Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy birthday Kenny

You're 20, almost a year away from legality.
Enjoy it while it lasts...

Online speech is making its way into offline speech, Peter hates it when I say, "GG."
And I say it a fucking LOT.
I don't know when this first happened but now it's a speech tic.

Power blackout during Kenny's birthday though (August 4), so I missed our assault league match vs NoOne.
Seems like we lost 10-0.
What a downer, I bet I could have made a difference, like say...9-0 or 10-1.
Just maybe.

In other news, we played a random magic draft that day cause of the power blackout.
Got swept by Brady, won two nailbiters off peter.
Hell everyone seems to win nailbiters off Peter.
Played Kenny once and won, but he said I took too long so we didn't play a second game.
Guy would have like 50000000 life and you'd have to whittle it down, or in my case, millstone him down.

Had a really good interview on Friday, I guess that's how the good ones are supposed to go anyway (Got a free magazine too, yay.)

Owned my Oracle certification (well, 1Z0-007 anyway) completely.

I only have five more godamn supers to parry in Duel Savior Justice!
More stupid videos:
30 Arrows, this one was godamn annoying.
Blah blah blah shut up Mutsuki.
Sonic booms?
Not that hard actually, just timing changes during certain hits.
Mash mash mash.

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