Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ar Tonelico 3 page updates

So some new updates on the Ar Tonelico 3 main site.
Anyway a short summary of this game, hilariously enough, is that the game is 3D with 2D art, and both the heroines seem to have multiple personality disorder, so it's really something like 8 girls (their models change in battle along with their...body types.) Also there's some really silly system called "Purge" where the heroines get stronger the less clothes they have or something. Anyway I wasn't really clicking with any of the character designs, even with all the characters shown, until Soma took off her scary Black Jack looking helmet and suit. Anyway here's a relationship chart, the two main girls are Saki on the left and Finnel on the right.

Saki's 3 alters are called Salapator (oneesan), Filament (eyepatch bandage moe), and Sakia Rumei (knight)
Finnel's are called Yurishica (nurse), Soma (scary doll), and ??? (miko of some sort?)
Here's Soma's normal costume:

Here's Soma without it:

Had to crop for the large picture but yeah HUGE DIFFERENCE.
It must be hot under there...I hope she's drinking enough water with how much she sweats...
Ok yeah I totally love this character already she's mine.

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