Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wine Tasting, 80% bullshit.

Interesting conversation in RANDOM channel on Christmas Eve.

[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the restaurant i work at
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best place in the city
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> one of top 10 in the state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> best italian food in state
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> the homemasde pasta omggggggggg
[11:58] <@bellreisa> PASTACHAMP
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> cocoa pappardelle pasta with short rib ragout
[11:58] <Lokanas> What's the name of the place
[11:58] <jiyunaMOS> duck confit agnoloti
[11:59] <Forte> how many calories
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> due mari
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 1000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> sounds godly already
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> garganelli pasta with oyster mushrooms, prosciutto, truffle butter sauce
[11:59] <@bellreisa> i'm trying to imagine jiyuna doing the waiter thing
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> 10000000000000000000000000 calories
[11:59] <Forte> trolling as a waiter
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> being a waiter is fun, i troll
[11:59] <@bellreisa> "tonight we have a chef's special of garganelli, oh it is SO s rank"
[11:59] <jiyunaMOS> because people dont know shit
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> my number 1 troll = some guy acting like a big smartass about wine
[12:00] <Lokanas> This menu looks fucking godlike
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> so he asks to taste two different wines
[12:00] <@bellreisa> winetasting is lols
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> i go to the bar, get 2 of the same wine, and bring them back
[12:00] <Forte> ROFL
[12:00] <Lokanas> looool
[12:00] <Lokanas> ^5
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> the guy goes on a big rant about how the 2nd wine is so much better
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> etc etc
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> im just laughing in my head
[12:00] <Forte> you shouldve DECANTERED
[12:00] <@bellreisa> i read an article about how it's all a bunch of bullshit and the tasters just make shit up based on preconceived notions and expectations
[12:00] <jiyunaMOS> yes bellreisa
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> also open to suggestion
[12:01] <@bellreisa> yeah
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> like 4 of us will sit here and taste wine
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> and ill say "i taste coffee"
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> hey me too!
[12:01] <jiyunaMOS> oh yeah me too!
[12:01] <@bellreisa> same wine in cheap bottle vs expensive looking bottle
[12:01] <@bellreisa> first wine = cheap scrub shit
[12:01] <@bellreisa> second = WINECHAMP
[12:01] <Lokanas> There's actually technique to wine tasting properly
[12:01] <Lokanas> But actual taste is like
[12:01] <Lokanas> 20% of the whole deal
[12:02] <Lokanas> Which is why most people can't do it for shit
[12:02] <DaKamui> trying to sophistacted
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> it just pisses me off when people try to look cool
[12:02] <jiyunaMOS> and others are too stupid to call them out
[12:02] <Lokanas> Yeah that is kinda dumb
[12:02] <@bellreisa> i read an article yesterday about how they apparently proved hfcs produces fat
[12:02] <@bellreisa> like beyond doubt
[12:03] <Lokanas> When they tested us on wine tasting we were allowed to narrow it down to 4 different things
[12:03] <Lokanas> Because nobody gets that shit pinpoint
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> like we had this one bottle of super tuscan
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> that was mislabeled in the wine list
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> it was the wrong vintage
[12:03] <@bellreisa> super tuscan is a hilarious name
[12:03] <Forte> jiyuna you have to be this guy
[12:03] <Forte>
[12:03] <@bellreisa> down in the cellar, it's a merlot, no it's a sherry
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> BUT the vintage we had was 2004, which was like a gdlk year for super tuscan
[12:03] <@bellreisa> it's SUPER TUSCAN
[12:03] <jiyunaMOS> so this guy was giving us hell
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> I WANTED THE 2005 BOTTLE! YOUR LIST SAID 2005!
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> ...then why you want 2005 nigga
[12:04] <Tonberry> lol
[12:04] <Lokanas> loool
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> and his table is just like
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> "ooooooooooooh hes so smart about wine"
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> like the 2004 of this bottle costs 3x as much
[12:04] <jiyunaMOS> but we were selling it at the shitty 2005 bottle price
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> lol Forte
[12:05] <jiyunaMOS> that pic always makes me laugh
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> because you're supposed to do it close to the decanter
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> so you can use a candle/light and stop when you see the sediment
[12:06] <jiyunaMOS> this guy is just trolling
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> lolllllll this manga
[12:07] <jiyunaMOS> people on the left = all of my customers

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