Thursday, July 22, 2004

Driving to Newburgh, Part II

wahaha.  Tomorrow is Kenny's (younger brother 1) road test, so guess who getes to wake up at like 6-7 to drive to an 8:30am test in Newburgh.  Me.  Not that I mind, considering my sleep schedule lately has been late to bed and early to rise cause I'm actually taking a 3 hour nap where my 8 hour sleep block should be.

I feel this A+ review book insults my intelligence, and yet the author does it in such a helpful way that I can't hate it.

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lah said...

what are you reviewing for?

& yeah, i totally know what you mean. but whatever, it's silly to get insulted, it just gets in the way of learning. hence the "for dummies" series, which gets that insecurity out of the way right in the beginning.