Thursday, July 01, 2004

You can't return...

Well Christ unless I get a job I don't think I can ever return to normal sleeping times. What is it, fucking 5:30am? Bloody hell I can't sleep. I can already imagine how this will rape anything (jobs, classes) I try in the morning, I mean heck I had another dentist appointment at 9:45am yesterday and it was murder. I think I passed out when I came back, plus I had to drive like I was stoned there and avoid morning traffic.

Can anyone recommend good sleeping pills (Not the kind that'll kill me), because I don't think I can keep this up.

Oh yes in RO related news Jazzy hit 99 a while ago. A pity you can't do 99% tax, all that wasted experience could be used to benefit someone like me.

Halo is weird, I think the CE clan I'm trying out for is inactive or nigh dead, and there's a really tempting offer from a retail clan. Cept noobs play retail. All the clans that matter play CE, which I admit is on the whole better. Just the GIGANTIC cutdown on pistol leading (random too on CE) hurts. Switching between the two games constantly really bites, also almost no one plays CE at 5am in the morning EST. Seriously though if retail halo could well...include the F3 (show teammates option) and make rocket hogs like CE's, it'd be essentially the same to me.

Brady took the Gamecube away again for his girlfriend...two player Wario ware what is he thinking!

Man it was pretty damn lonely with just me and my mom for the past few days...good thing my dad came back and soon Kenny returns from diff eq in Baltimore. I think in all honesty my mother is sort of right, Kenny knows when shit will make a difference, I mean he got a damn 90 on the diff eq midterm. I don't even try until like 2 hours before the test. Most likely he WILL find work before me...

Listening: L'Arc en Ciel - The Fourth Avenue Cafe
Oh yeah, Otakon scored L'arc stateside! Too bad I can't go...well I could theoretically vanish for a weekend but my parents wouldn't buy it at all. Plus preregistration is over...and godamn it I want to go. Maybe I really should, just tell my parents I'll be returning to bmore for a weekend and pay at the door.

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