Friday, August 14, 2009

Small SWR 12.3 update

Final new character roster stands at Sanae, Cirno, China, Utsuho (nuke), and standalone Suwako.
Day zero patch was leaked before the actual expansion itself, mauve looked into the files.
Confirmed win quotes, spell cards, system cards, everything.
Translations randomly somewhere, tropsy's going through it but he's like barely awake.
Some of the system cards are really silly, like Tengu Fan is a permanent speed boost that stacks.
Can you imagine Youmu with four tengu fans?
Fucking christ.

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Anonymous said...

i just beat the game, and i was surprised that she was the boss and i was surprised at how pissed i was how she just won't seem to knock out haha. the design is a bit iffy, but the game was amazing.