Monday, April 20, 2009

SFIV tournament results last weekend.

Besides Heartnana winning his SBO spot, several other big things were going down.
The 4 round gamestop tournament finals were held, anyone expecting Justin not to win that arcade cabinet left disappointed.
In the end it was JWong vs Mike Ross, Justin being pretty rude haha and getting in Mike's face after destroying him 4-1.

For the international exhibitions they flew in Poongko (Korea), Iyo (Japan), and Daigo (Japan) to play.
Daigo got to go because Europe had absolutely no one to send dohoho!
Poongko lost to Daigo 4-1, lost to Iyo 4-2, lost to Justin 4-3.
Jokes in the commentary about he was "going back to Starcraft."
Iyo lost to Daigo 4-3, lost to Justin 4-2 (Daigo vs Iyo was insane.)
Justin lost to Daigo 4-0, I guess Daigo still is an anti-Justin machine.

On the Texas front, team Fubarduck sits and watches his teammate win everything won SFIV SBO qualifiers. (He literally didn't have to play a game.) SK got second in a five person Tekken 6 BR tournament el oh el while Fubar got first. Pozerwolf won Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi!! 2.6, man I should have gone...just wedding this week.

On the non San Francisco non Arcade UFO front, Sabin got thrown into the losers during Digital Mayhem, clawed his way back to the finals, beat Nestor's Sagat into the ground with Sim, then lost to Nestor switching up with Viper at the end. Guess Japan is right in rating Viper a bad matchup for Seth. Also, Min (he's alive!) and DS tied for fifth.

And that's all that went down April 17th to 19th.

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sigma said...

You should have gone to the tournament to get raped by pozer in Arcana >:)