Monday, August 27, 2007

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I was browsing niconico for random Touhou vids and I found one done in a really weird style, so I looked up the parody it was based on...and well then I downloaded and watched the five episodes that were out.
Its category is firmly in the Pani Poni Dash/Azumanga Daioh style of mad random.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Tropy and Mauve in #IaMP have hacked iampcaster to work with SWR and have released a beta to both the USA and JP communities.
ATM, there are some issues, (like lol too long Japanese profile names), but it's working for the most part.
Mad props to them for figuring caster out (well not entirely lol, caster is still cursed.)
Yay for open source!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So one day in the lands of Melty Blood, random user wondered aloud how some of not-so-random user's quotes would sound in a stuffy British accent.

This is the result.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Post C72

Too many Touhou remix albums.
Sound Holics is really overwhelmingly good.
Yellow Zebra's song 1 and 3 are also very good.
SWR is much more complicated than IAMP

Friday, August 17, 2007



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comiket 72

Happens this weekend?
Anyway, stuff I'm looking forward to...

Touhou 10, Mountain of Faith
Touhou 10.5 (Yes it's no longer 9.8!), SCARLET WEATHER RHAPSODY AKA IAMP 2
NITRO ROYALE (Wtf, a fighting game with Nitro+ heroines? IGNIS)

Edit: BTW this post will grow longer and longer the more excited I get.

Edit: Comiket is now four hours in. JP are posting screenshots if Hisouten and Mountain of Faith, but so far all files on share have been fake.
I'm not going to repost the screenshots I'm tired.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad Idea Department: Maple Story Anime

TV Tokyo has announced that it will start broadcasting an animated series based on MapleStory, the Korean fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG), on Sunday, October 7 at 8:30 a.m in Japan.

Well now, there are ALL sorts of stupid jokes I could make of this.

Monday, August 13, 2007

[13:14] <SabinJPN> hey guys
[13:14] <SabinJPN> sorry i lost :(
[13:14] <ArlyNoir> hey sabin!
[13:14] <ArlyNoir> naw you did good
[13:14] <Nanaya> how was getting your match stolen from you?
[13:15] <SabinJPN> dude
[13:15] <SabinJPN> i was about to pull off the biggest upset ever
[13:15] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> we saw
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> live
[13:15] <sibladeko> dude we saw
[13:15] <SabinJPN> the room at tougeki was going nuts
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> but you know what
[13:15] <Nanaya> yeah
[13:15] <sibladeko> they didn't rape your shit
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> you got mad props for repping
[13:15] <sibladeko> baldy raped every other foreigners shit on the live feed
[13:15] <sibladeko> but yours
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> hahahaha
[13:15] <sibladeko> we got to see it
[13:15] <Nanaya> lol
[13:15] <SabinJPN> because it was hyped up in the tougeki book
[13:15] <SabinJPN> thats why
[13:16] <SabinJPN> and kuni was there adn made sure it was a feature match
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> that's awfully nice of hem
[13:16] <SabinJPN> caue they wanted to see me gat raped they said
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> them
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> wtf
[13:16] <sibladeko> lmao
[13:16] <Nanaya> lol
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> loo
[13:16] <SabinJPN> then i won a round and everyone in the corwd started exploding
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> looool
[13:16] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:16] <Nanaya> the feedback on 2ch was you were a free win if I recall
[13:16] <SabinJPN> yeah they called m ea keyboard crusher
[13:17] <SabinJPN> but afterwards ppl were like yo im sorry
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> fuck the haters
[13:17] <Veteru> keyboard crushers unite ~ ~
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> haha
[13:17] <SabinJPN> and the announce rwas all like "i didnt know they had a arcana cabinet in usa" lol
[13:17] <Nanaya> lol
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> LOL
[13:17] <SabinJPN> then ppl wer elike who do you play with, im like, um, 2 ppl and cpu
[13:17] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:17] <Nanaya> lol
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> damn
[13:17] <Nanaya> that's pretty hardcore dude
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> well you made a jackass out of them :3
[13:17] <SabinJPN> cause seriously hts my comp
[13:17] <SabinJPN> yeah they werent feeling that lol
[13:18] <NerdJosh> ARTTTTTTTTTT
[13:18] <NerdJosh> good shit good shit good shit :D
[13:18] <SabinJPN> is funny too like i lose 20-30 games straigh tin causls, but i guess its only leveling me up
[13:18] <Kumubou> SabinJPN: also I think the enviroment helped you a LOT
[13:18] <SabinJPN> i get smashed by the top players here, but everyone else i can o back and forth with
[13:18] <ArlyNoir> i think if you had a week
[13:18] <Kumubou> oddly enough
[13:18] <ArlyNoir> it would've helped

