 0.9%, it's still 0%.
Not too hard right? It's still in the foreign versions of ro's a wonder those servers with all their cheating thais 555 and koreans hukhuk haven't abused this bug to death. (No offense to noncheating thais or koreans)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

S H, L, U

Select Larvae, make hydralisk, make lurker, burrow.
Hydralisk to lurker conversion

Pretentious Bullshit

Oh the fucking irony. The "resource" that finally easily digested Leibniz for me and helped me a shitload was something my current British philo professor wrote six years ago. God that's hilarious.

Edit: I think I'm hallucinating Jon != Michael and therefore they aren't the same person. Argh my brain's wasting away!

On infinity

Maybe this is what happens at 6am reading Leibniz start liking the guy's "proof" of why his philisophical system isn't deterministic. And damn it IS a clever proof you know...proofs of infinity result in truths that are not necessary, God's infinite world choice and the infinite relations between its infinite elements of course would require an infinite proof to say it is the best, so therefore the truths aren't necessary...

Word choice wise it's fucking brilliant, in a twisted sick calculus oriented way


So at 5:30am in the morning, I'm still stalling, although a bit farther along at beating Leibniz's corpse to death. Anyway my particular method of stalling this time is browsing 2chan. Yeah 2chan, not 4chan. My god those wacky Japanese...most unorganized board in the history of whatever. Like I can read some of the titles (IGNORE GURO, DO NOT CLICK THAT BOARD OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LUNCH AND OTHER CONTENTS OF YOUR STOMACH AND/OR MIND), but hell like I see random Clannad character postings in the most random spaces (Let's post the character in the trains board! W00t). Anyway, a good way to waste time. I have yet to figure out the boards below the img boards though, cause they are FULL of text and links to more...text.


It figures, again a dejavu scene. Early morning, like 3:30am, and the only one awake on my AIM list is of course John, who lives in Canada, and for some reason sleeps like I do, which is to say, very fucked up sleep schedule. And I'm here, just staring at godamn Leibniz and my stupid half coherent words and wondering why in hell I let my academic advisor talk me out of taking this class satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and basically just stalling. God I hate you Leibniz, speak in godamn sentences that make sense.

And of course John now sends me some distraction, in the form of a link, and I click it and spend two hours not writing said philo paper, and I know I'll get a bad grade, and yet I click said link anyway.

Know thyself...more like slap thyself.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Des Cartes

On my previous philosophy paper, I used all my biased preconceptions of Des Cartes and basically didn't give him a fucking chance. He deserved it, his proof on God was absolute bullshit. But Leibniz? Goddamn Leibniz...I mean I got a fucking C- on the Descartes paper and I know exactly why...but Leibniz...that guy's a fucking trickyass mofo. Reading him is like doing cartwheels in headfuck logic. Descartes yeah I didn't give his stupid ass philosophy a chance. Leibniz I probably won't even understand what his philosophy is. I mean the easy route would be to take the Voltaire route, no depth, all mockery. But the guy's a mathematician, he's got like fifty oh-so-narrow definitions that somehow save his ass and we have to argue and account for them all. This paper is going to suck.

Stage 52

Holy shit baldr force is fucking HARD. There has to be an easier way than running around spamming missiles until their low and then going in. The fucking terrain is getting really nasty...the type of missiles I have absolutely fucking LOVE to just smack the back walls and blow up before they can home in. Really what the hell is with the terrain. I'm not sure how zepy managed to get to level 133 no sweat.

On second thought, three main things stick come into mind.
1. I can't fucking melee combo for beans. Everything starts with missiles, than dashing B, then B again (A rush in), and then hopefully melee will do some damage.
3. The super, cranks your heat gauge full and does flashy hits but...that plasma shit is horrible. Only close range, and it started doing less and less on the enemies. And I don't think I can level it.../hmmm I always try to finish the last guy off with the plasma, but I don't think it's helping the super any.

Progress Torrent

Any of ya heard of Progress Quest? No? It's a genius of a "game" screensaver, where it emulates an online rpg by doing all the work for you. Yeah that's right you just let it run, and it will fight, gain levels, buy new equipment, sell loot, get stronger, without any of your interaction. The hilarious thing is there are guilds for this "game" and people actually cheat. Yes people cheat in an non interactive game.

