Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It was all that person's fault! That person over there, with the head mounted videoset!

Ok, so I watched Peter's nearly four hour long CMU VR game webcast thing.
Freaking amazing.
As I understand it, these are two week game projects that had to use drumsets, a headset, or something I didn't quite catch its name, but all virtual reality devices.
About half an hour of talking, which was really informative (Disneyland rides, indirect control, etc.), and then the student projects.

The two projects that were truly awesome were 4 way versus multiplayer Nibbler/Snake, which I could totally see being marketed in bars or arcades or something, and Pitt's Burgers, a rather amusing burger flipping simulation.

Sorry Peter, but your wack-a-mole came after Nibbler XD.

But yeah, worth my time =O.
Two weeks is insane though, you must not have any other classes but that one.

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Lilyes said...

Goodness~ when I first saw it, I didn't believe it. But I can't believe it's gotten that ridiculous!