Saturday, March 20, 2004


Shit already the urge to digitally masturbate is overwhelming.

Anyway, it is sort of sad when I think about it, but I really have NO close friends in real life that I currently see on a daily basis. On the other hand, I see a lot of "online" friends daily.

One could say I prefer the digital to human contact, or I'm a complete introvert, but it never really struck me that I PREFER having online friends over real ones. It's more a sake of...convenience? I mean all the juniors are forced to live off campus. To continue to maintain contact (I'm not really close to anyone inside my major at all) would require visiting their residences, which requires walking somewhere. Take for example this spring break. My younger brother went to Florida, my roommate went home, hell probably 85% of the school went somewhere. Me? I stayed in my dorm and played Halo and Ragnarok Online almost nonstop. Do I prefer playing Halo as opposed to say going to Florida? Not really. The same could go for sports. I mean I know for sure I don't prefer playing Halo to ultimate frisbee...but when's the last time I played ultimate frisbee?

This is really bad, cause it reveals that I am completely effort/convenience based, the less required, the more likely I am to do or not do something, even if I miss out. I have to change that attitude soon.

On a side note, the fact I don't drink also effects my getting out somewhat, cause why in hell am I going anywhere that involves drinking if I don't? To sit there awkwardly? And I STILL have yet to find a godamn good tasting drink...though I think if I was in the mood I could have easily found one I liked at Jon's place. But I was busy playing his Crystal Chronicles. Thing is first thing I tried tasted like Robitussin. Forget the name of the drink, but it was raspberry flavored. I knew I should have told him I liked apple as a fruit instead of raspberry. Damn.