Monday, August 13, 2007

[13:14] <SabinJPN> hey guys
[13:14] <SabinJPN> sorry i lost :(
[13:14] <ArlyNoir> hey sabin!
[13:14] <ArlyNoir> naw you did good
[13:14] <Nanaya> how was getting your match stolen from you?
[13:15] <SabinJPN> dude
[13:15] <SabinJPN> i was about to pull off the biggest upset ever
[13:15] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> we saw
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> live
[13:15] <sibladeko> dude we saw
[13:15] <SabinJPN> the room at tougeki was going nuts
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> but you know what
[13:15] <Nanaya> yeah
[13:15] <sibladeko> they didn't rape your shit
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> you got mad props for repping
[13:15] <sibladeko> baldy raped every other foreigners shit on the live feed
[13:15] <sibladeko> but yours
[13:15] <ArlyNoir> hahahaha
[13:15] <sibladeko> we got to see it
[13:15] <Nanaya> lol
[13:15] <SabinJPN> because it was hyped up in the tougeki book
[13:15] <SabinJPN> thats why
[13:16] <SabinJPN> and kuni was there adn made sure it was a feature match
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> that's awfully nice of hem
[13:16] <SabinJPN> caue they wanted to see me gat raped they said
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> them
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> wtf
[13:16] <sibladeko> lmao
[13:16] <Nanaya> lol
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> loo
[13:16] <SabinJPN> then i won a round and everyone in the corwd started exploding
[13:16] <ArlyNoir> looool
[13:16] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:16] <Nanaya> the feedback on 2ch was you were a free win if I recall
[13:16] <SabinJPN> yeah they called m ea keyboard crusher
[13:17] <SabinJPN> but afterwards ppl were like yo im sorry
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> fuck the haters
[13:17] <Veteru> keyboard crushers unite ~ ~
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> haha
[13:17] <SabinJPN> and the announce rwas all like "i didnt know they had a arcana cabinet in usa" lol
[13:17] <Nanaya> lol
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> LOL
[13:17] <SabinJPN> then ppl wer elike who do you play with, im like, um, 2 ppl and cpu
[13:17] <SabinJPN> lol
[13:17] <Nanaya> lol
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> damn
[13:17] <Nanaya> that's pretty hardcore dude
[13:17] <ArlyNoir> well you made a jackass out of them :3
[13:17] <SabinJPN> cause seriously hts my comp
[13:17] <SabinJPN> yeah they werent feeling that lol
[13:18] <NerdJosh> ARTTTTTTTTTT
[13:18] <NerdJosh> good shit good shit good shit :D
[13:18] <SabinJPN> is funny too like i lose 20-30 games straigh tin causls, but i guess its only leveling me up
[13:18] <Kumubou> SabinJPN: also I think the enviroment helped you a LOT
[13:18] <SabinJPN> i get smashed by the top players here, but everyone else i can o back and forth with
[13:18] <ArlyNoir> i think if you had a week
[13:18] <Kumubou> oddly enough
[13:18] <ArlyNoir> it would've helped

Good shit Arturo!
You did us proud!

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