Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Immaterial and Missing Power Tutorial

It took them three months or so but it's finally finished.
A tutorial for people who just can't wrap their minds around IaMP.
I have to say it's well done, though bellreisa being dry and informative is something rare.

By the way, my last post was 555 posts, which only dorks will understand.

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Trent said...

555? Like the memetic fake telephone exchange? Or the timer circuit? Or my good friend LDS? Or perhaps you're going back to the numerological explorations or even the linguistic slang root. Or we might be skirting Godwin's Law if you're into conspiracy theory. What's more, I'm pretty sure 555 is sphenic. Oh, apparently 555 even has its own wikipedia page, now that I look. So whatever you were referencing, I approve. <g>

And being the duffer I am, this comes in handy.