Good shit Arturo!
You did us proud!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


One day left, but it's the day before work, I'm going to be up to like fucking 6am Monday.
Have to watch these games (Day 1 was 3d, Day 2 was old school, Day 3 is NEW OTAKU GAMES :V :V :V)

But yeah I have to say, this live feed is making me stupidly excited over games I hate/do not play/don't care about.

Like for 3d, Soul Calibur 3 was tight close, VF5 was bananas (Lion), unfortunately I fell asleep for Tekken at like 6am because of 1. Two cabinet failures. 2. I sleep normally for most of the week. But what I did see of Tekken was just freaking amazing, it's a pity I passed out.

2d old school was god like. All China final in KOF as expected, some guy used an all girl team with NO DAIMON. Seriously fuck Daimon, watching him sucks, his throws and ground pound glitches and whatever. But yeah China is mad high risk reward style, while Japan is still doing Daimon low shorts. By the way the finals, all girl team PERFECTED first round, and the other guy came back with Chris to win. Winner's name was "Xiao Hai," which means little kid in Mandarin, while the other guy's name was "Ching lung." (Something dragon? lol I couldn't read the hanzhi.) But yeah there was a double KO in the semis, it was all really close.

SFAE annoyed me. First, I stopped my record stream feed between the games and couldn't get back on. Second, when I went to check if my stream for KOF was intact, WMP didn't make a new instance and instead SWITCHED OFF MY WATCHING FEED. Then I couldn't get back on and I missed the first and a half games, INCLUDING Team Wolfe (American Team) actually winning one for the foreigners. Team Wolfe actually hit top 8, but during the second match it went to interviews with the freaking baldy. I sort of feel sorry for baldy, but he is the scourge of the live feed. He is the one that interrupts !!!FINALS!!! footage with interviews cause he has to sell the DVDs, even the Japanese don't like him and call him baldy. (HAGE KURUNAAAAAAAAAAAAA) He knows it too, there was a point where he called himself baldy, the forum hate in Japan must be overwhelming. But yeah there was a girl (Chamu) on a team! She played Chun Li and her partner played Guile, they got top 8 also. I think a lot of people were amazed. She was cute too. :3 Anyway though there was someone using ST Bison, we were all amazed. But he scrubbed out and used CE in the end and got owned. Serves him right, fuck CE Bison. Anyway Ohnuki's team won.

3s was amaziing. Period. It reinstalled life in the game. Namely because of all the upsets and because of one man, RX. KO's almost OCVed a team with Yang, and then RIKIMARU's chun li came back and OCVED KO BOSS MOV just like that. Ohnukis team ran into RX. Let me make no exaggeration that RX Urien played like a God. The guy hit so many clutch moments it was madness. Guy was too beastly, it was amazing, every one of his matches had you on your seat. So now favorites are gone.

