Thursday, April 09, 2009

Arcana Heart 2 SUGOI! PC VERSION

No, this isn't the PC version.
This is the game running on an emulator, specifically PCSX2.
My computer itself is a q6600 with an 8800GT and 4 gigs of RAM running XP (yeah yeah I already know there's RAM being wasted Vista sucks blah blah)
You know it's bad when it runs better on an emulator than the console it was intended for.
The slowdown is almost completely gone.
Too bad it doesn't save the port, why the fuck should you need a beast PC to get normal playing speed?
At least I can go into training mode and do combos.
Then I'll just wait till Examu goes bankrupt or decides to do a PC/PS3/360 port.
Maybe they'll see some backlash from the locals after the travesty they released.

2 comments: said...

hey how can i get the arcana 2 or 3 to play on my pc i'm using windows 7 and i can run blazblue 2 in hd perfectly fine if that help sir.

Selphy said...

I know this is really old but still. What is your configuration on pcsx2 for you? I have almost similar specs but my game still runs with really bad slowdown.