Friday, August 10, 2007

Idolmaster Your Song

So more random silliness, I was browsing nico and u2b the other day and noticing versions of the god song (Air opening) "Tori no Uta" with the secondary title of "Chihaya version."
Of course this catches my eye, as Chihaya is the only reason I'd get that silly game Idolm@star after all.
Turns out there's an Idolmaster album called "Your Song" of songs not inside the game.
It's a wide range here, with the seiyuu doing stuff from anime openings to enka.
The overall quality is very good! Surprisingly enough.
I probably like it more than what I've heard of Idolmaster so far.
And it's funny because a girl (not an idol) who is like the announcer/stage crew in the game sings a song, and she is really good too.

By the way, Chihaya's VA is probably the best singer in idolmaster, the problem is she is a REAL singer, meaning a lot of the cute sugary crap when sung by her sounds plain awful.
But she's amazing at songs that suit her.

Anyway, Chihaya's Tori no Uta is of course top tier, Haruka's DAISUKI! is stupidly cute, Yayoi's Mojipittan is also stupidly cute (Yayoi's VA is also Lilica in Arcana Heart by the way), and Kotori's (the stage crew person) Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara is really really good.

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