Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Des Cartes

On my previous philosophy paper, I used all my biased preconceptions of Des Cartes and basically didn't give him a fucking chance. He deserved it, his proof on God was absolute bullshit. But Leibniz? Goddamn Leibniz...I mean I got a fucking C- on the Descartes paper and I know exactly why...but Leibniz...that guy's a fucking trickyass mofo. Reading him is like doing cartwheels in headfuck logic. Descartes yeah I didn't give his stupid ass philosophy a chance. Leibniz I probably won't even understand what his philosophy is. I mean the easy route would be to take the Voltaire route, no depth, all mockery. But the guy's a mathematician, he's got like fifty oh-so-narrow definitions that somehow save his ass and we have to argue and account for them all. This paper is going to suck.