Sunday, June 27, 2004


Well today I got to drive my brother to Vassar College so he can attend his last year of SIG, aka Summer Institute for the Gifted. I ALSO got to carry all his stuff as he waited in the crazy long registration line. It's really funny that I'm probably older than some of his counselors/RAs. I sure as hell don't look it. Oh yeah they finally redesigned the fucking t-shirts. Bout TIME, my god they were still using the design I had TWELVE years ago. Twelve years, third grade in elementary. Also Keshine brought his cello. HE NEVER plays his cello at home, why the hell would he bring it there?

Anyway that's not what I was thinking about though. I was thinking about what Keshine is going to do AFTER his third year at SIG. He's going to CTY (Center for Twisted Youth) at Saratoga Springs. Now THAT gets me thinking. CTY was like paradise, and the wealth of my summers were spent there. I have lots of fond memories of the place. Keshine's growing up, is all I can say. I should apply to be an RA next year.

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