Monday, March 22, 2004

End of an Era

So it's Monday already. Fuck. There goes spring break. My roommate invited two of his friends up or down or whatever direction they had to travel to reach Johns Hopkins (most likely sideways cause they live in Maryland) to stay at our apartment for a bit. It's a good thing they never really went into my room because my room is hazardous. Anyway I got to meet mister crazy i.e. Jason i.e. Nazi anti cat eater and this girl whose name I forget at the time of this post. Suffice to say she tried to rape Brennan (roommate), who resisted quite violently, with Jason insulting his manhood all the while. Fun stuff. They also suckered me into watching the pilot of Firefly, which really isn't that bad a show. Pity it got cancelled. Man there's a Liebnicz philosophy paper due on Tuesday, I wonder if Ravi is going to pull his bullshit magical good grade receiver trick again.