The reason I bring this little proggie up is that for three days, I have been STARING at a bittorrent progress bar. Yes, I have been looking at the percent slowly and slowly go up. For three days. What could cause such excitement? How about Baldr Force Exe. Not Neko force, the parody, I'm talking about the godamned original. Two fucking gigabyte torrent. And it's about to finish in like 10 minutes.

Now that it's near the end (99.8%), I was making jokes with one of my online friends, let's call him Jazzy. I compared the progress bar to Ragnarok Online (An online rpg) level gaining. And you know what? It's EXACTLY like that. All online rpgs are like that. You stay somewhere for HOURS fighting/doing/not doing God knows what and watch a little bar rise closer and closer to 100%. And when it hits 100%, you do it all over again. God what an evil game design.

More than likely after I finish this Baldr Force Exe torrent, I will get right back on irc and beg Baldr Neko Force. Guess the size of THAT game. That's right, two gigabytes. Another three days of not using the internet cause all my ports are dling. Level 99, here I come.

Monday, March 22, 2004

End of an Era

So it's Monday already. Fuck. There goes spring break. My roommate invited two of his friends up or down or whatever direction they had to travel to reach Johns Hopkins (most likely sideways cause they live in Maryland) to stay at our apartment for a bit. It's a good thing they never really went into my room because my room is hazardous. Anyway I got to meet mister crazy i.e. Jason i.e. Nazi anti cat eater and this girl whose name I forget at the time of this post. Suffice to say she tried to rape Brennan (roommate), who resisted quite violently, with Jason insulting his manhood all the while. Fun stuff. They also suckered me into watching the pilot of Firefly, which really isn't that bad a show. Pity it got cancelled. Man there's a Liebnicz philosophy paper due on Tuesday, I wonder if Ravi is going to pull his bullshit magical good grade receiver trick again.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Holy shit I hate rust. Just looking over and trying to translate part of a Japanese script today, and godamn I messed up like every line. Particles all over the place and just getting the wrong meanings completely. Shit. I have to read those books again and buy a Japanese dictionary, or go to Japan.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Random Bold Text

You know I might have to give Full Moon wo Sagashite's anime a chance. I remember watching the first two episodes and deciding that is was completely different than the manga, as in they cheapened one of the main plot devices and altered the ending. (All confirmed by fellow addicts on dewdrop.) However, the songs are absolutely gorgeous...for a manga/anime about singing, it's sort of hard to just dismiss the anime cause it has actual SOUND, and it's beautiful to listen to.

I must have like 30 versions of Eternal Snow.

Random divider
Wtf is with the Naruto manga? Fighting Gaara, Fighting Kabuto, these were all important story arc battles against real characters, but the sound four? Weak. Even weaker, a guy who is AN ASTRAL PROJECTION USING HIS BONES AS WEAPONS to fend off hundreds of Naruto clones. And Kabuto has the nerve to ask who's stronger, Sasuke or this new kid. Bastard's a fucking bedridden near death invalid, and yet he sends out his astral projection to go wack people. I think that owns whiny Sasuke. However, as a character he is fucking shit, because you know almost jack about him. No development whatsoever, I think the manga-ka is definitely stalling or not sure of where to take his story.

However, Rock Lee returns! Only to fight astral projection uber kid. What fucking luck, let's break his bones again why don't we.


  • Taiwanese Recount

  • Well bloody hell that's NOT what I wanted to read when I woke up. Anyway the opposition party is demanding a recount etc. annul the election etc. When you have 11 times the margin of victory of invalid votes, shits going to fly.

    The opposition party did bring up a real winner though, by saying that the shooting might have been staged to garner support for the existing president. Who knows?


    So after waiting THREE GODAMN days for what I thought was Baldr neko force, I get the WRONG FANDISK. ARGH. Godamn their numbering. There are two fandisk bundles, nekoneko soft fandisk one and nekoneko soft fandisk two. Fandisk group one has TWO CDS. What I got was Fandisk group one FIRST CD with baldr neko bullet. What I was GOING for was Baldr Neko force on fandisk group two, which is a godamn TWO GB DVD. Shite. Time to wait for another three days...better be worth it...but the screenshots already tell me it is.

