Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index

Unpolished gem.
This is the term I'd use to describe this series.
I previously got to episode four and stopped because I only heard it got worse and more awkward, but now that I'm resuming it I'm finding something.

For all the completely awkward and hilarious dialogue and somewhat rough feel about the storyline flow there's genuinely likable characters and interactions in this show. I remember someone joking about the second heroine standing on a bridge for twenty minutes but honestly I was sort of moved by that entire episode. It feels like this show could have used more just general description of the worlds and magic/science crap involved and who all the people you see are (I assume the novel does this), but I feel it's doing an ok job.

Cycles through stories pretty fast actually, given the initial slow movement. I find it amusing the title character got reduced to a gag fairly quickly! I wonder if the major plot device after her arc was put there for convenience so that BiriBiri could become the second main character.

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