In quarters or semis, some Chun li destroyed KOKUJINsan (kokujin retired, but this was a tribute team) team's Akuma and Ken, and it came down to the anchor's Yun. Reading the #capcom logs I have is hilarious, right away everything was going poorly for the kid. "Yun is the worst of the 3." "This Yun sucks, what is he doing." "This is like amateur night at the apollo." Anyway, first round ggpo. SECOND round Yun wins with genei jin. Third round...Yun gets SA2ed, down to like 5% life with Chun sitting on a bar. Yun gets combo into Genei Jin... and GOES FOR RESET to bring Chun down to 1%, then dive kick for the win. At this moment the Yun has redeemed himself in lol #capcom's eyes. Second round against Makoto, it's 1:1, and Yun pulls a CLUTCH play again after being super punched into space, this time at 1% life. Final round is Yun mirror, and I have to say I never thought Yun mirror could be interesting at all (run away crouching build meter), but they both went insane. "WHAT IS HAPPENINGGG?" Epic finish.

There's a lot more but it's really hard to put into words, just look at some of the vids on youtube using the tags "tougeki" or "闘劇"

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I have never been so hype for games I don't play than right now.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Idolmaster Your Song

So more random silliness, I was browsing nico and u2b the other day and noticing versions of the god song (Air opening) "Tori no Uta" with the secondary title of "Chihaya version."
Of course this catches my eye, as Chihaya is the only reason I'd get that silly game Idolm@star after all.
Turns out there's an Idolmaster album called "Your Song" of songs not inside the game.
It's a wide range here, with the seiyuu doing stuff from anime openings to enka.
The overall quality is very good! Surprisingly enough.
I probably like it more than what I've heard of Idolmaster so far.
And it's funny because a girl (not an idol) who is like the announcer/stage crew in the game sings a song, and she is really good too.

By the way, Chihaya's VA is probably the best singer in idolmaster, the problem is she is a REAL singer, meaning a lot of the cute sugary crap when sung by her sounds plain awful.
But she's amazing at songs that suit her.

Anyway, Chihaya's Tori no Uta is of course top tier, Haruka's DAISUKI! is stupidly cute, Yayoi's Mojipittan is also stupidly cute (Yayoi's VA is also Lilica in Arcana Heart by the way), and Kotori's (the stage crew person) Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara is really really good.

Not dead yet!

So my main computer died on Tuesday, spitting out random ass lsass errors and what not coincidentally after I had left it on all day on share trying to find this stupidly obscure PC-98 Touhou remix album for a clown named White_Knell.
Anyway, lsass errors of the type I was receiving are generally associated with hibernation errors...except I don't play with power options on my desktop at all.
Safe mode would fail and just restart also.
Using the Windows CD, I was not given a repair option for my existing install.
Using recovery mode let me get into the drive, but when I started to chkdsk I'd blue screen.
All in all pretty random ass errors completely unrelated to the problem at hand.

So I let it sit a day.
And then the next day I got something called Hiren's boot CD.
I'm surprised this thing even dares to exist, it's so obviously illegal it's laughable.
Yet the guy hasn't been sued into oblivion yet.
Anyway though, Hiren's RAM loader what not failed magnificently.
I was just using Hiren's because the program I really wanted was Acronis.
Got a copy of just Acronis, installed it on my laptop, made a boot CD, got into my main system, changed partition sizes, and voila.
Let this be a lesson to not let the C:\ drive ever fall below 20kb of space :V

Monday, August 06, 2007

Type Moon Crossover Drama CD

Posting old Zepy's links, one at a time!
Type-moon has announced that they will be selling an audio drama called All Around Type-Moon at the coming summer Comic Market. The audio drama will span for 150 mins over 3 CDs featuring all the characters from the Type-moon universe coming together in a cafe.

The works featured in the audio drama are:
1: Kara no kyoukai
2: Tsukihime
3: Kagetsu Tohya
4: Melty Blood
5: Fate/stay night
6: Fate/hollow ataraxia
7: Tobidase! Toraburu hanafuda douchuuki
8: Fate/Zero

I guess that means they’ve already casted voice actors for the characters from hollow ataraxia and Fate/Zero.

Tactics OL

A commercial for Jeanne D'arc on the PSP which involves workers in an office moving on a tile based tactics map to beat their boss.

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Well the Aussie (Paul Robertson) behind the pirate baby craziness is at it again with a trailer for his new...uh...thing.