Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha cast unveiled

So if anyone remembers the original rumor from "WISE, RESPECTED, LONG TIME MEMBER" henaki/kensk/baldy/kenneth, the new cast was going to be:
From Alpha: Cody Guy Adon
From 3S: Makoto Ibuki Dudley
From ST: T-Hawk and Deejay
And two completely new characters!

Well, eat your heart out.
By the way the top right shows Guy focusing an aerial kunai with the not-so-subtle caption "KUNAI NO IMI WA!?!?!" (What is the meaning of the kunai!?!?)
I'd say henaki pretty much hit everything on the head.
Not bad for a coinflip troll post (he admits that while his source was somewhat reputable, it was more or less a stab in the dark...if it was fake successful SRK troll, if it turned out real EVEN MORE successful troll)

1 comment:

Xenozip. said...

Makoto can go burn in hell.

They'll probably butcher Ibuki too.

Well, here's hoping they buff Rose up a lot.