Saturday, March 20, 2004

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You know I might have to give Full Moon wo Sagashite's anime a chance. I remember watching the first two episodes and deciding that is was completely different than the manga, as in they cheapened one of the main plot devices and altered the ending. (All confirmed by fellow addicts on dewdrop.) However, the songs are absolutely gorgeous...for a manga/anime about singing, it's sort of hard to just dismiss the anime cause it has actual SOUND, and it's beautiful to listen to.

I must have like 30 versions of Eternal Snow.

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Wtf is with the Naruto manga? Fighting Gaara, Fighting Kabuto, these were all important story arc battles against real characters, but the sound four? Weak. Even weaker, a guy who is AN ASTRAL PROJECTION USING HIS BONES AS WEAPONS to fend off hundreds of Naruto clones. And Kabuto has the nerve to ask who's stronger, Sasuke or this new kid. Bastard's a fucking bedridden near death invalid, and yet he sends out his astral projection to go wack people. I think that owns whiny Sasuke. However, as a character he is fucking shit, because you know almost jack about him. No development whatsoever, I think the manga-ka is definitely stalling or not sure of where to take his story.

However, Rock Lee returns! Only to fight astral projection uber kid. What fucking luck, let's break his bones again why don't we.