Friday, August 10, 2007

Not dead yet!

So my main computer died on Tuesday, spitting out random ass lsass errors and what not coincidentally after I had left it on all day on share trying to find this stupidly obscure PC-98 Touhou remix album for a clown named White_Knell.
Anyway, lsass errors of the type I was receiving are generally associated with hibernation errors...except I don't play with power options on my desktop at all.
Safe mode would fail and just restart also.
Using the Windows CD, I was not given a repair option for my existing install.
Using recovery mode let me get into the drive, but when I started to chkdsk I'd blue screen.
All in all pretty random ass errors completely unrelated to the problem at hand.

So I let it sit a day.
And then the next day I got something called Hiren's boot CD.
I'm surprised this thing even dares to exist, it's so obviously illegal it's laughable.
Yet the guy hasn't been sued into oblivion yet.
Anyway though, Hiren's RAM loader what not failed magnificently.
I was just using Hiren's because the program I really wanted was Acronis.
Got a copy of just Acronis, installed it on my laptop, made a boot CD, got into my main system, changed partition sizes, and voila.
Let this be a lesson to not let the C:\ drive ever fall below 20kb of space :V

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