Friday, May 16, 2008


Because sometimes even I need to make these kinds of posts.
Anyway today fucking sucked.
Sucked sucked sucked.
Ok a while back Sp00ky ordered an Arcana Heart 2 board.
The first one was dead on arrival , and the dealer's representative kept pretending she didn't know English.
So he sent it straight back to EXAMU.
It arrived today...with no cart.
How the hell you promise to upgrade and send back the board but forget the cart.

As for me personally:
Today, random Florida branch manager sends a meeting invite to me at 4:30pm (Near the end of the freaking day) to take control of his computer to fix it...WHEN HIS COMPUTER WAS HAVING NO PROBLEMS.
Then proceeds to have me waste an hour..."diagnosing" a problem-less machine.
Everything is fucking fine, there is no DNS rape like the last time I looked at it.
He's like oh we get disconnects.
Well call me when you get DISCONNECTS, not when your shit works fine.
The only thing worrying me is why I can't access the new router that's supposedly the source of the problems.
So I spend more time until I realize their network down there is of the form:
T1->Router -> Switch -> Wireless Router.
No wonder I can't access the wireless router settings.
Hell no wonder I can't access
That and the guy has the nerve to tell me I should come down to Florida to look at their random ass network because I ask all these questions he can't quite answer.
We're a fucking consulting company for god's sake, why is everyone so technically lacking?
Hell you don't even pay my superior enough to do his normal job, he should be making way more with the crap he has to do.
I'm simply amazed he's managed to keep sane for so long.
Of course, mid-fucking call with Florida I get another call from some other managing director who honestly wouldn't get an answer if I had left on time, but just LUCKILY manages to snag me at 5:40pm or so while I'm still in office because of FLORIDALULZ.
So now it's from one call to another.
He asked us to change his email forwarder because he has to use these fucking arcane rules (He doesn't use Exchange, no he has a forwarder set up to his personal account that pops everything and that's how his fucking Outlook is set up) and now it's broken and I basically test and even though he won't admit it it's obvious that his current Outlook settings are not set to view the new mail account he wants to forward to.
So I take the easy option, I just tell him we're reverting back to his old address now.
By now it's like 7:00PM in the office and I finally go home.
Fucking hell.
I should have fought for the 20% raise instead of rolling over for the 10% with no review.

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Lilyes said...

Awww, there there. Hey, think of this way. If they flew you down to Florida, it's all reimbursed, right? It's like a free-trip! Go do some sight-seeing and take a mini-vacation or something.