Sunday, July 26, 2009

Touhou 12.3

Standalone? SWR expansion.
Three new idiots.
Well Sanae isn't really an idiot, just sort at the whole Youkai hunting thing.
The other two however...
Oh god I do not relish the inevitable flood of Cirno scrubs.
Honestly that is the only thing that would make return this game, crushing 9000 Cirno scrubs from 4chan or wherever.

Also gift has announced three more plushies in their Touhou line.
I thought since they did most of the SDM cast they'd move on to Perfect Cherry Blossom in order, but seems like I was wrong.
Eight is Sanae??? nine is Cirno (boo), tenth is Suwako.
They really are keeping their regulation of each pair only gets one character with a removable hat deal.
Also I just realized they purposely made Cirno number 9 on their release order.

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