    I'm a sucker for tactics game and customization...and hell it's a mecha game too.


    And so right now, the Taiwanese elections are going on. In case you do not know about Taiwan/Chinese politics, the two countries maintain a very delicate status with each other. Taiwan sort of hangs around and hides behind the USA fleet and ignores China, while China continually says it owns Taiwan but NEVER actually makes good on that statement. They do however point a ton of missiles in the island's general direction. So basically what everyone argues about is who gets bragging rights, i.e. what the official status is. For all intents and purposes, Taiwan's already independant. Just if it SAYS it is independant, China gets all surly, abusive parent style.

    History wise, it's the leftovers of an elaborate tango with Japan. Japan in WW2 went basically apeshit on its area of Asia, and so after it withdrew, it "forgot" to say "We return Taiwan to China." More like they let the island's citizens sort of decide for themselves. This is why Taiwan's status is not recognized, cause China keeps whining about their former property.

    Anyway, the current president of Taiwan, Chen Shui-Bian, is getting all combative and bringing up the topic of independance again, while the opposition party is basically going the appeasement route. He and the VP were also shot. Now the interesting thing to me is how the investigation could have so quickly ruled out China's involvement OR political motive in the shooting. They don't have the shooters, how could they know!

    From what I gather, Taiwanese view the Japanese occupation as actually MORE tolerable than when the Chinese held the island, which is why there is a marked LACK of anti Japanese feeling. You will not find this in Korea, who seems to be still bitter about their occupation, or China, considering Japan FUCKED up China really badly. (The rape of Nanking is all you need to read about.)


    Shit already the urge to digitally masturbate is overwhelming.

    Anyway, it is sort of sad when I think about it, but I really have NO close friends in real life that I currently see on a daily basis. On the other hand, I see a lot of "online" friends daily.

    One could say I prefer the digital to human contact, or I'm a complete introvert, but it never really struck me that I PREFER having online friends over real ones. It's more a sake of...convenience? I mean all the juniors are forced to live off campus. To continue to maintain contact (I'm not really close to anyone inside my major at all) would require visiting their residences, which requires walking somewhere. Take for example this spring break. My younger brother went to Florida, my roommate went home, hell probably 85% of the school went somewhere. Me? I stayed in my dorm and played Halo and Ragnarok Online almost nonstop. Do I prefer playing Halo as opposed to say going to Florida? Not really. The same could go for sports. I mean I know for sure I don't prefer playing Halo to ultimate frisbee...but when's the last time I played ultimate frisbee?

    This is really bad, cause it reveals that I am completely effort/convenience based, the less required, the more likely I am to do or not do something, even if I miss out. I have to change that attitude soon.

    On a side note, the fact I don't drink also effects my getting out somewhat, cause why in hell am I going anywhere that involves drinking if I don't? To sit there awkwardly? And I STILL have yet to find a godamn good tasting drink...though I think if I was in the mood I could have easily found one I liked at Jon's place. But I was busy playing his Crystal Chronicles. Thing is first thing I tried tasted like Robitussin. Forget the name of the drink, but it was raspberry flavored. I knew I should have told him I liked apple as a fruit instead of raspberry. Damn.

    Heaven or Hell: Duel One, Let's Fight.

    Man the irony, after like...a good seven? maybe six years of having friends who blog asking me to blog, I finally do it on a whim. Heh I'm not going to give this link out either, so most of them will never know I've actually started.

    Anyway today's topic is on mousepads, specifically optical mice and pads. Why in the name of hell do optical mice spazz? It's happened before, and it happens now. It gets especially annoying in first person shooters...nothing sucks more than pistoling someone in Halo and then spinning 360 degrees and looking at the blue blue sky before you get shot. Actually, I was lacking in a mouse pad since winter break, because I forgot to bring mine back, so I used a pair of black jeans. Then my roommate stole a pad for me from the computer lab cause he was tired of watching me use my mouse on my jeans.

    I've reverted back to the jeans, they really are superior to the pad.